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Is it possible for a movie to be deeply nostalgic and hilariously funny at the same time? Woody Allen's latest proves it can be ... done. He plays the title role of a vaudeville agent-manager who is the subject of the reminiscences of seven comedians sitting around the Carnegie Deli one afternoon ... commiserating about present woes and past good times.The mention of Broadway Danny Rose provokes i... Read more
“I have a gub.” ... Virgil Starkwell is a failed petty criminal. From his early attempts to rob a gumball machine and getting his fist wedged in the slot, to flubbing a bank robbery thanks to poor penmanship, this career klutz just can't catch a break. ... Woody Allen made his directorial debut with this crime mockumentary that helped establish him as one of America's comedy heavyweights. Take the... Read more
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