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SAINT CLARA (Ori Sivan, Ari Folman, 1995)
... ... Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Salaam Cinema is the Iran director/activist's typically offbeat tribute to a century of cinema. Such is the popularity o… Read more

Salt- Beyond The Walls (Michael Angus & Murray Fredericks, 2009)
A man left alone in the overwhelmingly beautiful and alien flatness of Lake Eyre, with nothing but the horizon. And salt. ... --- D Michael Angus & Murray Fredericks P/S Michael Angus S Michael Angus… Read more

Scarabus (Gérald Frydman, 1971)
Under the rule of a mysterious power, Scarabus.,a strange city is inhabited by a populace made up by identical persons. All attempts to find out more about Scarabus than his name, are met with failur… Read more

School of Paris - Five Artists at Work (Warren Forma, 1963)
Vignettes of five contemporary artists at work in Paris: Dewasne, Di Teana, Hartung, Fruhtrunk and Weibuch. ... Diploma Speciale, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

Sculpture/Sculptures (J. Felicioli, 1988)
A hommage to sculptural art lovers, in the Marcelin 'Peynet' trend. ... Read more

SEACOAL (Amber Films, 1985)
Lying somewhere between the naturalism of Mike Leigh and the working class concerns of Ken Loach, Seacoal, a unique collaborative project, is an astonishing doco-drama that demolishes the lines betwe… Read more

SECONDS (John Frankenheimer, 1966)
Rich, conservative, and middle-aged, Arthur Hamilton is jolted out of the routine of life by an extraordinary telephone call from a bizarre organization which offers him a chance to buy himself a new… Read more

Selve, One of Many (Safi Faye, )
Selve has eight children. While her husband is looking for work, she has to cope with all the problems on her own. She wishes for a better future for their children. ... Read more

SHADOWMAN (Georges Franju, 1974)
The Man Without A Face is a daring criminal who can assume disguises as readily as Sherlock Holmes. No-one knows what he really looks like, not even the woman who loves him and is his partner in crim… Read more

Short Vision (Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes, 1954)
Deals with the end of the world. The vision is of atomic destruction. The "Thing" suddenly appears, but whether people see it or are asleep they perish. ... Read more

Silver Screen (Thorsten Fleisch, 2000)
Around 8,000 different close-ups of dramatically lit. crushed silver paper landscapes fly past in a torrent of highlights and shadows A sharp reammation of film's basic principles with a digitally ma… Read more

SILVERLAKE LIFE: THE VIEW FROM HERE (Tom Joslin, Peter Friedman, 1993)
When Mark Massi and Tom Joslin discovered they both were infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, Tom decided to document the progress of the disease on videotape. Joined by longtime friend Peter Friedman, … Read more

Sink or Swim (Su Friedrich, 1990)
Friedrich's latest film, Sink or Swim, about her difficult relationship with her father, is both precise and wonderfully suggestive, at once readily accessible and dense with allusion, in less than a… Read more

Sky (John Feeney, 1962)
From the height of the Rockies, on the rim of the Alberta plains, the stop-motion camera catches and condenses the spectacle of one day in the life of the sky. ... Read more

Slag's Place (David Naden, Gwyneth Furdivall, 1965)
A group of children explore a deserted house and its overgrown garden. The story was filmed as it was improvised by children from a London Secondary School. ... Award, Venice Festival. ... Read more

SLAVES OF THE LORD (Hadar Friedlich, 2002)
Slaves of the Lord, straight from Directors' Fortnight in Cannes this year, is the highly anticipated new work from the director of the short film Grief (Winner Grand Prix, MIFF 2001). Bresson-like i… Read more

Sleep City (Enrique Rodriguez Fernandez, 2005)
Full of mystery and expectation, this contemplation of place is unsettling.---D/S Enrique Rodrigues, Moncho Fernandez P Rocio Cabrera WS El Ojo del Caracol L no dialogue TD video/col/2005/10mins ... Read more

Bahman Farmanara, an Iranian film director, has not been allowed to work by the Post-Revolutionary Censor Board for the past 20 years. Somewhat in desperation, he accepts an assignment from Japanese … Read more

SNAKES AND LADDERS (Mitzi Goldman, Trish FitzSimons, 1987)
In a public library, Sophia discovers an antiquarian volume called Snakes And Ladders. Through its pages she meets nine women between the ages of 16 and 92 who talk about their personal experience of… Read more

Snow (Dustin Feneley, 2005)
Benjamin lives with his apathetic father in a remote, alpine setting, experimenting with the fine line between life and death. When Benjamin's test goes wrong, his father is forced to awaken from his… Read more

Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (Ken Fairbairn, 1955)
A documentary concerning an engine caught in a snowdrift and its release after a five-day battle by the rescue squad. ... Read more

Snub TV (Brenda Kelly, Peter Fowler, 1987)
An alternative MTV music magazine produced in London for a US cable network (!) Snub TV features interviews with musicians, indy record company reps, D.J.s, record producers etc. and clips you won't … Read more

Soft Words (Adrian Francis, 2006)
Soft Words Australia In 1946, George Orwell wrote about the misuse of language for political gain. Sixty years on, the Howard government has mastered it. ... D/S Adrian Francis P Steve Thomas WS Vic… Read more

Solo Talent (Andreas Fischer, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

The relationship between Anna and Robert, and Vietnam. Love and war are two points in a system of coordinates. Vietnam is seemingly very distant. Through pictures and their work, Anna and Robert let … Read more

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