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Šije (Nikola Babić, )
A documentary about a competitive game, called "Sijavica", played in Dalmatia: a game requiring a special skill and which strongly relies on the integrity of the players. ... Read more

. . . No Lies (Mitchell W. Block, 1973)
A dramatic fiction film in cinema verite style, about the ordeals a raped woman must go through with the police, her doctor, her friends and her conscience. ... Gold Medal, Atlanta. ... Read more

100 Years of the Telephone (Saul Bass, 1976)
A whimsical three-minute animated history of the telephone, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of the telephone. ... Read more

13 TZAMETI (Gela Babluani, 2005)
Winner of the Venice Film Festival Gold Lion award. ... “Shot like the grunge version of a ‘50s noir thriller from France (or Soviet Georgia), the black-and-white 13 (Tzameti) turns into a shocke… Read more

14 AMERICANS: DIRECTIONS OF THE 1970s (Michael Blackwood, 1980)
The terminology and critical nomenclature that will label American Art of the 1970's is still being devised and debated. The implication is that, unlike the 1950s and 1960's, when a basic style and s… Read more

15’ Metromania (Bart van den Bempt, 2001)
A visually clever and witty comedy about a young mans tentative first steps into adulthood Bernd Meys' first day as a security officer with the Underground Tram Network is complicated by the old gang… Read more

2 SECONDS (Manon Briand, 1998)
2 Seconds scooped the prize pool at this year's Montreal World Film Festival. Manon Briand's debut collected Best Director, Best First Feature and Best Canadian Film as judged by both the critics and… Read more

20 DATES (Myles Berkowitz, 1998)
A docudrama so real you'll wish it was fiction! Myles Berkowitz is recently separated and has rejection slips piling up beside his daft screenplays. Ever the go-getter, Myles decides to combine his m… Read more

223 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1985)
Part of the direct-on-film series a series of films made by working directly on the film surface without a camera. Scratching bleaching, drawing with felt pens, and letraset, are some of the techniqu… Read more

224 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1987)
An abstract film containing a meditation of photographs from the filmmakers past ... Read more

23 Skidoo (Julian Biggs, 1964)
A familiar city without a living soul — everyone has skidaddled, as the title quaintly suggests. Only when the film ends do we understand what has happened. ... Read more

46 Bis (Pascal Baes, 1988)
Two women. A courtyard. A tango. Dancing pixillation. ... Read more

46 Bis (Pascal Baes, 1988)
Filmed over 24 hours in an interior courtyard in the Belleville neighbourhood, in the black and white tones of the early mornings immortalized by the Nouvelle Vague. Rapid, crazy, streetwise and esot… Read more

50% Absolut (Igor Bauersima, 1995)
50% Absolut is the story of a couple walking home from a night at a pub. She is scared of heights and wants to be accompanied over the high bridge. He is in love with her and wants everything, and he… Read more

67 (Kasimir Burgess, 2007)
A woman journey's into the night and returns.---D/S Kasimir Burgess P Julia Ciccarone WS Kasimir Burgess TD video/col/2007/4mins ... Read more

81 (Stephen Burke, 1996)
A French television crew arrives in Belfast in 1981 to cover the hunger strike of Bobby Sands. The television crew focus on two working class families (one Protestant family and the other Catholic), … Read more

A Double Souffle (Fernand Berenguer, 1985)
Strikingly photographed psychodrama about twin brothers who become separated during an exercise run. But although Jim exists in John's mind, did he (does he?) ever exist in reality? Shades of The Oth… Read more

A Fine Weekend (Armagan Ballantyne, 1998)
A man is diverted from his weekend routine by a romantic encounter with a woman. Dismissing the encounter as brief distraction, he hurriedly absconds to make his appointment with his best friend - me… Read more

A FLIGHT OF PIGEONS (Shyam Benegal, 1978)
1857 — India is in turmoil. Indian units of the East India Company's Army are in open revoit, leading to a popular uprising against British rule. ... One scorching Sunday morning in May, the re… Read more

A GENTLE CREATURE (Robert Bresson, 1969)
The husband of a young girl who has just killed herself relates in a formal, almost detached manner, the strange story of their meeting, marriage and life together. It reveals the situation of a rela… Read more

A Goon Song (Carl Bell, 1966)
An abstract visualization of goon songs. ... Golden Pelican Award, Mamaia; First Prize, Wellesley; Prize, Harvard. ... Read more

A Hypothesis (Boris Baromykin, 1988)
Scientists attempt to solve the question of the existence of Martians. One of them appears to have found the right formula ... Read more

A is for Architecture (Robert Verrall, Gerald Budner, 1959)
A study of the aesthetics and achievements of architecture through the ages by means of animation. Through the brushes of artists we pass from the ancient temples of the Nile to the skyscrapers of to… Read more

A Laughing Matter (Michael Witta, John Barclay, 1990)
Set in the West Indies with an all-Jamaican cast, an offbeat and hilarious fairy tale about an unhappy middle class "princess" and how she is made to laugh again. ... An exceptionally endearing perfo… Read more

A Letter From Columbia (James Blue, 1963)
A brief account of a village in Columbia, which builds its own houses by community effort. The frank com­mentary is given by James Blue, whose first feature film The Olive Trees Of Justice was sc… Read more

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