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111th Street (Arnold Federbush, 1962)
Documentary treatment of juvenile delinquency in New York City, showing the experiences and contributions of a juvenile-board officer in that city in dealing with a particular street gang. ... Read more

(Federico Fellini, 1962)
Tired and unsure, a famous film director, about to start a new picture, goes to a spa near Rome, hoping that rest will restore his perspective. Joined by his co-workers who hound him with suggestions… Read more

911 Rio (F.K. Flumen, 2005)
Like some sample to take back life from disaster. ... --- ... D/S F.K Flumen P Marians Agular L no dialogue TD Video/col/2005/3mins ... Read more

A House Divided (Craven Films, 1960)
One of a series of films on scenes from American history, this is a compilation of extracts from feature films and other sources, tracing the origins of the American Civil War, Lincoln's presidency, … Read more

A Man Thing (Slawomir Fabicki, 2001)
Set in contemporary Poland, this is the story of a thirteen-year-old boy who attempts to hide the fact that his father beats him. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film. ... Read more

A PORNOGRAPHIC AFFAIR (Frédéric Fonteyne, 1999)
This controversial film depicts a torrid relationship between two lovers who meet through an advertisement in a porn magazine, intent on sharing a fantasy. Featuring interviews with 'her' and 'him', … Read more

A Small Body of Still Water (Dietmar Fill, 1977)
A fresh-water pond looks lifeless until examined closely through the microscope. This film studies such a pond and shows in detail the life cycle of a frog. ... Read more

A TIME TO LOVE (Ebrahim Forouzesh, 2008)
The biggest hurdle Babak faces isn't his disability, but gaining acceptance in his own family. ... Babak is bright and creative, but his physical disability leads his own father to see him as a burde… Read more

A Woman for the Winter (Manuel Fleche, 1988)
A young woman returns to her family in the country, on the death of her mother. Tension remains between herself, her elder sister and their father ... A brilliantly observed short drama. ... - Winner… Read more

ABOUT ELLY (Asghar Farhadi, 2009)
“A seamless piece of ensemble filmmaking.” - Tribeca Film Festival jury ... From within the straightjacket of a highly controlled film industry, Iranian visionary Asghar Farhadi (The Beautiful Ci… Read more

ABOUT THE WHITE BUS (John Fletcher, 1968)
The White Bus was a 45-minute dramatic film directed by Lindsay Anderson and starring Shelagh Delaney. John Fletcher has been a friend and colleague of Anderson since they worked together in the "Fre… Read more

Adolescence (Vladimir Forgency, 1965)
Sonia takes ballet lessons with the Princess Troubetzkoy. One day, she auditions for a ballet company, but another girl gets the job. So, Sonia goes back to the Princess to continue her studies. ... Read more

Agam And . . . (Warren Forma, 1980)
Kinetic artist Yaacov Agam uses the words "sharing", "participating", "dialoguing" in reference to his art. His aim is to have people communicate with one another, and with or through his art. ... Read more

AH YING (Allen Fong, 1983)
Ah Ying is a 22-year-old woman, living in squalid conditions and working at the family fish stall at Hong Kong's bustling market. Eventually, through her attendance at drama classes, she is able to m… Read more

ALIENS AMONG US? (Densey Clyne, Jim Frazier, 1975)
The lives of Australian spiders are filmed entirely in close-up. The egg-sac making, the emergence of the young, predatory techniques, mating procedures are shown in remarkable detail. ... Read more

A transsexual Cinderella story. ... Raquela Rios has a dream: to make it all the way to Paris, to meet her Prince Charming and to settle down into a life of luxury. But Paris is a long way from the s… Read more

Amelia Rose Towers (Jackie Farkas, 1992)
Amelia Rose Towers — whose initials spell ART — faces off against an adversary whose initials spell MAN, after passmg through sur­realist chambers and screens offering images of a per… Read more

ANGELS OF THE UNIVERSE (Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, 1999)
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Icelandic director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson blurs the line between sanity and madness, casting doubt on how we come to decide which is which. Paul is living a well-ad… Read more

Animated Genesis (Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes, 1952)
An allegory of the creation of the world and man's enslavement by the machine, motivated by Greed, personified as an enormous and menacing spider. The spider is eventually overthrown by the intervent… Read more

ANNA (Zoltan Fabri, 1958)
Anna, an innocent, timid, village girl of 17, becomes maid to a wealthy Budapest family. In her loneliness and desire for affection she is beguiled by a young dandy &ndash: nephew of her hysterical m… Read more

Anna Spud (Edward Foster, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

Antartida (Jen Jacques Flori, 1971)
The Antarctic is a continent from another planet. But its fantastic world of snow, rock and ice is already being invaded by man and his machines. ... Read more

Apple Pie (Isabelle Favez, 2005)
The delightful tale of a butcher, a baker, a hunter, a dog, a cat, an apple pie and a series of misunderstandings. Simple animation and wicked humour make this a gem. ... ---D/S Isabelle Favez P Rued… Read more

Ark (Rolf Forsberg, 1970)
In this cautionary tale about pollution, a man tries to preserve life in and around a small pond, by enclosing it in a glass house. ... Read more

ASPHALT NIGHT (Peter Fratzcher, 1980)
The story of a night in Berlin. The story of an encounter. The story of a song. The meeting of two generations. The film opens with the group MC 5 playing Kick Out the Jams, one of the political hymn… Read more

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