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The Ventriloquist (James Clayden, 1987)
For years ventriloquist Harry and his wife Louise have played out a strange ritual in which the central character is a dummy named Max. Louise decides to end their guilt-inspired game. The dummy must… Read more

THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (Sofia Coppola, 1999)
Based on the acclaimed bestseller by Jeffrey Eugenides, Sofia Coppola's (Francis Ford Coppola's daughter) debut feature is a darkly humourous, tender exploration of the heart of adolescence, accompan… Read more

THE WAY TO PLEASURE (Claude Chabrol, 1974)
A kind of confessional realism is bound up with a fictional form in this latest film from Claude Chabrol. His regular scriptwriter, Paul Gegauff, based the story on the break-up of his own common-law… Read more

The Web - Panda (Lucinda Clutterbuck, 1993)
Innovative and deceptively simple, this sparkling animation explores the world of the endearing, delightful and endangered Panda. This short forms just one episode from the recently completed series,… Read more

The Web 2: Homosapiens, The World (Lucinda Clutterbuck, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

The White Halo of the Moon (Jérome Chichet, 1995)
A short film about pigment polar opposites leaving your lover and smoking in bed. (MM) ... Read more

Theatre (Explorations in Shaw.) (Francis Chapman, 1973)
Eminent personalities associated with the theatre, among them Dame Sybil Thorndyke, for whom "St. Joan" was written a half century ago, engage in animated comment on Shaw, his plays, his theatrical s… Read more

THEY CAME BACK (Robin Campillo, 2004)
What if all the people who died in the last 10 years stepped back into their old lives' Robin Campillo's debut feature is anything but a zombie pic. It is a cautionary tale with a sci-fi spin, which … Read more

They Planted A Stone (Robin Carruthers, 1953)
The dramatic story of how new life was brought to the immense desert of the Sudan by harnessing the waters of the River Nile, and creating such fertile country as that of the Gezira Cotton Scheme: ho… Read more

THIRST (MA15+) (Park Chan-wook, 2009)
Winner of the Jury Prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival. ... From the runaway imagination of Festival favourite Park Chan-wook (Old Boy, MIFF 2004; Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, MIFF 2006) comes … Read more

This is a History of New York (The Golden Dark Age of Reason) (Jem Cohen, 1988)
A "history" of New York City from Prehistoric Times through the Space Age, illustrated entirely with documentary street footage. ... The filmmaker made a wide-ranging study of radically different wor… Read more

THIS IS THE B.B.C (Richard Cawston, 1959)
This impression of the B.B.C. at work covers a 24 hour period: from the last news bulletin at midnight to an experimental colour television test just after midnight on the following night. News bulle… Read more

THREE MONKEYS (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2008)
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.Awarded the Best Director award at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the latest film from Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Climates, MIFF 06), featuring his distinctive vis… Read more

Three Views from an Ivory Tower (Colin Cantwell, 1963)
A pithy commentary, in cartoon form, on an encounter between the forces of construction and destruction. ... Read more

Three...extremes (Takashi Miike, Park Chan Wook, Fruit Chan, 2004)
[Three... Extremes] is a chilling, top-shelf anthology, featuring three short 'horror' films directed by perennial MIFF faves Park Chan-wook, Miike Takashi and Fruit Chan. ... "Park's [Cut] ranks as … Read more

THROUGH THE FOREST (Jean Paul Civeyrac, 2005)
Through the Forest conveys the bliss of romantic love and the misery of permanent separation, intimately charting the grieving process of Armelle, months after her beau's death in a motorcycle accide… Read more

Tiga (Lucinda Clutterbuck, 1989)
The film is based on documentary footage (of the now extinct Tasmaman Tiger) shot in Hobart in the 1930s. It shows the last Tasmaman tiger in captivity pacing up and down in its cage in the zoo. From… Read more

Time/Colour Separations (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1981)
A three-color separation film shot on black and white negative with three separate exposures through red, green and blue filters and printed onto color film stock with similar filtration, expressing … Read more

TO THE LEFT OF THE FATHER (Luiz Fernando Carvalho, 2001)
Gazing right into the heart of human suffering and yearning, To the Left of the Father probes the dark side of the universal parable of the Prodigal Son. The lens moves in on a migrant Lebanese famil… Read more

To Wait (Mauricio Farias, Luiz Fernando Carvalho, 1986)
An experimental narrative inspired by Roland Barthes Fragments d'un Discours Amoreux. Andre has a date with Silvia, the girl he loves. He arrives punctually at the bar chosen for the rendezvous and w… Read more

Toehold in History (Dahl Collings, 1965)
The Anzac legend, illuminated by the recently com­pleted Gallipoli paintings of Sydney Nolan and a commentary by George Johnston. ... Silver Award, General Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

Together We Can Defeat Capitalism (Andy Cox, 2000)
A low-tech, low-budget record of the eponymous US guer­rilla art group's drolly subversive interventions in globalised corporate culture Part infommercial. part manifesto, part performance, it pr… Read more

Tony's Ground (Nicholas Clark, 1983)
A lyrical documentary which tells of the life of Tony Brewer, one of the last Mudhorse Fishermen to catch shrimps by the ... ancient method, whose livelihood is probably threatened by waste from a nu… Read more

Training Players For Chinese Classical Theatre (Chang Chao-pin, Chen Chen-tsai, 1958)
An attractive film about one of the most exquisite ancient arts of the Orient, kept alive by exact teaching methods and unbroken tradition. The students work their way exhaustively to perfection and … Read more

TRAVELLER (Joe Comerford, 1981)
Michael is 17 years old, Angela is 16; they are travellers. They are Irish tinkers, reluctantly married to each other. When they are sent to the north of Ireland to buy radios and other goods for smu… Read more

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