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Third Sam (Kenneth Fairbairn, 1962)
Stanley Holloway tells a cautionary tale about the three sides of an engine driver's character when his electric locomotive fails. ... Read more

This Way Up (Smith & Foulkes, 2008)
Two undertakers maintain their solemn countenance in spite of the obstacles confronting them. Australian premiere. --- D/S Smith and Foulkes P/WS Nexus Productions TD DigiBeta/2007/8mins ... Read more

THIS WINDOW IS YOURS (Tomoyuki Furumaya, 1994)
Tomoyuki Furumaya's first feature is quite unlike other recent Japanese movies about teenagers. For one thing, its about romantic longings rather than sex. For another, its tone is sensual rather tha… Read more

THOMAS THE IMPOSTOR (Georges Franju, 1965)
During the war of 1914, the Princess de Bormes organises an ambulance service to the front. She is aided by the young Thomas de Fontenoy, who manages to get the necessary authorisations on account of… Read more

Thorvaldsen (Carl Theodor Dreyer, Preben Frank, 1949)
One of the most visually inventive films on art. By the combined movements of statue, camera, and background, a view of the entire work and then close-ups, the development of an idea from a drawing t… Read more

Three Wide Angles (Anthony Foot, 1987)
It's often said that 'three's a crowd", however three elements, three legs (tripod) three angles etc. offer the lowest common standard of stability. ... Three - The Passenger (trailer) ; My Son is Ba… Read more

To the People of the World (Anon, 1975)
A report on the human rights situation and the conditions of political prisoners in Chile since the coup in 1973, featuring personal accounts from two women ex-prisoners and fresh documentary materia… Read more

Toilette (Joan Freeman, 1976)
A clay animation portrait of a woman who is unable to make up her mind about who she really is or wants to be. ... First Prize for First Film, International Animated Film Festival. ... Read more

TOLL OF THE SEA (Chester M. Franklin, 1922)
TOLL OF THE SEA complements the screening at this year's festival of BECKY SHARP, the cinema's first three-colour::.;..: Technicolor feature. TOLL OF THE SEA is the first two-colour Technicolor featu… Read more

TRICK (Jim Fall, 1999)
Gabriel, a composer struggling to make a living in New York, is picked up on the subway one night by Mark, a hunky go-go dancer Adonis from the local cruise joint. The trouble is, the two of them can… Read more

TROUBLE THE CALM (David Fox, 1989)
An essay film which explores questions of national identity as constructed by critical views of Irish history on one hand, and the new formulations of national identity for Ireland in the interests o… Read more

TWO LIONS IN THE SUN (Claude Faraldo, 1980)
Paul and Rene, two men in their forties. weary with life. One. a widower, has a 23 year-old daughter who hopes to become an actress The other is divorced and pays alimony to his ex-wife. ... They liv… Read more

UNmarked (Justin Foo, )
Is there any place for imperfection in a perfect world' UNmarked is the story of a misprinted papergirl struggling to find acceptance in world with no margin for error. This remarkable student film w… Read more

VERONIKA VOSS (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1982)
The sports reporter, Robert Krohn, meets by chance the ex-UFA star, Veronika Voss, still an attractive and extremely interesting woman. Fascinated by her personality and charm, he is determined to se… Read more

Visages de Femmes (Peter Foldes, 1970)
This cartoon film presents portraits of three women in the characteristic Foldes style: ... Sibylle, the psychedelic woman ... Flora, the flower woman ... Bilitis, the happy woman. ... Read more

WALK ON WATER (Eytan Fox, 2004)
Walk on Water (Lalecet al Hamaim) IsraelEyal is a successful intelligence officer working for Mossad, the Israeli secret service. After eliminating an Hamas leader, his next assignment is to track do… Read more

WALTZ WITH BASHIR (MA15+) (Ari Folman, 2008)
We may forget the past, but the past won't forget us.Director Art Folman's animated documentary was surprisingly passed over for a prize in this year's Cannes competition; for many viewers the audaci… Read more

WHITE DOG (Samuel Fuller, 1981)
From a story by Romain Gary White. Actress Julie Sawyer takes in a very attractive German Shepherd after having accidentally injured the dog with her car Julie grows very attached to the animal, and … Read more

Wild Highlands (Ian Ferguson, 1961)
Ardnamurchan. a mountainous peninsula on the coast of Argyll, is the location of some outstanding colour photography. The film includes unusual shots of the sea loch, wild birds and the highlands. ... Read more

Wire (Mark Freeman, 1987)
A short gush from Chelgo Fronx. The whole thing is held together by wire. ... Read more

With Gentle Majesty (W. Fitzwater, 1962)
The film recalls the hey-day of hte working horse at the turn of the century, and reflects on the decreasing number used today. The title is from Shakespeare's lines: "Sometimes he trots, as if he to… Read more

WORLD ON A WIRE (1973) (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1973)
“There are movies that make news and movies that are news. World on a Wire is one of the latter.” - Village Voice ... R.W. Fassbinder's epic, made-for-TV, science fiction mystery has been screene… Read more

Wrestling (Michel Brault, Marcel Carrière, Claude Jutra, Claude Fournier, 1961)
A candid camera report on a bout at the Montreal Forum where the star wrestlers play to the house and the fans are not above lending a hand themselves. ... Read more

yb box- SHOW ME A STORY (Liu Feng, 2008)
All people are born with their own distinct rhythm; three of China's best beatboxers are about to share theirs. ... --- D Liu Feng P Kerli Teo, Angie Wong, Liu Xiaoming S WS Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai… Read more

YOSSI & JAGGER (Eytan Fox, 2002)
Yossi and Jagger are officers in the Israeli army, serving mandatory army service, stationed on a remote military base on the border with Lebanon. The two men are lovers, hiding their affair from the… Read more

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