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10 CONDITIONS OF LOVE, THE (Jeff Daniels, 2009)
Is there a tougher woman than Rebiya Kadeer? ... Rebiya Kadeer spent six years in a Chinese prison before being exiled to Washington DC. An tireless advocate for the independence of her oil-rich Uygh… Read more

100 Watts 120 Volts (Carson Davidson, 1977)
A beautifully complex machine makes beautifully simple light bulbs to the ambition don't mix. Cast with unknown players, the film was a big critical success in its day. ... Read more

12,000 Men (Martin Duckworth, 1978)
The history of coal mining is a story of back-breaking labor, dangerous working conditions, meagre salaries. and occasionally violent labor strife Coal deposits can mean job opportunities and economi… Read more

2D or not 2D (Paul Driessen, 2004)
2D or Not 2DNetherlands/Canada When Paul Driessen unleashes his legendary imagination, things are never as they seem to be. 2D or Not 2D is a love story that illustrates the human capacity to spin fi… Read more

35 SHOTS OF RUM (Claire Denis, 2008)
“Smoother than the finest liquor, reminds viewers how rarely movies capture the easygoing love embodied in a functional family, with all its support and tenderness.” - Variety ... Claire Denis (B… Read more

A Big Country: Nariel Creek (Ken Dyer, 1971)
A small group of old people in the quiet Nariel Valley of Victoria, strive to keep alive the folk music and dances of their youth. ... Read more

A Bit of Tiff With the Lord (Peter Duncan, 1994)
A young priest returns from Rome to attend his mother's funeral. His father has been bothered by the angels and finds his son's inability to explain things frustrating: "You left me and your mother t… Read more

A Cat Born In An Oven (Peter Giles, Fran Dyson, 1986)
Scratching the surface. ... Read more

A DAY OF WRATH (Carl Dreyer, 1943)
Carl Dreyer, creator of Jeanne D'Arc and the fantastic Vampyr, is that very rare person in films today — a moralist, classicist, and an incorruptible artist. From the novel by Anne Pedersdotter… Read more

A Good Turn Daily (Gerrit Van Dijk, 1983)
The main character in this film, a modern Don Quixote, strives to right the wrongs of the world. However during his struggle he conforms to the deeds of both small and great men in history. Perhaps t… Read more

A Herd Lost in the Red Wood (Sebastian Dellers, 1992)
Take a thousand-and-one images and double them, layer them one over the other, add ani­mation, pixillation, shock and tenderness. Refer to red. Analyze the subliminal and sub­limely forget th… Read more

A Man Walking Falls (Julian Dahl, 1990)
This wacky picaresque film approaches dream, memory, desire and allegedly objective reality on equal terms. Campy stylisation and intuitive association tell a romantic tale of a journey lost. ... Read more

A New Way Home (Michael Duignan, 2001)
An alcoholic paraplegic kidnaps his 7-year-old daughter. What on earth is he going to do now? ... Read more

A Pair of Glasses (Carlo Damasco, 2001)
Annarelia, a ten-year-old growing up in a poverty-stricken town, lives in ignorant bliss until her mother saves enough money for a new pair of glasses. Steeped in Italian cinematic tradition, this be… Read more

A Pair of One (Juliette Darling, 1987)
A Pair of One is a complex and resonant study of a strange and fascinating pair of twins. Greta and Freda are identical twins who dress alike, try to walk in step and for much of the time speak the s… Read more

A STRANGE AFFAIR (Pierre Granier Deferre, 1982)
Louis Coline is an employee in a large company. He does virtually no work. A new manager, Bertrand Malair, is appointed and an air of mystery develops about him and his two assistants. ... Louis is f… Read more

A STRANGE PLACE TO MEET (François Depeyron, 1988)
After a string of award-winning shorts and documentaries, Francois Dupeyron has pulled off quite a coup by convincing the two biggest stars of the French cinema, Deneuve and Depardieu, to team up onc… Read more

A TALE OF A NAUGHTY GIRL (Buddhadeb Dasgupta, 2002)
"Buddhadeb Dasgupta has long been considered one of the major forces in Indian cinema ... Poetic and haunting, A Tale of a Naughty Girl doesn't just reaffirm this reputation; it underscores it in the… Read more

Above the Dust Level (Carla Drago, 1999)
Urban living at its worst—allergies, diseases, missing Y-fronts—and of course, finding the dust level. ... Read more

Abyss (Gilbert Dassonville, 1972)
True story of an alpinist who fell six hundred metres from a cliff face and subsequently rescued himself. ... Read more

ACCEPTABLE LEVELS (John Davies, 1983)
In the early 70's Reginald Maudling said of Northern Ireland that the best we could hope to achieve would be a return to ... 'acceptable levels' of violence; almost ten years later, these levels cont… Read more

Anne, a Swedish fashion designer, travels to Helsinki to meet a man with whom she has had a short love affair in Berlin. When she gets there, she regrets her trip and realizes that in reality she has… Read more

African Heritage (Robert Kingston Davies, 1956)
In this anthropological study, we see the East African building his boats in the way that it has been done for centuries. Traditional methods of pottery making, basket weaving and the fashioning of h… Read more

AGAINST THE INNOCENT (Daryl Dellora, 1988)
Daryl Dellora's first feature-length film is a brilliantly executed, exactingly researched project flirting with the traditional line between drama and documentary, in its detailed examination of 'te… Read more

Air (Paul Driessen, 1972)
An animated cartoon that illustrates in a few line sketches the ultimate fate of all living things if man continues to pollute the atmosphere. ... Read more

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