Films By William MacGillivray

... ... Life Classes stands as the definitive 'life-trans-formed-by-art movie, and MacGillivray's most fully realized film to date, a gently satirical yet deeply moving portrait of self-discovery. ... ... ... Mary, a young woman from the Gaelic region of Nova Scotia, decides to leave her hometown of Cape Breton after she falls preg­nant to an irresponsible boyfriend. Arriving in Halifax penniless,... Read more
... ... Bill MacGillivray's first feature, little appre­ciated at the time of its release and previously unseen in Australia, is a small gem. Stations is a road-movie-on-rails that replaces the cliches of the genre with a choughtful gaze, as a seemingly successful man in his early thirties has cause to consider the direction of his life. ... ... ... Tom is a successful television journalist whose ... Read more
... ... With Understanding Bliss Bill MacGillivray returns to the emotional terrain and sheer filmmaking passion of Life Classes, bring­ing forth a new story about the power art has to transform experience and sometimes rescue us. Elizabeth is an English professor from Toronto, a rather earnest specialist in the writ­ings of Katherine Mansfield. She travels to St. Johns, Newfoundland, ostensibly t... Read more
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