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u-carmen ekhayelitsha (Mark Dornford-May, 2004)
Mark Dornford-May's [U-Carmen Ekhayelitsha] was awarded the Golden Bear at Berlin this year. It is based on Georges Bizet's [Carmen] (1875), one of the most popular operas in musical history. Merimee… Read more

U.S GO HOME (Claire Denis, 1994)
Director Claire Denis' (Chocolat 1988) contri­bution to the series Tons les Garcons et les Filles de Leur age brings both toughness and ten­derness to the potentially touchy scenario of three… Read more

U.S. GO HOME (Claire Denis, 1994)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ubu (Geoff Dunbar, 1978)
'Ubu Roi' was written by Alfred Jarry as a schoolboy in 1888 and performed amongst his friends as a puppet play. The first public performance was in 1896, in Paris, with the collaboration of such peo… Read more

UN SOIR... UN TRAIN (André Delvaux, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

UNTOUCHED BY THE WEST (Raymond Depardon, 2002)
In Official Selection at the Venice and Rotterdam Film Festivals, this visually splendid film from Magnum Agency photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon, is highlighted by stunning black-and-whit… Read more

Urchin, The (John R Dilworth, )
Acclaimed animator Jonathan R. Dilworth's [The Urchin] is a neo-surrealist account of one man's life and transformation after a giant urchin attacks him. --- D/P/S Jonathan R. Dilworth WS Stretch Fil… Read more

USHPIZIN (Gidi Dar, 2004)
[Ushpizin] is the first feature film ever made in Israel's ultra-Orthodox Haredi community. Filmed where cameras have never been before, with actors and settings unaltered in appearance, it's a tende… Read more

V.O. (Christophe Delmas, )
A film in the original French sub-titled in French. About three people (Jean, Jane and companion Eric, a policeman). The sub-titles narrate the action in the style of film noir! ... Read more

Valley Forge (Caleb Deschanel, 1974)
A chronicle of the encampment of George Washington's army at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778; the midst of the American Revolution. ... Read more

Valley Town (Willard Van Dyke, 1940)
The story of how machines made a “boom” town with factories running at top speed &nash: and then how more machines broke the prosperity of the town, bringing misery and unemployment to its inhabi… Read more

VAMPYR (Carl Dreyer, 1931)
Inspiration for the story of Vampyr is credited to Sheridan le Fanu's "In a Glass Darkly". but only one story 'Carniilla" bears any relationship to the film. Rather than from any particular literary … Read more

Variations on an Italian Theme (Carson Davidson, 1961)
Set to the music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, this film, from the director of Third Avenue El, is a travel film but with the emphasis chiefly on people. ... Read more

VARIETY (E. A. Dupont, 1925)
In 1925 two German films in particular had immediate and widespread influence on motion picture technique: Variety, which showed that the camera couId be put to outstanding uses, and The Last Laugh w… Read more

Visual Squeeze - I.C.A (P. Dimond, 1959)
Using photo-animation techniques, this publicity film advertises Shell petrols that contain I.C.A. ... Read more

Vodka Orange (Dominique Deruddere, 1982)
A young man attempts to keep his father in hospital happy, even if it means breaking all the rules. ... Read more

Warming Up (Annie Duncan, 1983)
The intense atmosphere generated by members of an orchestra in the last five minutes before going on stage. The film makes an analogy between the mechanics of the human body and that of musical instr… Read more

Watercolour (Joanna Dunn, 1991)
Using watercolours, this animation takes us through a series of landscapes and seasons, exploring horizons and what lies beyond them. ... Read more

We Are The Landowner (Ian Dunlop, 1985)
A film by veteran Australian ethnographic filmmaker about the outstatlon, or clan homeland movement throughout northern and central Australia. Two centres are closely examined. ... Yirrkala, in north… Read more

WE TALK, YOU LISTEN (Michel Davaud, 1974)
Shot at their convention at Standing Rock, this documentary shows the struggle of American Indians for their rights. ... Read more

WEST BEYROUTH (Ziad Doueiri, 1998)
Ziad Doueiri's assured debut is a lively coming of age tale, a technically polished, frequently funny and emo­tionally affecling work which was also a Toronto Film Festival award winner. April 13… Read more

WHAT IS LIFE? (François Dupeyron, 1999)
Nicholas, the son of peasant farmers, lives with his parents and grandparents on a farm. Their lives are in turmoil. Nicholas' father, Mare, has had to destroy his entire herd of cattle due to an out… Read more

Whatsitsi Whatsitsou (Jean-Francois Desbois, 1992)
What's in the suitcase? A quirky comedy. ... Read more

When We get the Money (Jinks Dulhunty, 1986)
An offbeat madcap comic romp, the film follows the struggles of two Inner-city blue-eyed modern girls, Clovebox and Cardoor, who need an impossibly large sum of money to get a project off the ground.… Read more

“This movie is the story of the band, but it is also an insight into a moment in time that will never be repeated.” - producer Dick Wolf ... Blessed with unseen footage by the surviving members o… Read more

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