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1001 Suburban Nights (Spiro Economopoulos, 1992)
A suburban encounter and a mutual need for companionship lead to a re-telling of the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. Eerily distant images force words back into the prominence they once held in the day… Read more

13 (Gert Embrechts, 1998)
Magdalena believes she has been called by God to have 13 daughters all bom on the same day. News of these miracle births spreads each year, but just as Magalena's work is almost done, God seems to ch… Read more

296 Smith Street (John Evagora, )
Ahmed's pawnshop deals with addicts, thieves, poor old ladies and attackers, it's just another day at 296 Smith Street. ... D/S John Evagora P Jorge Tsadilias WS Victorian College of the Arts TD digi… Read more

A Border Crossing (Rebecca Taggart, Chris Emmanouilides, 1989)
The odyssey of an incidental tourist on the way to becoming another accidental tourist. Concisely and freshly combines elements of the road movie, the home movie, the newsreel and the travelogue. ... Read more

A Fly Went By (Rod Edge, 1995)
Can a fly generate nuclear war? This psycho­analytic, political parable suggests it can. Around the domestic dinner table, during the soup course, sinister subterranean tensions - signalled by cl… Read more

A Turnip Head's Guide to Alan Parker (Arthur Ellis, 1986)
The rise of Britain's most notorious cinema organist. ... Read more

African Carving: A Dogon Kanaga Mask (Eliot Elisofon, 1975)
The Kanaga Mask is used in deeply sacred rituals by the Dogon, a people famous for their sculptural arts, living in the Republic of Mali, West Africa. The film follows the creation of the mask, and t… Read more

Agurra (Iñaki Elizalde, 1996)
Having left Franco's Spain many years prior Elias, now returns to meet what remains of his family and to confront the present day reality of his long guarded and cherished memories. Correspondence wi… Read more

Alexander Nevsky (S. M. Eisenstein, 1938)
During the 13th Century Russia was endangered by the invasion of the Teutonic Knights, the founders of Prussia. Under the leadership of Prince Alexander Nevsky the Russians unite and counter the Germ… Read more

Art in Our Time: Painting (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1960)
The film illustrates the development of modern painting, using the most important artists from Klee to Pollock. ... Read more

Art in Our Time: Sculpture (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1960)
The situation of sculpture in the middle of our century as shown by the works of the most famous international artists. ... Read more

Art Scene USA (Ed Emshwiller, 1966)
A highly compressed survey of the whole range of creative expression in the visual arts as performed in the United States today. ... Read more

Arthur Penn - Little Big Man (Elliott Erwitt, 1971)
A record of Arthur Penn at work on Little Big Man, showing his relationship with his star, Dustin Hoffman, and studying the impact of Penn's personality on the film as a whole. ... Read more

Barbara is a Vision of Loveliness (Bruce Elder, 1976)
Cinematic choreography created through optical processes. ... Read more

Barlach (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1950)
Ernst Barlach-1870-1938, sculptor and poet. "His forbidding, clean and beautiful works portray the modern man in his nakedness, truth and plight." ... Read more

BASTARDS, THE (Amat Escalante, 2008)
“Two boys, a house, an uncomfortable mise-en-scène and the weight of violence. In a word: masterpiece.” - Sitges Film Festival ... From one of the most original voices in new Mexican cinema, Ama… Read more

BE LIKE OTHERS (Tanaz Eshaghian, 2008)
"Explaining why they want to have surgery, they would say, ‘I want to live like everybody else. I want to be like others. I'm not a weirdo... I'm not a homosexual. I'm not filthy.'" - filmmaker Tan… Read more

Beauty Knows No Pain (Elliot Erwitt, 1971)
Noted for his humour, Elliott Erwitt delivers comedy of a strictly black variety in this examination of American mores. Beauty Knows No Pain takes a sharply focused look at the often merciless traini… Read more

Behind Saraband (Torbjoern Ehrnvall, 2003)
"Four actors, 10 dialogues. It looks easy on paper but let me tell you I will be extremely rigorous." Thus begins Torbjorn Ehrnvall's window onto the back lot of Saraband, which Bergman claims will b… Read more

BIRD (Clint Eastwood, 1988)
Jazz has always needed its dark, Byronic mar­tyrs: first the white cornetist, Bix Beiderbecke, wrapped in the comparative innocence of Jazz Age flappers and bootleg gin; then the black ver­si… Read more

Birthright (Sarah Erulkar, 1960)
The film shows how the work of the Family Planning Association is directed towards helping not only those who wish to plan their families, but also those who are childless. The film emphasises some o… Read more

A former badminton champion, a tormented young boy, a girl who eats firecrackers and a cheesy 80s pop song you can't get out of your head. ... Captivating in its array of characters and their circums… Read more

Blown Fuse (John Ege, 1988)
A psychological study of a 'fragile' couple through a kaleidoscope of fractured images. What is left is a mood, a glimpse, leaving the audience ta contemplate and consider various solutions. ... Read more

Board and Care (Ron Ellis, 1980)
This sensitive short story focuses on the brief effort to break through to a meaningful relationship on the part of two retarded teenagers. The film's two Down's Syndrome stars give the story a poign… Read more

Brother (Adam Elliot, 1999)
Brother is the final film in the acclaimed trilogy that also includes Uncle and Cousin. It is a claymation about the antics of an asthmatic boy and his brother. Although this film is darker than the … Read more

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