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Homeboys (Judy Hecht Dumontet, 1990)
Homeboys is about the young members of street gangs in Los Angeles. The junior leagues, who are failing in school, dropping out and forming gangs that mimic the activities of the older, more violent … Read more

HOMECOMING (2005) (Joe Dante, 2005)
“This is a horror story because most characters are Republicans.” - Joe Dante ... “If I had one wish, I would wish for your son to come back,” says an oily political consultant to the mother … Read more

Honeybees and Pollination (L. Gosnell, J. Durden, 1956)
Close range photography shows the secrets of the beehive, the queen, drones, workers, the building of honeycombs, the feeding of the young, the storage of nectar and pollen and the pollination of pla… Read more

HOROSCOPE (Boro Draskovic, 1969)
A remote railway station near the Adriatic Riviera in Yugoslavia is the limbo where five young layabouts laze away the summer days, ... making pointless bets like placing heads on the line as a train… Read more

HOST AND GUEST (Shin Dong-il, 2005)
“A virtual two-hander between an ornery skeptic and a young evangelist… with Host and Guest first time writer-director Dong-il Shin has fashioned a thoughtful, witty and involving gem.” - … Read more

HOT HOUSE (Shimon Dotan, 2006)
A rare insight into the mind and motivations of Hamas. In the run-up to last year's Palestinian election, Romanian-born filmmaker Shimon Dotan gained access to four Israeli high security prisons, wh… Read more

HOT IRONS (Andrew Dosunmu, 1999)
'Hair Wars' —the 'black hair extravaganza of America'—has established itself as a Mecca for creative styling expression and fantastical hair creations. A working model of the solar system… Read more

How the Cossacks Played Soccer (Vladimir Dakhno, 1970)
A fairy-tale about the daring soccer-team of Dnieper Cossacks who travelled abroad and won all the games with knights, musketeers and islanders, showing wonders of resourcefulness and wit. ... Read more

Humdrum (Til and Ruben Dellers, 1986)
This evening Theo and his friend from work have gone to the pub. It is filled with the same old faces behaving in the same restrained fashion, talking over the same old things. Suddenly Theo stands u… Read more

I CAN’T SLEEP (Claire Denis, 1993)
Though ostensibly based on a true story-of the 'Granny Killer' Thierry Paufin, who terrorised the outer arrondisements of Paris in the late 1980s, murdering a string of elderly women—Denis here… Read more

I KILLED MY MOTHER (Xavier Dolan, 2009)
An audacious coming-of-age comedy about the relationship between a mother and son, from a talented auteur barely out of his teens. ... Sixteen-year-old Hubert is a volatile teenager at war with his k… Read more

I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW (Sean Donnelly, 2008)
“I might ask for a fingernail or a toenail or a lock of hair or a scab or skin from a blister or something, I could ask for that.” ... Propelled to number 1 on the Billboard charts in 1988, teen-… Read more

I WALK AROUND MOSCOW (Georgy Danelia, 1964)
This pleasant, unpretentious film is about a young man from Siberia who, passing through Moscow, befriends a city boy who shows him the town. They meet a girl and spend a few idyllic hours doing noth… Read more

Ice Hockey (Bogdan Dziworski, 1977)
Shot during the last Ice Hockey World Championships held in Poland, the film demonstrates the technique of the game. ... Read more

ICI White Male (Chris Dada, 1994)
Made by two students during their summer holidays, ICI White Male is a gritty and evocative look at a day in the life of a young man to whom crime is a natural means of supporting his drug habit. Joh… Read more

IF THE WIND FRIGHTENS YOU (Emile Degélin, 1960)
Pierre and Claude, brother and sister, spend their holidays camping on the sands of the North Sea coast. Living together and seeing the same people the year round has created between them a bond to w… Read more

Images en Negatif (Eugene Deslaw, 1956)
An experimental abstract film which includes several strange and striking images, seen entirely in negative. ... Read more

IMELDA (Ramona Diaz, 2004)
Imelda USA'I've been very misunderstood', complains Imelda Marcos, wife of the former Philippine dictator, a woman who cemented dozens of dead workers into the foundations of an architectural monumen… Read more

IMELDA (Ramona Diaz, 2004)
Imelda USA'I've been very misunderstood', complains Imelda Marcos, wife of the former Philippine dictator, a woman who cemented dozens of dead workers into the foundations of an architectural monumen… Read more

In Cuba They're Still Dancing (Richard Downes, 1993)
Agnes McLean is a life-long socialist and aficionado of Latin dancing. The film follows her from her modern sequence dance class in Glasgow's Pollok Centre to the famous Tropicana nightclub in Havana… Read more

IN THE COMPANY OF ACTORS (Ian Darling, 2007)
Two of the world's finest actors, Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving, prepare to perform the Sydney Theatre Company's version of Hedda Gabler in New York. Normally, the rehearsal room is a sacred space… Read more

Indian Summer (Carolyn Dobbe, 2002)
On December 1, 2001 it was 66 degrees (19 Celsius) in NYC: an Indian Summer that comes to an icy end. Dobbe carefully builds up the days contemplative mood with a classic filmic eye for detail, colou… Read more

Indian Water Birds (Gopal Datt, 1961)
Intimate pictures of the habits and characteristics of a variety of Indian water birds. Included are scenes of a courtship dance, quaint ways of feeding, and various scenes of large colonies. ... Read more

INHERITANCE (Bill Donovan, 1987)
There have been many examinations made of the 'American malady', but few as incisive and frightening as Bill Donovan's Inheritance Donovan started this project in 1978, initially planning to make a f… Read more

INNERSPACE (1987) (Joe Dante, 1987)
“If The ‘Burbs is a one-finger exercise on the themes of Rear Window, Innerspace is a big-budget remake of North by Northwest, with a script that is in many ways even better: certainly funnier.… Read more

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