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Third Avenue El (Carson Davidson, 1956)
A victim of progress, New York's picturesque Third Avenue Elevated Railway is no more, but its unique flavour lingers nostalgically in this unusual film study. Haydn's music enhances the pictorial pr… Read more

In the USA, a shadowy, anonymous group controls what the population may or may not view. It isn't the CIA or the Masons; it's the Motion Picture Association of America. Responsible for rating all fil… Read more

THIS IS ME (Sonia Herman Dolz, 2000)
This is Me examines a group of veteran transvestites, entertainers and assorted eccentrics and the closure of La Bodega Bohemia, a Barcelona night-club-cum-refuge where they bloom at night. The owner… Read more

THOMAS PYNCHON: A JOURNEY INTO THE MIND OF [P.] (Fosco Dubini, Donatello Dubini, 2001)
Regarded by some as the greatest writer since the second world war, by others as unreadable, most literary critics will agree that in the past 50 years few English-speaking authors have had such a pr… Read more

Jörn Donner has condensed some sixteen hours of conversation with Ingmar Bergman into this hour-and-a-half profile of the Swedish film director. Bergman talks about his films, his way of life, his c… Read more

THRILLER IN MANILA (John Dower, 2008)
“It wasn't a fight for a belt; it was a war.” - Sundance Film Festival ... Touted as ‘the greatest fight of all time', the Thriller in Manila held in 1975 was the third and final confrontation … Read more

Tidikawa and Friends is a unique document providing the only existing record of the Bedamini iiving in the remote isolation of the Great Papuan Plateau rain forest. Legendary for their aggression and… Read more

TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD (Paul Davids, 1996)
Timothy Leary, who Richard Nixon called "the most dangerous man alive", makes a great subiect for a documentary. Paul David's remark­able and wildly entertaining look at the originator of the phr… Read more

TJOET NYA' DHIEN (Eros Djarot, 1988)
... ... Tjoet Nya' Dhien was the wife of the Acehnese rebel leader, Teuku Umar; she was also his chief strategist and political mentor. Teuku Umar was killed in battle in February 1899. For eight yea… Read more

TJOET NYA' DHIEN (Eros Djarot, 1988)
TJOET NYA' DHIEN was the wife of the Acehnese rebel leader, Teuku Umar, she was also his chief strategist and political mentor. Teuku Umar was killed in battle in February 1899. For eight years after… Read more

Tomboychik (Sandi DuBowski, 1993)
You can't get more low budget than this, but you can't get much more emotionally powerful either. Here rare and intimate moments of pure love, regret, admiration and naivety are shared between grandm… Read more

Tonight in Britain (Gerry Dupont, 1954)
A short survey of British entertainment and London attractions photographed at Edinburgh, Stratford and in London; Eileen Joyce, Natalie Krassovska and the Festival Ballet, Claire Bloom, Michael Hord… Read more

TONIGHT OR NEVER (Michel Deville, 1961)
Rarely screened, Tonight or Never features Anna Karina in her first major non-Godard role. ... The plans for a theatre production are tested when the lead actress falls ill - who will play the role? … Read more

TOTAL BABY (Kate Davis, Alyson Denny, 1993)
Infant rearing experts and entrepreneurs vie for the viewer's attention as they offer new and improved ways to create a baby for the 90s. We are offered the latest trends, from video aerobics for inf… Read more

TOTALLY FLAKY (Jacques Doillon, 2000)
The coltish young girlfriend of a college boy takes a perverse shine to his charmingly thuggish drug dealer in Jacques Doillon's Totally Flaky, a mile-a-minute sampler of contemporary speech patterns… Read more

TOUCHED IN THE HEAD (Jacques Doillon, 1975)
A seventeen-year-old Swedish girl, Liv, has been living for several weeks with a baker's apprentice, Chris. Through his union, he is fighting a battle with his boss, and it appears that in the dehuma… Read more

Tradition is the Handing on of Fire, not the Worship of Ashes (Gustave Deutsch, 1999)
Found footage is elegantly treated and made to appear as a raging fire. The title is taken from a Gustave Mahler quote, our attention is drawn to the decaying photographic image and to a filmmaking t… Read more

Transfiguration (Ludwik Dutkiewicz, 1964)
A woman's thoughts about the meaning of her existence and its fulfilment, are told in powerful images and without a upoken word. ... Read more

TREMBLING BEFORE G-D (Sandi Simcha DuBowski, 2000)
A remarkable documentary, winner of the 2001 Best Documentary award at the Berlin Film Festival, dealing with Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who come out as gays and lesbians and must reconcile their sexu… Read more

TROUBLE EVERY DAY (Claire Denis, 2002)
Claire Denis fans, your wait is over, but prepare for the unexpected. Shane (Vincent Gallo, Buffalo 66, MIFF 1998) and Core (Beatrice Dalle, one of French cinema's most internationally recognised fac… Read more

Tup-Tup (Nedeljko Dragić, 1972)
Being the destructive efforts necessary to stop a very common, but very persistent, tapping noise. ... Read more

TWENTYNINE PALMS (Bruno Dumont, 2004)
Twentynine Palms France/GermanyThe latest controversial film from acclaimed French auteur Bruno Dumont (The Life of Jesus, MIFF 1998) is a visually breathtaking metaphysical road movie that takes aud… Read more

twist of faith (Kirby DIck, 2004)
"Oscar-nominated [Twist of Faith] puts a face to the media stories about allegations of sex abuse by Catholic priests. The face belongs to Tony Comes, a firefighter of Toledo, Ohio. The film reveals … Read more

Two Men and a Wardrobe (Jakub Dreyer, 1958)
Two men carrying a large wardrobe emerge from the sea. The adventures of the trio, while looking for food and lodgings, are told in this unusual experimental film, described by its producers as an "e… Read more

TYPICALLY BRITISH (Stephen Frears, Mike Dibb, 1995)
Francois Truffaut, Stephen Frears reminds us, once observed that the words 'British' and cinema' seemed incompatible. Frears' celebra­tion of one hundred years of British Cinema is an elegant and… Read more

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