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Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Bu San) TaiwanAs rain buckets down outside a cavernous cinema, inside a screening of the 1966 classic Dragon Inn heralds the closure of this run-down movie palace. The audience consists of a handful of patrons; a Japanese tourist finds solace from the rain, walks the corridors and slowly realises he has wandered into a gay beat, while two old men, with tears in their eyes, rap... Read more
“Albeit closer to ballet than drama, this urban nocturne is one of Tsai's most beautiful and naturalistic films.” - Village Voice Taiwan's champion of minimalism, Tsai Ming-liang (What Time is It There?, The Wayward Cloud), travels to his homeland of Malaysia for this cinematic elegy that is as resonant visually as it is profound. Revolving around a soiled mattress, this film looks at three laconi... Read more
Tsai Ming-liang returns to MIFF with a hypnotic, exquisitely cinematic 14-shot work of art. ... A Buddhist monk, Tsai regular Lee Kang-sheng, walks slowly – almost imperceptibly slowly – through the streets of Marseille. A second man, French art-film icon Denis Lavant (Holy Motors, MIFF 2012), conducts his own journey of contemplation. Bystanders hurry past, occasionally stopping to observe this s... Read more
With faint echoes of Chaplin and Ozu, Stray Dogs is a demanding, bittersweet meditation on the people who fall through society's cracks. ... In the desperate streets of bustling Taipei, a beleaguered single father (Lee Kang-sheng) works as a human billboard, holding a sign advertising luxury apartments. His children, meanwhile, roam the parks and streets until he finishes. Then they eat together, ... Read more
Veteran slow-cinema auteur Tsai Ming-liang makes his debut foray into virtual reality with a near-feature length tale of ghosts, grief and fish. ... Wordless and mysterious, The Deserted deposits viewers into a crumbling house, where we find a man (long-time Tsai collaborator Lee Kang-sheng) recuperating in the company of his late mother and his next-door neighbour – both departed souls. Unable to... Read more
With a week until the 21st century dawns, Taiwan is drenched by an unending rainstorm and scourged by a mysterious disease that has reached epidemic propor­tions. The government decrees a massive evacuation from the contaminated zone, the remaining residents are warned that garbage will go uncollected and water will soon be shut off—diehards still refuse to move. In a run-down public housing build... Read more
... ... Few recent Films have divided audiences and excited debate like Vive L'Amour, winner of the Golden Lion at Venice last year. Despite the romantic title, the film is about lack of love and fulfilment in the overworked 1980s. But what sends its supporters out of the cinema on a high is its daring use of film language. Without any music and very little dialogue writer-director Tsai Ming-ling ... Read more
The latest from Tsai Ming-liang - a dynamo on the Taiwanese film scene - is a poignant, frequently amusing and whimsical, journey through the human conditions of memory and yearning, filtered through an illuminating, at times cinematically referenced, humour. Hsiao-Kang sells watches on the streets of Taipei. When his father dies suddenly, his mother becomes obsessed with his 'return'. Hsiao-Kang ... Read more
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