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The Mountain (Hanna Elias, 1991)
For many centuries elopement in the Middle East has been the only alternative for women who object to pre-arranged marriage. If the woman is caught while eloping, she is either brought back home, or … Read more

The Oriental Nightfish (Ian Emes, 1978)
An animated film about the Oriental Nightfish that is 'everything we know, and all that we cannot comprehend'. ... Read more

The Pirogue Maker (Arnold Eagle, )
The pirogue &ndash: a graceful dugout canoe &ndash: carved by hand from a solid cypress log. The film records this vanishing art for posterity. ... Read more

THE PRACTICE OF LOVE (Valie Export, 1984)
Austrian filmmaker, Valie Export, came to feature film production after carving a provocative reputation for herself in experimental video, super 8mm. and live art performances. Her involvement with … Read more

The Reaper (Robert Ebinger, 1970)
A dramatic, poetically lyrical film which tries to reach an adult audience with its message: man, in the end, has only himself on which to rely. He must be true to those things which compose his life… Read more

The Remu Cemetery (Edward Etler, 1962)
Without commentary, the film explores an old Jewish cemetary in Poland. Award: Silver Sail, Locarno Festival. ... Read more

THE SECRET (Robert Enrico, 1974)
The Secret, by Robert Enrico, features Jean-Louis Trintignant as an escapee from a police psychiatric ward. He has killed a guard during his escape, and makes for the country to hide in the mountains… Read more

The Spirit of Sailing (Jørgen Ekberg, 1969)
A great athlete could be regarded as an artist expressing himself through his sporting ability. The film uses this approach to Paul Elvstr0m, who sails three different boats and explains his feelings… Read more

THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE (Victor Erice, 1973)
This is the first full-length feature from Victor Erice. It deals with childhood fantasies and family relationships. On a Sunday in 1940. a cinema truck visits a small town in the Castilian plains. I… Read more

The Taking of Samiland (Kare Tannvik, Skule Eriksen, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Tale of the Floating World (Alain Escalle, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Timeless Track (Roland Eisenmenger, 1967)
The film investigates the considerable scope offered by the use of magnetic tape in industry, education and entertainment. ... Read more

The Wordy Rappinghood (Nicholas Elliot, 1986)
The Wordy Rappinghood is four and a half minutes of titles to the music of Tom Tom Club. The song celebrates the play of language and the film shows the language of play. ... "I loved it!", (Rollo Cr… Read more

The Wounding (Susan Emerling, 1990)
The Wounding portrays the subtleties of the mother-daughter bond and how a mother's alcoholism impacts upon her fifteen year old daughter's fragile sense of identity. The story transpires over the co… Read more

This Town (Hugh Evans, 1969)
Large areas of a once-prosperous mill town in Yorkshire are facing demolition, and many inhabitants are being moved to new housing nearby. The proliferation of 19th Century houses and factories still… Read more

TIME IN THE SUN (Based on material by Sergei Eisenstein, 1940)
In 1931 after an abortive attempt to work at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Eisenstein went to Mexico where he planned to make “a living history” of the country and native Indian people. ... The… Read more

TIMES AND WINDS (Reha Erdem, 2006)
“Every encounter causes a new pain, the pain of growing up, of maturing, of getting old. This is the tragedy.” - filmmaker Reha Erdem Omer wants his dad dead. Yakup is in love with his teacher a… Read more

To Shoot A Mad Dog (David Elfick, 1976)
To Shoot a Mad Dog is an insight into the making of Philippe Mora's Mad Dog Morgan, which features Dennis Hopper at his manic worst/best.Screens with Long Weekend.---D/P David Elfick TD 16mm/1976/26m… Read more

Toccata for Toy Trains (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1957)
A film about toy trains-mostly old. A journey from roundhouse and yards to station, and out through countryside and village to destination. Characters and props are al! real toys. ... Read more

Tops (Charles Eames, 1969)
With a cast of 123 spinning tops. the film shows the great variety in the launching, spinning and performance of this colourful children's toy. ... Read more

Transcoder (Understanding Lydia) (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1998)
Taking an alternative and perhaps satirical look at the reputation of the traditional advertising image, Hiebler & Ertl dare to offer these often shunned images some credibility. Could they even be a… Read more

True Colours (Barney Elliott, 2006)
Neal is a loving family man with a propensity for violence. In a terrible mistaken moment he loses the trust he has struggled so hard to win. A compelling, award-winning British drama about fate. ...… Read more

Two Baroque Churches in Germany (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1957)
Two baroque churches flash past in a blinding and colourful array of cherubs, altars, cornices, statues, ceilings, all ornamented in the fashion dear to baroque. ... Read more

TWO LINES (Selim Evci, 2008)
A couple, growing increasingly distant, attempt to rekindle their relationship in this claustrophobic study of alienation. ... Mert and Selin are a young couple that seemingly have everything: good j… Read more

U (Gregoire Solotareff, Serge Elissalde, 2006)
“Animated beasties, both cool and cranky.” - Variety This colourful bedtime story introduces us to Princess Mona, an orphan who lives in a castle with two ghastly characters. One day, her sobs … Read more

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