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On December 1,1942, a US airforce bomber crashed in the south-east corner of the Gulf of Carpenteria after a bombing raid over New Guinea. Four of the crew survived and, thinking they were near Cairns, naively set off on foot. Their story later made world headlines, but as it was playing out, as they wandered the Gulf coast, another version was being written not very far away, but in a very differ... Read more
A narrated advocacy documentary about the struggle of the indigenous people of Murray Island (Torres Straits) for land rights. It has been very recently completed by the Melbourne based team which produced Red Matildas and Painting the Town, and is premiered at this year's Festival. ... While celebrating facets of indigenous culture in the Torres Straits the film details aspects of the important l... Read more
Trevor Graham's biography of Eddie Koiki Mabo belongs to a fine tradition in Aus­tralian documentary filmmaking. Astutely balanc­ing the 'personal' and the 'social', Graham presents a concise history of Eddie Mabo's life and enduring legacy, together with the filmmak­er's friendship and role in the life of his subject. ... Mabo was born on Murray Island, but spent most of his life on mainland Aust... Read more
The world premiere of a film about love, war, sex, politics… and chickpeas. ... Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? This was the question on director Trevor Graham's mind when he set out to film the MIFF Premiere Fund-supported Make Hummus Not War, a documentary about the Middle Eastern conflict you don't see on the nightly news. ... One of the oldest-known ... Read more
An incredible true tale of mayonnaise sandwiches, Nazis and a hand-painted comic book! ... Artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora (Mad Dog Morgan, MIFF 2015; Swastika, MIFF 1973) is producing a graphic novel about his late father, Georges, widely known in Melbourne as a beloved contemporary art patron and owner of bohemian eateries Mirka Café, Café Balzac and the Tolarno Restaurant and Galleries. Less... Read more
In 1937 YosI Bergner, a 17 year old Polish Jew, arrived in Melbourne seeking refuge from anti-semitism and fascism in Europe. He became an inspirational figure among a community of painters seeking to create an art which would reflect the great social upheavals of the days. ... Painting The Town is a story about art and artists, culture and politics. It is a story in which history makes paintings ... Read more
From the director of Mabo—Life of an Island Man, the producer of Picnic at langing Rock and based on the famous opera by Puccini, Tosca: A Tale of Love and Torture is a documentary like no other. It is 1999 and Opera Australia need a hit at the box office. They decide to stage Puccini's masterwork—about a passionate young diva caught in the political turmoil of 19th century Rome—as a lavish produc... Read more
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