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THE PROPHET HUNGER (Maurice Capovilla, 1971)
Prophet of Hunger is about contradictions—in this case that of a man who endures hunger in order to earn money for food. ... The film is based on the life of Siki, the fakir who attempted to su… Read more

The Question Tree (Henry Strauss and Company, 1961)
A strikingly imaginative examination of man's age-old curiosity about the world around him, and where this curiosity has led him. The story of how the intelligent asking of questions leads to scienti… Read more

The Rat Catcher (Andrzej Czarnecki, 1986)
Winner of prizes at the Kracow and Mannheim Festivals, this film is a study of the only man in Poland entrusted with the task of eliminating rats from large factories. To achieve his goal the rat cat… Read more

In Carle's new film, Bernadette leaves her husband and, with their son flees the middle-class existence that has been her lot, seeking the freedom she has been denied. They settle on a farm in the ba… Read more

Here is a Marxist revolutionary comedy paying homage to both Karl and Groucho Marx. ... The revolution, which came in 1945 together with liberation, was militarily rough, but also inspired a lot of c… Read more

The Schools (Richard Cawston, 1962)
B.B.C. television interviewers seek out headmasters and teachers working in Britain's vast educational system to discuss the advantages or drawbacks of the various types of schools Passionate persona… Read more

The Seal (Branko Celovic, 1966)
A satire on the bureaucratic aspects of modern administration. ... Read more

The Seasons (Christopher Chapman, 1953)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE SECOND JOURNEY (TO ULURU) (Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill, 1981)
The work of mid-morning: we move closer to Lagari. ... Read more

THE SECRET GAME (Rene Clement, 1952)
Adapted from a novel which Francois Boyer wrote originally as a film scenario, this film won the Grand Prix at the Venice Festival in 1952. ... Remarkably original in conception, it is impossible to … Read more

The Shy Golden Oriole (Chiang Ai-chun, Lu Ching, 1960)
The small golden oriole is a very timid bird, but encouraged, she is able to sing in public. ... Read more

The Singer (Christoph Dreher, Nick Cave, 1986)
"... did you forget my song?" The Singer ... Read more

The Sky Is Always Beautiful (Jeremy Cumpston, 2007)
A taxi-driver's sordid encounter and a concerned schoolgirl's goodwill break the monotony of the everyday. Australian premiere --- D Jeremy Cumpston S/P Jessica Brentnall TD DigiBeta/2007/14mins ... Read more

The Son and the Heir (Piero Colli, 1986)
A search for cultural and personal identity. ... Read more

THE SONG OF THE SHIRT (Susan Clayton, Jonathan Curling, 1979)
"The Song of the Shirt" grew out of a video project on women and the Welfare State. It examines why the status of working women had deteriorated from the time of the Industrial Revolution, and how it… Read more

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Bob Calinescu, 1959)
Based on Goethe's poem, the film tells the story of the lazy little apprentice who takes advantage of the magic formula to get the broomstick to do his work. ... Read more

The Spaced-Out Matador (Stephane Clavier, 1986)
A barber, his apprentice, a customer and a bullfight on television combine to give a closer shave. ... Read more

The Staunch Tin Soldier (Ivo Caprino, 1954)
Tin soldiers are cast and appear among the other toys on the birthday table. At night the toys come to life and the staunch tin soldier falls in love with the little dancer. ... Read more

The Story of Time (Ian Coolen, 1950)
An animated film, sponsored by Rolex Watches, using various symbols and devices to dramatize man's discovery and mastery of the hours. Sun-worshippers; measuring the hours by the shadows of obelisk a… Read more

The Stupid Piano (Amanda Coleman, 1995)
A "fair dinkum yarn from the nineteen twenties imaginatively brought to life in the style of period lino cuts and featuring an original Aussie composition for piano. (RP) ... Read more

The Targes (Yoanna Czerwinska, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Traditional World of Islam - Man and Nature (Stephen Cross, 1976)
The natural world for the Muslim is regarded as the 'cosmic text', the counterpart of the Koran; something never to be conquered or exploited. Consequently, the Muslim world presents some eminently e… Read more

Director-producer Adrian Cowell spent two years on an expedition into hitherto unexplored areas of the Amazon, in an effort to make contact with the Kreen-Akrore Indians, one of the few remaining tri… Read more

The Truth Game (Jeff Cole, 1990)
A tantalizing "show and tell" narrative game about sexual identity is played out by one young and one older man in a manner both formally subtle and disturbingly frank. (P K) ... Read more

THE TWO FRIDAS (Rodrigo Castaño, 2002)
Out of the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City comes this portrait of artist Frida Kahlo, a luminary of the Mexican Modernist movement. Where the recent feature Frida presented a sketchy reproduction… Read more

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