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THE LUZHIN DEFENCE (Marleen Gorris, 2000)
Adapted from Vladimir Nabokov's novel, The Luzhin Defence tells the story of a chess Grand Master who arrives at a sumptuous Italian resort to play the match of his life. Luzhin (John Turturro) is a … Read more

The Making of “Monsters” (John Greyson, 1991)
Bertolt Brecht is a catfish and Lotte Lenya's a black lesbian docomaker in this wild and crazy all singing, all dancing musical satire, on the set of "Monsters", a telemovie about gay-bashing from Ca… Read more

The Making of Life (Nat Greenblatt, 1967)
A film about the production resources of Life magazine. ... Read more

THE MAMBO KINGS (Arne Glimcher, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Man from Sothebys (William Brayne, Roger Graef, 1964)
An introduction to the fabulous world of fine art. The drama of the salesroom, the hunt for new masterpieces, the assiduous cultivation of top clients are seen as we follow the chairman of Sothebys a… Read more

The Mary Stuart Tapes (John Gillies, 1999)
Director John Gillies places Schiller's Mary Stuart (1800) in a contemporary context. Stalking through inner Sydney streets, she is an interminably wandering, banished, displaced ghost, beamed mischi… Read more

The Men in the Park (George Geertsen, 1971)
A novel animation film showing a tranquil oasis in the big city, where those not involved in its life find a place to sit and watch the world go by. Sketched in heavy pencil, many of the figures actu… Read more

The Missing One (Razmik Grigorian, 1983)
It is he year 1922. A British solider who has been fighting on the Ottoman front, has been wounded, captured, imprisoned and tortured ...Has witnessed destruction, barbarism, massacres, inhumanity of… Read more

The Musical Pig (Zlatko Grgić, 1969)
A cartoon about an unusual pig which can sing. Alas, his public does not appreciate him, and he remains a misunderstood artist to the end of his days. ... Read more

The Painted Princess (Pooh Gaye, 1994)
Writing last year for The Village Voice Ellen Cohn described Pooh Kaye adding " paint to her hyperactive interactive cast—animating swirls and strokes of gorgeous gut-grabbing colour with wit a… Read more

The Perfect Cup (Sue Sarah Gilbert, 1984)
This film is a fable about about a man whose life revolves around is meticulous quest for the perfect cup of coffee. In the end, just as he obliged to give up coffee for health reasons, he attains th… Read more

The Picture (Radivoj Gvozdanović, 1974)
The consequences of hanging one's own portrait on the wall... ... Read more

THE PLACE FOR NO STORY (Philip Greene, 1973)
Filmed almost entirely from a helicopter and without commentary, this documentary records California's panoramic and awesome beauty, from the State's dramatic coastline to its varied countryside. ... Read more

THE PORTUGUESE NUN (Eugène Green, 2009)
Fate and the metaphysical intervene in the life of a lost actress. ... A film-within-a-film is the catalyst for life-changing events in this homage to prolific filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira from Eug&#… Read more

The Prayer (Gvozdanović, 1972)
The prayer of a doomed man is answered. ... Read more

THE PRINCES (Tony Gatlif, 1983)
Les Princes is an exceptional first feature by someone who never expected to be allowed to make a film. "I must thank the French system which makes an allocation of money on the basis of the script a… Read more

The Punter (Ivan Gaal, 1978)
A pithy portrait of a small punter. ... Read more

The Quinkins (Paul R Gagne, 1982)
A group of Aborigines combined their talents to create the pictures and sounds of this traditional tale of conflict between the Imnins and the Timaras in Dreamtime. The story of the Quinkins is an Ab… Read more

The Rainmakers (M. Graham, 1962)
The story of rainmaking experiments in Australia conducted by the C.S.I.R.O. Australian Film Awards, Documentary Section, Special Award "for scientific photography". ... Read more

The Red Arrows (John Edwards, Arthur Gibson, 1968)
Formation flying and aerobatics by the famous R.A.F. squadron are rapidly edited and coupled with a pulsating sound track to create an exciting experience. ... Read more

The Redwoods (Trevor Greenwood, 1967)
Sequoia Sempervirens, the giant everlasting redwood, is a link with the age of the dinosaurs. But the future of these trees is threatened. This film, a tribute to nature's awesome power to create, is… Read more

The Rise and Fall of Emily Sprod (Bob Godfrey, 1964)
Emily Sprod is a vigorously amorous lady who emerges from a sculptor's block and pursues her creator. ... Read more

The Ruthless One (Douglas Gordon, 1956)
Dealing with the Desert Locust, the film shows the development of the insect from mating, egg laying, hatching and growth into destructive swarms. Counter measures in suppressing the pest are shown. ... Read more

The Seven Arts (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1958)
A cartoon review of the evolution of ideas. Man invents the seven arts - drawing and sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature, dance, music, and cinema. ... Read more

The Shepherd (Cameron Guess, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

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