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THE CLOWNS (Federico Fellini, 1970)
Clowns, freaks, circuses have been consistently recurring facets of Fellini films from La Strada through 8 1/2 to Satyricon. Now Fellini has given bent to his creative sympathies and made The Clowns,… Read more

The Contestant (David Franklin, 2002)
Danny is about to appear on a quiz show. Despite having a Palestinian wife, he is more interested in regurgitating trivia than in the unfolding events in the Middle East. When he inadvertently insult… Read more

The Double (Ken Feingold, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Elysian Bus (Michael Forlong, 1952)
An amusing story of five people who discover one another in an unknown situation in a heavy fog. ... Read more

THE EMPEROR'S BAKER (Martin Fric, 1952)
This lavishly mounted and richly decorated Czech colour film is a blending of many diverse elements - fantasy, legend, satire and even political allegory. The film is linked with the Czech theatre th… Read more

The End (Manfred Breuersbrock, Wolfgang Dresler, Dieter Fietzke, 1986)
The last hours of a cinema that just before contact with the wrecker experiences the glitter of an old-time movie premiere one last time. But the nostalgia trip is constantly undercut, and the film c… Read more

The Face of Lincoln (Edward Freed, 1955)
Sculptor Merrell Gage, from a mass of clay, sculpts the head of Lincoln, and as time and events affect the life of the great man, the artist deepens the hollow cheeks, the lines and furrows of the cl… Read more

THE FUNERAL (Abel Ferrara, 1996)
Bronx hard man Abel Ferrara has obsessively chronicled New York's criminal underbelly. Strip club low-lifes, corrupt cops and murderous mobsters - these are the central figures in Ferrara's neon-lit … Read more

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR (Christine Fugate, 1999)
The Girl Next Door is an eye-popping expose of the contemporary porn industry told through the eyes of award-winning (yes, there are Porn Oscars) actress, Stacy Valentine. With abundant pathos, irony… Read more

THE HANGING GARDEN (Thom Fitzgerald, 1997)
On his sister's wedding day, Sweet William returns to his rural Nova Scotian home after a ten year absence. He left as an obese, unhappy and closeted teenager; now he's a thin attractive and openly g… Read more

THE HIRED HAND (Peter Fonda, 1971)
Harry Collings (Peter Fonda) walks out on his wife (Verna Bloom) to become a drifter. After several aimless years of wandering the sagebrush with his saddle-pal Arch Harris (Warren Oates), he returns… Read more

The Illustrated Auschwitz (Jackie Farkas, 1992)
An illustrated recording of a survivor's testi­mony. ... Read more

THE IRON HORSE (John Ford, 1924)
The “Iron Horse", about the transcontinental track-laying ... race between the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific, is one of the finest of the epic westerns, and greatly influenced ... subsequen… Read more

THE JAR (Ebrahim Foruzesh, 1992)
... ... Gently humorous, with the pleasing simplicity of a fable, The Jar seems an unlikely candidate for the harsh censorship that saw it banned in its own country for three years. Yet director Ebra… Read more

THE JUCHE IDEA (Jim Finn, 2008)
“An outrageously funny study of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's theories on moviemaking.” - Variety ... The irony in Kim Il-sung's ideology of Juche (pronounced ‘choo-chay') - the independe… Read more

THE KEY (Ebrahim Forouzesh, 1987)
Written by featured director at last year's festival, Abbas Kiarostami, Ebrahim Forouzesh's first feature The Key is a deliciously entertaining comic drama that will appeal to all with its inventive … Read more

The Last To Know (Bonnie Friedman, 1982)
This moving film about four women ... from different economic backgrounds ... shows how alcohol and prescribed drugs ... affect all aspects of their lives - from ... their work situations , to their … Read more

Hero worship such as film actors enjoy is of itself not a phenomenon peculiar to our times. Gladiators in Rome provoked public ardour quite as intense. But save in the case of a very few film actors,… Read more

The Legend Of The Wanganui River (John Feeny, 1951)
Views of the Wanganui River from its source to the sea illustrate the ancient ... Maori legend of how the river was carved by Taranaki's journey in the long and distant past. ... Read more

The Life and Death of 9413 - a Hollywood Extra (Robert Florey, 1928)
One of the earliest of experimental films produced in America showing the influence of the expressionistic technique. The film was produced as a private venture by a group of film technicians &ndash:… Read more

Touching on three decades of history, the film chronicles the brief career and sudden eclipse of Rosie the Riveter — symbol of millions of women who worked in the skilled industrial trades duri… Read more

THE LIGHT PUSH BUTTON (Rinaldo Funari, 1985)
An anthology of the best independent Italian computer graphics produced for the Camenno Festival. 1985 Contributions from Colorfactory, Paolo Uliana and Computer Graphics Europe. ... Read more

The Little Chaos (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1966)
No synopsis available ... Read more

The Living Stone (J. Feeney, 1958)
During one hard winter. Milliaksi. the Eskimo. carved a stone image of Miniachuk. the goddess of the sea, who controls the seals. The magic works, and the summer brings seals, food and joy to the peo… Read more

In his most personal film, Mike Figgis has created a beautiful and multilayered work. The Loss of Sexual Innocence is a complex, yet powerfully emotive film with a segmented structure overarched by p… Read more

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