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State Opening of Parliament (Ronald Anscombe, 1960)
A full account of one of the most splendid of the annual ceremonial events in Britain's calendar - the State Opening of Parliament by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - recorded for the first time on c… Read more

Stealth Lunch (Layla Atkinson, 2005)
State-of-the-art hunting techniques and a fox's cunning prove a test for a canny crow. Screened at the Aspen Shortsfest.---D/S Layla Atkinson P/WS Trunk Animation TD video/col/2005/2mins ... Read more

Stiletto (Melvie Arslanian, 1981)
In Stiletto, a woman, Nadja Vidal, searches for the murderer of her sister. This search goes through differing moments of reality, or unreality, that are imbricated within each other in facets of a b… Read more

STORIES OF THE REVOLUTION (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1960)
This film, of the final days of uprising against the Batista regime, first emphasizes the way ordinary people began to realise that violence was the only way before it turns attention to deeds of her… Read more

Swallows of the Night (Barbara Albert, 1993)
A fight ensues in the bathroom of a disco. Two girls taunt their friend. Nobody takes notice. The fight gets out of hand. Why? What does this tell us about personal relationships based on life inexpe… Read more

SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE (Alexandre Aja, 2004)
Switchblade Romance (Haute Tension) FranceThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a French twist! Marie accompanies her nubile friend Alex, and her family, to their country house for the holidays but troubl… Read more

Taj Mahal (Mushir Ahmad, 1959)
This film conveys the beauty and grandeur of one of the world's most visited monuments. It tells the story of the fulfilment of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jehan's dream of building a great mausoleum to e… Read more

TANNER ‘88 (Robert Altman, 1988)
... ... In what may be the best work of two illustri­ous careers, the ever-innovative Robert Altman joined forces with Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau, to create a presidential candi­date, J… Read more

TARAHUMARA (Luis Alcoriza, 1965)
Tarahumara tells of the impact of corrupt land-grabbers on a primitive Indian society. Using a deceptively familiar plot, the film takes a penetrating look at the Indians, their problems with exploit… Read more

TEKKONKINKREET (Michael Arias, 2006)
“Strained metaphysics dovetail with urban and architectural nostalgia in [this] exquisitely realized, minutely detailed Japanese anime.” - Variety Adapted from the popular work of manga artist T… Read more

Ten Ties and a Heart (Henning Ørnbak, 1967)
The influence of mass media on the young. A girl tries to live as her magazines tell her she should. ... Award, Cork Festival; Diploma, Oberhausen Festival; Prize, Helsinki Festival. ... Read more

Tender Loins (Maurice Argiro, 2000)
Dark ambience and style abound in this awesome dead end" road movie about the food chain. ... Read more

The Adman (Mike Alexander, 1979)
John, a successful advertising executive, leads an outwardly full and satisfying existence: at work with his partner Andrew, and assistant Julie — at home with his friend Anna. But his well-ord… Read more

THE ADVENTURE (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960)
Superficially, L'avventura is a love story, a somewhat mysterious one. During a yacht cruise, a girl disappears on a lonely island; her girl friend and lover search vainly for her. Relationships betw… Read more

The Adventures of Hugo The Innocent (Neil Armstrong, 1984)
Having been ill for the last five years with only a blurred image of his TV set to relay information from the outside world, Hugo, ... now recovered, sets forth. ... Read more

THE ANIMALS FILM (Victor Schonfeld, Myriam Alaux, 1981)
Made over a period of two years, in the U.S. and Britain, The Animals Film is the first film to examine society's mass exploitation of animals — in factory farms, on the streets, in the wild an… Read more

The Art of Claude Lorrain (Dudley Shaw Ashton, 1970)
Born Claude Gelee, in Lorrain in 1600, the painter settled in Rome in 1626 and worked there until his death in 1682. His paintings express certain interlocking conceptions and interests: classical my… Read more

THE BALLET RUSSE IN MELBOURNE (Ringland Anderson, 1940)
The Ballet Russo, under the direction of ... the legendary Colonel de Basil , visited ... Melbourne several times during the ... period of 1936 to 1940. ... Dr. Ringland Anderson, a ballet lover ... … Read more

THE BEE KEEPER (Theo Angelopoulos, 1986)
The political themes that have dominated the films of Theo Angelopoulos thus far are shunted aside in The Bee Keeper, a haunting, demanding impressive picture about the last days in the life of a bro… Read more

The Bell Boy (Renaud Alcalde, 1997)
An alarm clock rings, awakening our hero, the bell boy. Then, mad panic as the bell boy tries to make it to work on time. A small gem, with superb cinematography, production design and music propelli… Read more

THE BEST MAN (Pupi Avati, 1998)
It is the last day of 1899. A new century lies on the horizon. and Francesca Babini (Inès Sastre) is set to marry a man she does not love. Forced into the position by her family, she is openly anxio… Read more

The Boatbuilder (Sigurd Agnell, 1959)
The traditional method of Scandinavian boat-building is shown with commendable clarity and simplicity. The same building process was used for the viking ships. ... Read more

THE BOGEYMAN (Aravindan, 1979)
The Bogeyman is a film version of an Indian folk-tale about children and can ... be appreciated by children of all ages. ... "The Bogeyman must be accounted the most fully-achieved work from G. Aravi… Read more

The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much (Tim Armstrong, 1986)
A delightful tale that traces the addiction, denial and recovery of Pat the Cat. The international problem of drug abuse is portrayed in a positive, non-threatening and meaningful film that gives a m… Read more

The Chinese Screen (Edmond Agabra, 1962)
Are life and death different manifestations of the same Impulse passing from one being to another? In this film we have the haunting evocation of a legend through a study of a Chinese screen. ... Dip… Read more

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