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... ... At last, a Chinese feature that gets to grips with everyday contemporary life. Gone is the stylised historical drama of older directors like Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou. Like Sons (also showing in this year's festival) and a number of other films currently held up by the Chinese censors, In Expectation indicates a shift to contemporary topics. ... ... ... Wushan is a nondescript town on the... Read more
Mistrust, a missing person and a floating dressmaker's dummy dominate the weekend of five Beijing friends who spend a summer weekend on the banks of the Yangzhe. Yudong, away from his wife's gaze, is stirred at the arrival of high-school sweetheart Jin Xiao-Bei. The appearance of said dummy, with a note 'Love you till I die' attached, sparks a spate of mysteries and tensions between them. A hit at... Read more
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