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'A road movie, a buddy movie, an ultra-violent gangster adventure, a pitch-black comedy, and a Beckettian investigation into life's absurdity, all rolled into one … a major cinematic event.' – Cinema Scope ... Legend of Hong Kong comedy Michael Hui teams up with festival darling Chung Mong-hong (The Fourth Portrait, MIFF 2011) for the audacious and almost indescribable Godspeed. A blood-spattered ... Read more
A haunting depiction of loss and loneliness, channelled through the eyes of a child. ... When his father dies, with his mother long absent, ten year-old Xiang is alone. Caught stealing from other people's lunchboxes by the school janitor, social services track down Xiang's long estranged mother and send him to live with her, her malcontented husband and their new baby. Scorned and resented at home... Read more
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