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TRIBUTE (Rich Fox, Kris Curry, 2001)
What the hell do you do? You're a Kiss tribute band called Larger Than Life. Your 'Gene Simmons' goes crazy two weeks before a $5000 gig, is taken away in a straight jacket, shaves his head and finds… Read more

Trouble in Paradise (Simon Cooper, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

TWELVE AND HOLDING (Michael Cuesta, 2005)
A trio of suburban 12-year-olds deal with the traumas of adolescence, as the death of a peer sends shockwaves through their lives in Michael Cuesta's latest offering. Insecure and self-conscious, Jac… Read more

Two Chimney Sweeps at a Singer's House (Michel Caulea, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

TWO FRIENDS (Jane Campion, 1985)
Invited to Cannes this year, this telemovie draws sees the collaboration of a number of creative talents. Director Jane Campion recently distinguished herself by being invited to — and winning … Read more

Under Taboo (Jerdsak Poolthup, Pimpaka Towira, Sirivan Pothai, Sasiwimon Chuangyangong, 1992)
From a very young age, we are indoctrinated with taboos, told not to mention certain things even though they are neither illegal nor anti­social, forbidden to ask anything about these "shameful a… Read more

Underground Palace (Chiang Ching-hung, 1959)
The Emperors of the Ming Dynasty concealed treasures under each of their tombs, so effectively hidden, that only in 1958 was the first of these - that of the Emperor Wan-li - discovered. ... Read more

Upon the Land (Mark Alan Cairns, 1993)
A storm passes through a lonely town. In your heart you know something is terribly wrong. All four seasons change in a day - the land scorches, the sky burns, the sense of foreboding never lifts - in… Read more

UZAK (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2003)
Acknowledged as the revelation of the Official Competition at Cannes this year, and the recipient of the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Actor award—shared between the two leads—Uzak is a h… Read more

Valentino, I Love You! (Jean-Paul Chiron, 1990)
A spirited and witty spoof, re-staging the hysteria of the American suspense thriller in terms of its formal and narrative cliches . (FF) ... Read more

Venceremos (Peter Chaskel, 1970)
A juxtaposition of scenes in the lives of the well-to-do and the poor in Chile, culminating in an expression of hope for the future. ... Read more

VENGEANCE (Chang Cheh, 2004)
Vengeance (Baochou) Hong KongTake John Boorman's classic revenge drama Point Blank and transplant it to northern China in 1925. After Chinese opera player Guan Yulou is murdered by a group of crimina… Read more

VIDEODROME (David Cronenberg, 1983)
A densely-plotted, witty, fatalistic horror-cum-morality tale with truly gruesome special effects. A cable TV director becomes fascinated with the hard core sex-and-torture programmes on Videodrome, … Read more

Paul Cox uses the letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo, written between 1872 and his death in 1890, to tell the artist's story and explore the sites of his inspiration. It is a documentary… Read more

VIOLETTE NOZIÈRE (Claude Chabrol, 1977)
Through the varied genres of filmmaking that Claude Chabrol has attempted in his prolific career — thriller, melodrama, fantasy — one concern has remained constant, his exploration of fam… Read more

Waiting (Liz Crosby, 1995)
A watched relationship never boils! A simple film that shows the offer of something hot is not verybody's cup of tea. ... Read more

WALDO SALT: A SCREENWRITERS JOURNEY (Robert Hillmann, Eugene Corr, 1990)
The film follows the circuitous and tumultuous career of Waldo Salt, one of America's finest screenwriters - from glib, talented 23 year old writer of The Shopworn Angel to the washed up, unemployed … Read more

Waltzing Mathilda (Michael Chataway, Michael Cusak, 1985)
This acclaimed clay animation is choreographed to the tune of Australia's unofficial national anthem. Writer/ directors Chattaway and Cusak shot the film over four months, using a 60- year-old camera… Read more

Warrah (Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill, 1980)
Warrah, a three-color separation film set in coastal bust: rock pools, movement of shadows, water, clouds and reflections. ... Read more

WASSUP ROCKERS (Larry Clark, )
After inciting uproar and censorship debate with Ken Park, filmmaker Larry Clark returns with Wassup Rockers, an observational tale about seven Latino skaters on the mean streets of South Central Los… Read more

Water Birds (Patrick Carey, 1968)
A series of lyrical studies of the movements and colours of water birds to music by Debussy. ... Read more

Waterfall (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1984)
Internationally renownedMelbourne experimental filmmakers Arthur and Corinne Cantrill have for many years explored the possibilities of three-colour separation. Their latest study, WATERFALL, uses th… Read more

We All Know (Zip Collective, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

We've Come A Long Way (Allan Crick, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Week-end (Stephan Carpiaux, 1990)
A man comes to pick up his daughter from school. Nothing unusual apart from the way people are looking at him. He is divorced and takes the little girl to the seaside. On the way to the coast, a poli… Read more

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