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The Lonely Level (Anthony Clay, 1971)
A 20-mile green ribbon of meadowland, the Ouse "Washes in East Angiia, is one of the most important areas for wildlife in Britain. Several species of rare birds breed here; all of these are shown in … Read more

THE LONG HOLIDAYS OF 1936 (Jaime Camino, 1976)
A family holidaying near Barcelona during the summer of 1936 is caught by the outbreak of civil war The conflict is seen from the viewpoint of the Catalan family, which decides to wait for the end of… Read more

THE LONGEST SUMMER (Fruit Chan, 1998)
Fruit Chan is back! The young HK Chinese director who captivated MIFF audiences last year with his dazzling Made in Hong Kong returns with an epic crime thriller set during the lead up to the hand-ov… Read more

THE MACK (Michael Campus, 1973)
Never has a film lionised the sex industry to such an extent. And despite its down tone, it's deadly serious. Max Julien - not exactly a good-lookin' dude - struts around embarrassingly in definitive… Read more

The Man With The Movie Camera (David Crosswaite, 1973)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE MASCOT (Lina Caneva, 2002)
During WWII the residents of five-year-old Alex Kurzem's village were rounded up to be shot. The spirited kid ran off, living for two months in nearby woods. Scrounging food (he had determined that s… Read more

The Match That Started My Fire (Cathy Cook, 1991)
The Match That Started My Fire is a joyous hymn to the female orgasm — as unwittingly discovered and experienced by women in their childhood and early teens. Climbing a rope, descending a slide… Read more

A snow storm on Christmas Eve is cause for merriment in Canada, snow is as much a part of the festive traditions as are the midnight mass and the exchange of gifts. But Leopold Z Tremblay, snow remov… Read more

The Metamorphosis (Józef Cwiertnia, 1977)
An animated satire on the sybaritic life of modern society A man dreams about circumnavigating the world in a sailing boat, but as he plans for more and more comforts, time slips by. ... Read more

The Minotaur (Raphael Caussimon, 1989)
Something's been done to the signs along the passageways of the Parisian Metro and three million passengers get lost within the confusing network of corridors, that constitute this twentieth century … Read more

THE MOMENT OF DECISION (Frantisek Cap, 1955)
During the last war the Slovenian city of Ljubljana became a prison, and here these events happened. ... The local collaborators of the occupiers capture a severely wounded leader of the Resistance m… Read more

THE MOON IN THE MIRROR (Silvio Caiozzi, 1990)
In the port of Valparaiso, an old and sick marine, Don Arnaldo, lives in self-imposed exile with his son, Fatty. From his bed, he can see and control every movement in the apartment by using mirrors … Read more

THE MOONTRAP (Pierre Perrault, Michel Brault, Marcel Carrière, 1964)
There is a place in Canada where the moon is still held to influence the earth and where souls of the dead are thought to help catch white whales. Named L'île-aux-Coudres by Jacques Cartier whe… Read more

The Nail Clippers (Jean-Claude Carrière, 1968)
The fantastic adventures of a couple as they settle into their room in a hotel. ... Special Jury Prize, Cannes 1969 ... Read more

THE NAVIGATOR (Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp, 1924)
Perhaps the most successful film at the Festival last year was The General. Many Festival members were amazed at the freshness of this silent classic and its comic inventiveness and we feel that it i… Read more

The New Car (Adelaide Filmo Club, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Based on E. L. Grant Watson's 1930s novel, Paul Cox's latest film re-locates a number of his familiar themes to a starkly 'new' locale, the Australian bush. Set against the backdrop of a small Victor… Read more

THE ORIGINAL MERMAID (Michael Cordell, 2002)
A lyrical underwater sequence lures us into this enchanting tale of a vivacious and headstrong woman who was fearlessly ahead of her time.The achievements of Australian pioneer Annette Kellerman&mdas… Read more

THE ORPHAN OF ANYANG (Wang Chao, 2001)
Set in small-town China, an unemployed factory worker agrees to care for a prostitute's baby for a meager stipend. Slowly, something of a family emerges, but their shared path veers when the womans p… Read more

The Other Dimension (The Video Paint Brush Co, 1987)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Penguins of Macquarie Island (R. Carrick, 1956)
Life in the rookeries, the distinguishing features of the birds, their nesting habits, the incubation and the development of the chicks of all species, are covered in this film. ... Read more

Le Fantorne du Moulin Rouge was notable for the various uses Clair made of the cameras resources, sometimes “giving objects a three-dimensional effect by moving round them" (J. Bourgeois). The stor… Read more

Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn), the daughter of a wealthy family, is slated to marry George Kittredge (John Howard) a stuffed-shirt executive. Her previous marriage, to C.K Dexter (Cary Grant), ended… Read more

THE PICASSO MYSTERY (H. G. Clouzot, 1956)
This film from the director of The Wages of Fear and The Fiends provides an unusual insight into the actual 'act' of artistic creation. Using specially prepared parchments which enable the camera to … Read more

THE PROPHET HUNGER (Maurice Capovilla, 1971)
Prophet of Hunger is about contradictions—in this case that of a man who endures hunger in order to earn money for food. ... The film is based on the life of Siki, the fakir who attempted to su… Read more

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