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The Rovers (Ron Dorfman, 1975)
A satirical love story. ... Read more

The Same Old Story (Paul Driessen, 1981)
The bell rings three times. Each time it signals the beginning of a new story. Each story brings one closer to a disquieting reality. ... Read more

THE SCORE (Christer Dahl, 1978)
The Score is based on an autobiography written by an ex-convict, describing his prison experiences. ... A group of youths, high on drugs, steal a car and try to hold up a bank with a toy pistol. Thei… Read more

THE SECOND CIVIL WAR (1997) (Joe Dante, 1997)
“In the years since we made this movie, virtually every element has emerged in the headlines. It never seems to date.” - Joe Dante ... Over 10 years after its release, with strong anti-immigratio… Read more

THE SENTINEL (Arnaud Desplechin, 1992)
Alluring and labyrinthine, The Sentinel, is a wholly original and intriguing espionage drama — a suspenseful exploration of the legacy of Cold War politics. ... At the centre of this intensely … Read more

The Ship That Never Returned (Nigel Atkinson, Nick Clark, Huw Davies, 1987)
Harry Whitehouse is the last Principal Keeper of Bardsey Lighthouse, on the North Wales coast. The lighthouse is scheduled for automation. In chronicling his departure the film also discusses the ero… Read more

THE SON (Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, 2002)
In 1999 Belgian filmmaking brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne walked away fron Cannes with the coveted Palme d'Or prize for Rosetta. Three years later they have delivered The Son, selected for Off… Read more

THE SPINNING WHEEL (Lee Doo-Yong, 1983)
In Korea, the period of the Chosun Dynasty (AD. 1392-1910) was marked by increasingly rigid attitudes to relations between the sexes, and particularly the social role of women. While the roots of the… Read more

The Story of the Little John Bailey (Paul Driessen, 1970)
Modern man is being inundated by an ever-growing flood of information, which threatens to engulf him. ... Read more

The Sun Itself Sees Not (Sebastian Dellers, 1994)
Layers of images of hills, trees, sun and moon converging in movement, the vagaries of exposure flaring the sensitive film emulsion. Using just one roll of 16mm film, run through the camera three tim… Read more

The Tennis Ball (John Dobson, 1990)
The film is about the lack of communication between two neighbours living in the inner city. A young woman is minding her own business in her terrace house, when a ball flies in the window from the n… Read more

THE TIGER FROM TJAMPA (D. Djayakusuma, 1953)
Filmed largely on location in 1953 in villages in West Sumatra (the region of the matri-lineal Minangkabau people), Djayakusuma's The Tiger From Tjampa is still highly regarded today as an early, fin… Read more

THE TRUE STORY OF MY LIFE IN ROUEN (Olivier Ducastel, 2002)
Directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau enchanted MIFF audiences with their two previous films, Funny Felix (MIFF 2000) and Jeanne and the Perfect Guy (MIFF 1998). Their new film is equally … Read more

THE TWO HORSES OF GENGHIS KHAN (Byambasuren Davaa, 2009)
An initiation into the little-heard music of Mongolia that is as captivating to the eyes as it is to the ears. ... This highly stylised documentary from filmmaker Byambasuren Davaa (The Cave of the Y… Read more

The Vegetable Mob (Carla Drago, 1993)
This AFC-funded 'microdoc' cheerfully paints a backyard portrait of the filmmaker's Italian family and their passion for growing tomatoes. Their vegetable patch becomes symbolic both of memories of t… Read more

The Wardrobe (George Dunning, 1961)
Two men have trouble with a box... ... Read more

The Wedding (Kerry Dwyer, 1980)
The story of three men and their search for a bride... or an object? ... Read more

THE WOUNDS (Srdjan Dragojevic, 1997)
After completing his previous film, Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, director Srdjan Dragojevic vowed never to under­take another project dealing with the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Thankful… Read more

THE WRESTLERS (Buddhadeb Dasgupta, 2000)
Uttara is the stylised reaction of Indian director Buddhadeb Dasgupta to the outbursts of religious fundamentalism and intolerance in both the East and West. In addition, the film is an intriguing od… Read more

THE YOUNG MAGICIAN (Waldemar Dzicki, 1986)
The Young Magician is the fourth feature film in Rock Demar's ongoing series of family films. A truly international production, this multi-award winning film is a delightful story about youthful disc… Read more

THE ‘BURBS (1989) (Joe Dante, 1989)
“A divine comedy full of corrosive humor… and a film that anticipates the Judd Apatow comedy brand, full of immature adults who fulfill (and enjoy) themselves through all forms of regressive … Read more

They Caught the Ferry (Carl Th. Dreyer, 1948)
A famous director adapts a "myth" on the theme of a hazardous motorcycle ride which ends disastrously. The motorcyclist, Sophus, and his girl, Elvira, race along madly to catch the ferry at Nyborg. T… Read more

THEY WERE TEN (Baruch Dienar, 1960)
Ten Jews—nine men and Manyah, wife of Josef— flee the pogroms in Russia in the 1880's and find a farm on a hilltop in Galilee. We follow the first eventful year of these young Russian stu… Read more

Think Twice (K. Gow, J. Levy, N. Disher, )
With good visuals and a pertinent commentary, this film shows the various hazards connected with boilermaking. ... Read more

Think Twice (K. Gow, J. Levy, N. Disher, )
With good visuals and a pertinent commentary, this film shows the various hazards connected with boilermaking, and electric and oxywelding in particular. ... Read more

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