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1 - 2 - 1 (Zip Collective, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

1300cc (Eoin Clarke, 2000)
A beautifully twisted moralistic tale evolves during a drug induced ride through the English countryside with a burly biker. ... Read more

20:30:40 (Sylvia Chang, 2004)
20: 30: 40 Hong Kong/ChinaSex and the City Taipei-style. Nominated for the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin Film Festival, this irresistible film from Sylvia Chang is a fun and entertaining romantic… Read more

2:41 Upfield (Callum Cooper, )
In an environment that exists only in its immediacy, a man stumbles over familiarity in the darkness. Local filmmaker Callum Cooper's first animation was awarded the Best Script, Best Animation and M… Read more

391 Amen (Surviving The Coming Hard Times) (Nick Cope, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

A Broken Horse (Michael Cahill, 1990)
One Halloween night, Jank Rottweiller asks his old friend Fred to drive him to his father's house in the country. As miles pass, Jank leaves all reason behind him, dragging Fred along. By the time th… Read more

In a blend of fact and fiction, the film gives a poetic picture of the life of a fisherman and his family. ... Read more

A GIRL IN BLACK (Michael Cacoyannis, 1955)
A Girl in Black is the third and most considerable film of Michael Cacoyannis, the young Greek director. It is a fresh honest film with an ambitiously simple theme, the central situation of which is … Read more

A Girl's Own Story (Jane Campion, 1983)
A stylized account of girlhood when perversion is innocent,family is strange and adulthood lonely. Fast-moving screwball ... humour set against the Beatlemania hysteria of the 60s. ... Read more

A GOOD THING GOING (Don Harley, Judith Colquhoun, 1977)
A suburban working husband, Phil, through years of neglect, causes his wife, Jane, to desert him, leaving with him their two children, Damien and Cathy. His single work-mate, Terry, is totally unsymp… Read more

A MATTER OF DIGNITY (Michael Cacoyannis, 1958)
A Matter of Dignity tells of a bourgeois family on the verge of bankruptcy, pinning all their hopes on their daughter's catching a rich husband. ... The Pellas mansion is gripped in an atmosphere of … Read more

A Moment in Love (Shirley Clarke, 1957)
A boy and a girl in love. A rare, striking fusion of movie imagery and choreography exemplified in a dreamlike pas dc deux. ... Read more

A Nice Arrangement (Gurinder Chadha, 1990)
Set in the North London home of an Indian family on the morning of their daughter's wedding, A Nice Arrangement explores with wit and a keen eye, the subtle complexities of a young woman's decision t… Read more

A STORY OF WOMEN (Claude Chabrol, 1988)
Claude Chabrol, one of the original members of the French New wave, here turns his attention to a story situated in the middle of the Second World war. Set in Vichy France, that part of the country w… Read more

A Stroll Around Peking (Chiang Yun-chuan, Ho Chung-hsing, 1960)
The film starts with morning in Peking and introduces us to the capital as it may be seen during a day's tour. Although historical monuments are shown we also see the changes of the last ten years. ... Read more

A WOMAN OF PARIS (Charles Chaplin, 1923)
A Woman of Paris, the first serious drama by Charlie Chaplin, has not been available for general audiences since the late 1920s. The film was made in 1923, written and directed by Chaplin, and quickl… Read more

Adolescent (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2002)
This stylised documentary film follows a group of teenagers at a party that gradually disintegrates over the course of a night. An inspiring miniature, it traces the rhythms of an adolescent gatherin… Read more

ADRIFT (Bui Thac Chuyen, 2009)
“A subtle, melancholy exploration of erotic angst and uncomfortable awakening.” - New York Times ... In steamy, rain-sodden Hanoi, a bride spends her wedding night waiting by the bed for her husb… Read more

After Hours (Jane Campion, 1984)
A wry investigation of a alleged sexual harassment. Flashbacks reveal the nature and circumstances of the assault, and powerful vignettes of the main characters deepen our appreciation of the backgro… Read more

Alex and her Arse Truck (Sean Conway, 2007)
The story of Baby Shoes and his passion for his girl Alex, the nymphomaniac who steals his zelophile heart. An irreverent and stylish romp through transgressive love. Australian premiere.---D/S Sean … Read more

ALEXANDRIA . . . WHY? (Youssef Chahine, 1978)
The story of Alexandria. . . Why? begins in 1942, at a time when Egypt found itself in a tense and highly precarious situation The Egyptians are hostile to the occupying British forces, Rommel's army… Read more

Alien-Nation (Robert Cooney, 1979)
An ‘outsiders' view of the USA, dealing with the “institutions of immigration” and questions of nationalism. ... Read more

All is Full of Love (Chris Cunningham, 1999)
The music clip for Bjork's All is Full of Love features a pair of white robots embracing in a way that is compellingly human. Like many of Chris Cunningham's music clips, this one has created controv… Read more

All My Own Work (Ross R. Campbell, 1970)
New approaches in art education are seen in a typical grade four primary classroom. Through a wide variety of activities, and with a sympathetic and understanding teacher, the children grow in confid… Read more

Amber City (Jem Cohen, 1999)
Cohen's beautifully composed documentary, Amber City, is dedicated to writer Primo Levi. It was shot in countless locations across an unknown city in Italy with a soundtrack by musicians including Bl… Read more

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