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Waterloo (E. Bernhard, 1958)
Wellington's headquarters still stand m the peaceful village of Waterloo; Napoleon's army tent, swords, flags are on display in the museum where visitors are shepherded past wax figures, paintings, f… Read more

Wedding Guests (Niko Brucher, 1990)
A photographer catches a glimpse of a wedding party arriving - through her eyes we follow this group, as several stories spin off in the course of the wedding. ... Niko Bmcher's gracious, speechless … Read more

WELCOME TO THE STICKS (M) (Dany Boon, 2008)
The heartwarming comedy that became the biggest box office smash in French history.In an attempt to cheer up his depressed wife, postal worker Philippe tries to scam a transfer from his comfortable l… Read more

What Alice Found (A. Dean Bell, 2003)
Eighteen-year-old Alice has finished summer vacation and all her friends have gone to college. Out of boredom - and the looming prospect of a dead-end job in a New England backwater - she steals mone… Read more

WHAT HAPPENED TO TULLY (Hilary Birmingham, 2000)
"Anchored by fine performances, delicate narrative development and an overall tenderness, this picture unfolds beautifully...This life on the farm drama is a potent addition to cinema's recent Mid-We… Read more

What the Future Sounded Like (Matthew Bate, 2007)
What The Future Sounded Like Australia What The Future Sounded Like colours in a lost chapter in music history, uncovering a group of composers and innovators who harnessed technology and new ideas … Read more

What's Hollywood About You? (Jan Bruck, 1993)
Sydney filmmaker and academic Jan Bruck spent seven days walking around Hollywood and other close L.A. suburbs — an extraordi­nary adventure in itself. In "an attempt to bring the image of … Read more

When I Was Seven (Jessica Bradford, 2000)
Reminiscent of Todd Solondz's Welcome To The Dollhouse. Bradford weaves a gripping and transformative story about seven year-old Tess as she confronts her greatest fear. This tale is memorable for it… Read more

When the Spill Hit Homer (Edith M. Becker, 1991)
When the Exxon Valdez struck the coast of Prince William Sound, the world waited to see what the immediate consequences of the oil spill would be. But what were the more long term costs of the spill … Read more

Whereupon We Drive Off (Detlev Buck, 1988)
Give ten minutes of your time to tar. From the Berlin Film School. ... Read more

While I Can Dream (Jonathan Fox Bassett, 2001)
A fantastic snapshot of a collection of characters that find comfort in their neuroses, wishes and simple desires. The narrative allows us to share their personal thoughts and dreams. Testament to th… Read more

Why Do You Smile Mona Lisa? (Jirí Brdecka, 1966)
An amusing parody about the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa. ... First Prize, Animation, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

Why Man Creates (Saul Bass, 1968)
Eight separate explorations, episodes, comments on creativity, each segment employing its own style and technique to make its appropriate statement—this is the latest work of Saul Bass, sponsor… Read more

Why? (Jean-Denis Berenbaum, 1971)
Jean-Denis Berenbaum's 'committed' film owes much to pantomime as a young white man and an African refuse the world of the wealthy which is more concerned with the splendour of its appearance than wi… Read more

Wide West (Jenny Blackwood, 1955)
A general survey of Western Australia. Incidents include airmail delivery to outback stations, oil drilling at Exmouth Gulf and shots of Jarrah and Karri forests. ... Read more

William Booth (Hugh Baddeley, 1954)
A film of exceptional interest made from photographs, engravings, early newsreels, and posters. It discloses none of his beliefs but testifies to his stature as a leader. ... Read more

Winging It (Max Bannah, 1998)
Featuring a combination of animation techniques, this film tells the story of a young man who sends letters home to his family while backpacking around the world. When travelling through Jordan he en… Read more

Within Southern Louisiana (Jean-Pierre Bruneau, 1973)
The 'Cajuns', the last French-speaking minority remaining in the United States, are descendants of the first Frenchmen who settled in Canada in the 17th century. Deported by the British in the 18th c… Read more

WITHOUT YOU I'M NOTHING (John Boskovich, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Witness (Michael Buckley, 1994)
... ... In a maelstrom of confused childhood experi­ences and nightmarish memories half lost in an over medicated haze the story of John Harrowell emerges in this intense micro-docu-drama. Incarc… Read more

WIVES (Anja Breien, 1975)
Three girls, one of them pregnant, meet at a school re-union and decide to go out on the town together. During the ten years since they have seen each other, they have gradually become absorbed into … Read more

Wladislaw Starewicz (Wadim Berestowski, 1986)
A 1986 examination of the master animator, his life, times and work. Long overdue, this documentary covers his pioneering and dedicated work. From his initial scientific films animating insects to hi… Read more

Work & Change (Inez Bararay, 1985)
Provides an account of the introduction of industrial democracy within government factories by the Australian Federal ... Government. ... Read more

WORKING GIRLS (Lizzie Borden, 1985)
WORKING GIRLS is a frank and often humorous look at women working in a brothel in midtown Manhattan. It is owned and run by Susan, a woman in her 30s. who had worked briefly as a prostitute before op… Read more

Worlds of Rudyard Kipling (Peter Baylis, 1974)
Rudyard Kipling: his life and philosophy. ... Read more

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