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The Story of the Timna Copper Mines (N. Gross, 1960)
Copper is being mined today by modern methods on the same site where King Solomon's famous mines were operated by slaves in Biblical times. ... Read more

THE TAO OF STEVE (Jenniphr Goodman, 2000)
Ten years after graduation, Dex has gained a few pounds. Friends who come across him at a college reunion wonder what became of the chopper ridin' lady killer they remember from University. But make … Read more

The Thieving Magpie (Giulio Gianini, 1964)
A witty and wholly enchanting adaptation of Rossini's overture; a legendary fairy tale of three kings, who declare war on the birds in the forest. ... First Prize, Bergamo Festival; Prize, Milan Fest… Read more

THE THIRD (Egon Günther, 1971)
Margit is in her thirties, has two children and no husband. Flash­backs provide us with information about her past aflfairs-with the Church, with a professor who left her pregnant, and with a bli… Read more

The Verdict of the Rational in the Face of the Absurd (Damien Grant, 1990)
How could it be resolved? There is no solution, no answer - no conflict. It is here, it is here. A facile facade of indifference looks back and asks: Are these faces? Are these faces? ... Read more

The Wicked Hedgehog (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1959)
In this cartoon the vain hedgehog is unkind to the other animals in the forest, but he receives his just reward when he gets involved in a difficult situation. ... Read more

THE WILD DUCK (Hans W. Geissendörfer, 1976)
The revival of interest in Ibsen's 'Wild Duck' is demonstrated by the production of the play in West Berlin, by Ingmar Bergman, and in East Berlin, at the Volksbuhne. A British-Norwegian film version… Read more

THE WIND JOURNEYS (Ciro Guerra, 2009)
“For centuries we've asked ourselves: What keeps us apart? Now is time to ask what brings us together.” - filmmaker Ciro Guerra ... Carrying a cursed piano-accordion said to be stolen from the de… Read more

The Wolf (Obrad Gluscevic, 1962)
An unforgettable study of a ferocious battle fought between the inhabitants of a Macedonian village and a blood thirsty wolf. ... Read more

THE WORLD OF GILBERT AND GEORGE (Gilbert & George, 1981)
Internationally-known performing artists, Gilbert & George, have produced their first film. Since 1968, they have worked as sculptors, making living sculptures, photo-pieces. drawings, paintings, vid… Read more

Then the Rain (Ramesh Gupta, 1969)
The moods of the parched land before the monsoon, the gathering of the clouds, then the bursting of the rain, is depicted in telling visuals and suitably selected ragas. ... Read more

There are no Blue Mice (Klaus Georgi, 1957)
The Sunday walk of the mice family and their meeting a little blue mouse. An amusing little cartoon on a serious theme - the effect of the colour bar. ... Read more

Piano virtuoso Glenn Gould, one of this century's most enigmatic musicians, had all the marks of musical genius - blinding talent, a craving for perfection and an obsession with the idea of disembodi… Read more

TIDELAND (Terry Gilliam, 2005)
“American Gothic Alice in Wonderland in which Alice is the logorrheic offspring of two flaming junkies and Wonderland is a pair of derelict Midwestern farmhouses seemingly furnished by Wisconsin ca… Read more

Time After Time (Michael Gutman, 1990)
A comic tale about Helmut Kohl whose main problem is his name - it's the same as the German Chancellor's. Helmut's other problem is the name Simone which the more he tries to forget, the more he hear… Read more

TO A CERTAIN POINT (Tomás Gutiérrez-Alea, 1983)
A writer preparing the screenplay for a film about machismo in modern Cuba conducts his research amongst the waterside ... workers in Havana. He expects to find there a contradiction between masculin… Read more

From the director of Mabo—Life of an Island Man, the producer of Picnic at langing Rock and based on the famous opera by Puccini, Tosca: A Tale of Love and Torture is a documentary like no othe… Read more

Touch My Lips (Jim Garrard, 1990)
Jim Garrard's "Touch My Lips", offers an internationally ludicrous take on obsessions. A woman who once kissed Elvis Presley finds he has ruined her taste for other men, except Elvis imitators (see a… Read more

Traces (N. Ghazarian, 1978)
The surreal world of a man caught within traces of his experience: reality becomes subverted by a dream. ... Read more

Transitive Four (John Goff, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Treadle and Bobbin (W. Galentine, 1954)
The treadle sewing machine stars in this rhythmic and imaginatively photographed film. A distinguished visual analysis of moving parts, well exploited for beauty and interest and notable for its fres… Read more

A self-described anti-mogul of the music industry, indie record producer, Long Gone John has single-handedly released over 750 records in the past 17 years through his label, Sympathy for the Record … Read more

“There are as many different kinds of people in this orchestra as you can imagine. And each one of them is looking for something that fits. We are on a quest for harmony.” - principal conductor S… Read more

Tsipa and Volf (Daniel Gamburg, 2001)
Tsipa and Volf met dunng WWII. Both widowed, they mar­ried, migrated and started a new family built on a shared understanding ol loss. Now, Alzheimer's Ihreatens their union. A moving, honest acc… Read more

Tulip (Rachel Griffiths, 1997)
Australian actress Rachel Griffiths proves that she can create magic from either side of the camera. Tulip is the story of William, a man who has just lost his wife of 45 years, and his relationship … Read more

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