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4 Km (Juan-Antonio Gamero, 1981)
A young man jogs before going to work. One day, during the 4 km jog, his monotonous life astonishingly changes and curious things start happening. ... Read more

6 : 14.2 (Anton Gottsdanker, 1968)
The animation of stills breathes life into this ballet of long distance running. ... Read more

9 SQUARE METRES FOR TWO (Joseph Cesarini, Jimmy Glasberg, 2005)
“There are lots of theories about how to reduce crime but showing 9 Square Meters for Two to youngsters might be a good place to start.” - Variety ... The result of a remarkable experiment, 9 Squ… Read more

A BOMB WAS STOLEN (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1961)
This is an engaging burlesque on the struggle for atomic power, and includes a number of penetrating and amusing side-swipes at the customs of the West. Set in an unidentified country, it tells of a … Read more

A CRUDE AWAKENING - THE OIL CRASH (Ray McCormack, Basil Gelpke, 2006)
Oil drives the world economy. It is responsible for countless products in our every day lives, is the basis on most industry and transport, and it is running out - perhaps sooner than we might imagin… Read more

A Dream Comes True (J. Geesink, 1955)
In this puppet film, a farmer's dream leads him to heaven via the Milky Way where his cans of milk provide an "open sesame" at the Gates and win him a Star of Honour. Hurrah for milk. ... Read more

A Goal in Life (Radivoj Gvozdanović, 1979)
A stream of demonstrators carrying placards and flags moves purposefully across the screen from right to left. There is only one man walking in the opposite direction carrying a flag. ... Read more

A HUNGARIAN FAIRY TALE (Gyula Gazdag, 1987)
Hungarian fairy tales always begin, "It was and it wasn't", and the spirit of the fairy tale is never far away in Gyula Gazdag's allegorical story of a young boy in search of his father ... Young And… Read more

A LA PLACE DU COEUR (Robert Guediguian, 113)
"... A poetic and upbeat celebration of the quiet beauty in unremarkable lives... wonderfully shot and edited with a vivid sense of place and an immensely appealing cast, A la Place du Coeur is a tou… Read more

A Line is a Line is a Line (Urs Graf, Marlies Graf, 1971)
Continuous disintegration of the content leads back to the medium— the line. Experiencing the medium as a medium helps to find the way from the surface to the message (other lines, pictures or … Read more

A LUCKY DAY (Sandra Gugliotta, 2001)
The setting is present-day Buenos Aires, a city in the throes of social unrest over escalating unemployment, poverty and political corruption. Elsa is a fun-loving 25-year-old, who holds down a coupl… Read more

A Place in the Sun (Constantine Giannaris, 1994)
Athens has changed over the past few years. The neighbouring nations came to town when the curtain came down... Albanians, Romanians and others... but hey, that's life in the Balkans. Faraway neighbo… Read more

A Poem (Dina Giddio, 1991)
Set to a poem, this animation maps out the emotional impact of a failed relationship in the animator's life. (AA) ... Read more

A PRICELESS DAY (Peter Gothar, 1979)
Iren Zemann is a 30 -year-old kindergarten teacher. Her senior post, her shared apartment, and a lover, a man with a family — these are the boundaries within which her life is following its cou… Read more

A Shadow on the Wall Opposite (Bruno Gamulin, 1970)
A boiler explodes in a factory and the night watchman is killed. The film tries to re-create — as far as it is possible — the man's experience. ... Read more

A Sort of Fresh Grass Scent (Fabienne Godet, 1994)
The scent of betrayal and revenge laces the emotional air between two cellmates and the woman they both love A spiders web of deceit is finely rendered. (JS) ... Read more

A Spy in the House that Ruth Built (Vanalyne Green, 1989)
A female baseball fan examines her obsession with the game, along psycho-sexual lines. Vanalyne Green appropriates the all-male arena of pro baseball to create an hilarious visual essay about family,… Read more

A TIME FOR DRUNKEN HORSES (Bahman Ghobadi, 2000)
Like the horses forced to travel the mountain in an involuntary state of intoxication, the children of this film have no recourse but to follow those who promise salvation. High in the mountains of I… Read more

A Year at the Middelheim (Frédéric Geilfus, 1962)
Against the changing backdrop of deciduous trees, the film exhibits the sculptures in the open air museum of Middelheim in Antwerp. ... Read more

ACLÀ (Aurelio Grimaldi, 1992)
Acla is a harrowing yet lyrical film whichtranscends the genre of social realism and the workers' epic, attaining the heights of almost operatic beauty. Illuminated with incandescent imagery and stun… Read more

Act of God (Peter Greenaway, 1980)
An investigation of lightning as an arbitrary intervention in people's lives with devastating consequences. ... Read more

Adventures in Perception (Han Van Gelder, 1971)
M. L. Escher, the Dutch graphic artist, is a man of international repute. His work is not only highly valued by art-lovers, but also by scientists, who find his drawings perfect illustrations of thei… Read more

AEROPLANE DANCE (Trevor Graham, 1994)
On December 1,1942, a US airforce bomber crashed in the south-east corner of the Gulf of Carpenteria after a bombing raid over New Guinea. Four of the crew survived and, thinking they were near Cairn… Read more

Age Before Beauty (Sarah Gibson, 1980)
Age Before Beauty presents a positive ... view of ageing and being old. It shows ... older women exercising and dancing, ... ageing before your eyes, in a sexual ... encounter in their seventies, cho… Read more

Agnes, Maude & Pearly Too (Erica Glynn, 1999)
On this day, in loving memory of Pearly, Agnes and Maude play a game on Pearly's favourite poker machine. But when they hit the jackpot, money isn't the only thing that comes spilling out. The gaudy … Read more

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