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THE FORBIDDEN QUEST (Peter Delpeut, 1993)
Breathtaking silent-era footage of polar exploration is exploited to surprising — some have said outrageous — effect in this tall tale of mystery and imagination. However you view this el… Read more

The Girl on the Roof (Ross Dimsey, 1971)
Freddy picks up a beautiful girl, Celia, and takes her to his home, which he shares with two friends. Celia's appearance amongst them shatters the three men's established routine. ... Read more

THE GIVEN WORD (Anselmo Duarte, 1962)
In this adaptation of a play by Dias Gomes, the director has transited the action to the streets cafes and church steps of Salvador, Brazil. It is a story of simple faith in conflict with sophisticat… Read more

The High-Tension Line Mounters (Dumitru Done, 1966)
The beauty of human effort as men ride the wires, sweeping along the skylines to the horizon. ... Read more

THE HOLE (Joe Dante, 2004)
\You've got a gateway to hell under your house… and that is really cool.\" ... Read more

THE ICELANDIC DREAM (Róbert I Douglas, 2000)
A loser in Australia, a tosser in England, whatever term you choose, Toti - the hero of The Icelandic Dream - is no winner. In some ways he's the George Costanza of Reykjavic: the kind of guy who get… Read more

The Impossible Dream (Dagmar Doubkova, 1983)
We see an average family with two school-age children and small baby. Both parents work at jobs outside of the house. The wife puts in the same hours as her husband, but makes much less in wages. In … Read more

The Killing of an Egg (Paul Driessen, 1977)
A boiled breakfast egg holds surprises. ... Read more

The Last Supper (Joseph Donghia, 1988)
An Italian family after a funeral Indifference, machismo and repressed sexuality lead to an unravelling of dreams which holds the key to an old woman's death A psychological detective story. - (CK) ... Read more

The Legacy of Malthus (Ms Deepa Dhanraj, 1994)
In the nineteenth century Scottish Highland clearances peasant farmers were evicted from their land and then accused of being feckless and irresponsible for being unable to feed their families. The s… Read more

THE LIFE OF JESUS (Bruno Dumont, 1997)
Winner of numerous awards - including European Discovery of the Year - The Life of Jesus is startling and masterful. Freddy and his pals are unemployed, perpetually bored and, apart from their scoote… Read more

The Lightning Conductor (Todor Dinov, 1962)
A stylised animated film about a lightning conductor which gleams in the glistening sun, but hides when a storm breaks. Award: A.G.I.S. Cup, Rimini Festival. ... Read more

The Living Wild (I. L. Dassenaike, 1959)
A film on the wild life of Ceylon, shot in Ruhuner and Wilpattu National Parks, and in the abandoned Veddha caves of Nuwaragala. ... The film has been conceived in three sequences - "Man in Nature", … Read more

The Maggot (George Dunning, 1973)
Heroin addiction among school age American Negroes. The dealer and his horrifying alter ego. the vulture, are finally rejected. ... Prix D'Information, Annecy, 1973. ... Read more

The Majesty of Wood (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1955)
The unifying theme of this film is the beauty of wood. A succession of examples from Belgian churches and museums traces the sequences of styles from the hieratic Romanesque through the gradually inc… Read more

Miereveld, a married lawyer, who teaches a special subject in a girls' school, cherishes a passionate but idealistic love for one of his pupils, the beautiful Fran Veenman. His feelings towards her r… Read more

The Most Beautiful Man in the World (Alicia Duffy, 2002)
On a hot, summer afternoon, in a housing estate, a young girl is bored. Her mother's ignoring her. And even her dog won't play. But outside, in a field near a freeway, she meets a stranger. Someone w… Read more

THE MOVIE ORGY (1968) (Joe Dante, 1968)
“Everything in my subsequent work comes from The Movie Orgy.” - Joe Dante ... Inspired by Susan Sontag's well known essay ‘Notes on Camp', as well as the very successful rerelease of the 1943 s… Read more

THE MYSTERY OF ELCHE (Gudie Lawaetz, Michael Dodds, 1979)
The film presents an abridged version of the only surviving Mystery Play still performed annually by local amateur performers, set in a context of local lore and everyday life. Dating back to the 14t… Read more

THE NEED (Alireza Davudnezhad, 1991)
Ali needs a job. Reza needs it more. There is only one opening in the printing shop where they have both been taken on trial, after impassioned pleas from uncles and neighbours have got them through … Read more

THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (Carl Dreyer, 1928)
The most striking quality of Carl Dreyer's "The Passion of Joan of Arc" is its uniqueness in that no film before or since has been made with such complete singleness of purpose, and few directors hav… Read more

The Primitive Version (Paul Dopff, 1973)
This animated film, a 'souvenir of the Thirties', tells the curious story of a struggle between a devil and an angel. ... Read more

THE PROMISE (Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, 1996)
... ... Coming to us direct from Cannes where it was one of the few true discoveries of the year. The Promise transcends it's small scale, domestic concerns to evolve into a tough involving, but ulti… Read more

THE REAL BLONDE (Tom DiCillo, 1997)
A cinematic satirist par excellence, Tom DiCillo delivers his most rounded, accomplished and funny film to date. DiCillo takes some familiar comic characterisations and allows his outstanding cast to… Read more

THE REALISATION OF DESIRE (Svetlana Druzhinina, 1973)
The title of this film is taken from the novel of the same name by V. Kaverin. ... Nikolai Trubacbevsky is studying philology at the university of Leningrad. The lecture halls are filled with gay you… Read more

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