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.3-8 (Sébastien Aubanel, 2007)
Robert, his wife and his son work in a gas station open 24 hours a day. Though nobody ever comes by...Australian premiere. ... D/S Sébastien Aubanel P Frédéric Jouve TD DigiBeta/2007/18 mins ... Read more

28 UP (Michael Apted, 1984)
In 1963 Granada Television commissioned Michael Apted and Paul Almond to produce 7 UP — a 40 minute documentary based on interviews with 14 seven-year-old children from diverse class and region… Read more

60 Seh Kundeh 2. Le Trait Rouge-Und. (Martin Anibas, 1993)
By such techniques as painting and scratching directly onto film, Martin Anibas creates a bold abstract in motion. The film's visual rhythm is echoed in the soundtrack's jazz-influenced score. ... Read more

7.56 AM (Robert Alcock, 1984)
A music-based comedy with surreal undertones showing the dismal suburban environment of an "average" family. On this ... particular morning music starts as a pulse and affects each member of the fami… Read more

7UP (Michael Apted, 1963)
The original film that began Michael Apted's lifelong obsession to follow the lives of 14 seven-year-olds documented at seven year intervals. (28UP his latest instalment, is also being screened at th… Read more

A BLOW TO THE HEART (Gianni Amelio, 1982)
The background of this drama about a ... father-and-son relationship is today's ... terrorism in Italy. It is a highly dramatic ... tale giving psychological insight into its ... characters and a pol… Read more

A Masterpiece of Spanish Painting (Harry Atwood, 1962)
A stylistic and iconographic explanation of the twenty-six panels of the Hispano-Flemish retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo by Fernando Gallego. Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival. ... Read more

A SONG FOR MARTIN (Bille August, 2001)
Martin Fischer, one of his nation's most beloved and esteemed composers, begins a fiery relationship with his married first violinist Barbara. An idyllic Moroccan honeymoon and the imminent completio… Read more

A STORY OF BOYS AND GIRLS (Pupi Avati, 1989)
PUPI AVATI SPECIALIZES IN COMEDIES, often with large groups of people. His latest, A Story of Boys And Girls, is one of his best: a wholly delightful film that engages the audience to join in the eng… Read more

A Tadpole Tale (Mark Arnott, 1996)
Tadpoles don't stay as tadpoles, and in a kitchen things have a way of ending up in the pot. This very short film uses an economical technique (back-lit sand on glass) that lends itself to big moves … Read more

Abstract in Concrete (John Arronio, 1954)
The abstract patterns and rhythms of the neon signs of Times Square, New York, reflected on the wet pavements and roadway. ... Read more

Adam (Jordan Ananiadis, 1986)
After nuclear destruction all appears lost... but a new species of man emerges. Adam is technically accomplished, having been made up of over 15,000 individual drawings on plain paper. ... Zooms and … Read more

ADHEN (Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche, 2008)
A gentle comedy at the crossroads of manual labour and religious belief. ... On the outskirts of Paris, Algerian and French cultures clash in a bleak industrial zone, where stacks of pallets are prep… Read more

ALEXANDER THE GREAT (Theo Angelopoulos, 1980)
Theo Angelopoulos' new film comes to us laden with international awards and honors. Its first screening at the 1980 Venice Festival threw almost the entire remaining offerings into sharp relief. Its … Read more

ALL ONE NIGHT (Chantal Akerman, 1982)
lmages of night and images of love are ... interwoven with each other, couples ... meet and separate, fragments of life are ... captured in short scenes. They don't tell ... a story, and yet, they te… Read more

ALMOST THERE (Sigal Yehuda, Joelle Alexis, 2004)
Almost There Greece/IsraelAlmost There is an intimate and inviting documentary that traces the lives of two Israeli lesbians whose search for happiness leads them to the Greek island paradise of Myko… Read more

Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy (Martin Arnold, 1998)
Martin Arnold's third installment in what constitutes something of a trilogy continues where piece touchee (1989) and passage a I'act (1993) never quite left off. Throwing down the gauntlet to Hollyw… Read more

Alunissons (Ernest Ansorge, Gisele Ansorge, 1970)
Will man's ambition to colonise other planets lead to peace and happiness? ... Read more

Amadea Fragment (Celine me Ait-Manna, 2001)
A single tracking shot of a woman walking along a jetty is ruptured by a random act of violence which is unexpectedly countenanced by a random act of laughter! A sinister little etude, Amadea Fragmen… Read more

An Acquired Taste (Ralph Arlyck, 1981)
A filmmaker's personal look at the notion of success — that obsession with 'making if built so deeply into 20th Century culture that one can barely distinguish it from breathing. This journey w… Read more

Angels Die in the Soil (Babak Amini, )
An Iraqi-Kurdish girl faces war and redemption. Australian Premiere.---D/P/S Babak Amini TD DigiBeta/2007/30mins ... Read more

Another Girl, Another Planet (Michael Almereyda, 1992)
Another Girl, Another Planet, a dreamy fable about a guy in an East Village walk-up and his serial love life, has gained considerable acclaim and notoriety over the last year, largely due to its uniq… Read more

APART TOGETHER (Wang Quan An, 2010)
“Opens up deep historical wounds and generational traumas created by China's civil war, but does not press on them, exploring instead more universal human dilemmas.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Like… Read more

ARTIST ON FIRE (Kay Armatage, 1987)
Artist on Fire is a portrait, first and foremost, of the artist at work For her documentary on renowned Canadian artist, Joyce Weiland, Armatage isn't content to follow the conventional, show-and-tel… Read more

Assembly General (Gutierrez Alea, 1960)
Fidel Castro delivers his "Declaration of Havana" to over a million people in the Plaza Civica on September 2, 1960. The gathering began in the afternoon and lasted until dark, and Castro's address p… Read more

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