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TURTLES CAN FLY (Bahman Ghobadi, 2004)
The remarkable and deeply moving [Turtles Can Fly] puts director Bahman Ghobadi ([A Time for Drunken Horses]) firmly into the ranks of the world's finest filmmakers. Telling the story of four childre… Read more

Two Off the Cuff (Bob Godfrey, 1968)
Two short Bob Godfrey cartoons on the general theme of man's inability to communicate with his fellows. ... In Masks, the hypocrisy of human pretence is illustrated by comically using some well-known… Read more

Uluru (Michael Glasheen, 1977)
A room: empty except for a chair and a clock on the wall. There is one other object in the room: a small wooden box on the floor beside the chair. A succession of people enter the room, each seeing a… Read more

UNCUT (John Greyson, 1997)
John Greyson, acclaimed Canadian director of Lilies (MIFF 97) and AIDS musical Zero Patience (1993), embraces a more experimental - though eminently accessible - style with Uncut. The scene is Ottawa… Read more

Under One Roof (Lewis Gilbert, 1949)
Synopsis not available Read more

under the city (Adam Golomb, 2005)
After four years hard time in the slammer, Nate Maycott is determined to rebuild his family life and maintain his freedom. He wouldn't have done time at all if he had simply paid off the police like … Read more

UNDERTOW (David Gordon Green, 2004)
"David Gordon Green goes Southern gothic. John (Dermot Mulroney) lives in the Georgia backwoods with his two boys - teenage Chris (Jamie Bell) and tiny Tim who sometimes wears a pilgrim hat and compu… Read more

UNITED 93 (Paul Greengrass, 2006)
“Greengrass's movie is tightly wrapped, minutely drawn, and, no matter how frightening, superbly precise… Stunning.” - The New Yorker On 11 September 2001, the world witnessed the hijackin… Read more

Up the Neck or Bodybuilding (Alexandre Goutman, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

VARIETY (Bette Gordon, 1925)
In 1925 two German films in particular had immediate and widespread influence on motion picture technique: Variety, which showed that the camera could be put to outstanding uses, and The Last Laugh, … Read more

Variety (Bette Gordon, 1981)
The film reverses the roles of and conventions of traditional cinema by confronting representations of sexuality and male/female desire directly, while not abandoning the pleasure(s) of narrative inh… Read more

Veiled Ambition (Celeste Geer, 2006)
Ambitious and outspoken, Frida is as Aussie as they come and she wears a headscarf. Selling American imported evening wear in Melbourne's Muslim heartland in Frida's Boutique anything is possible. ..… Read more

VENGO (Tony Gatlif, 2000)
"A cry, a chant, a hymn to life, to love, to mourning and the price of blood," is how Tony Gatlif describes his latest feature, a beautifully brooding tale of a monumental feud between two warring cl… Read more

Versailles I & II (Chris Garratt, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

VIDEO FOOL FOR LOVE (Robert Gibson, 1995)
A man, a video camera, a life! Robert Gib­son's home movies are verite at its most voyeuristic and vertiginous. Since 1983 Gibson has carried a camcorder with him at all times. Repeat-at all time… Read more

VIDEOCRACY (Erik Gandini, 2009)
An exile's view of the decline of Italy's national culture and the man who put the ‘boob' on the tube. ... This riveting illustration of 21st century media Fascism begins in the 1970s with a TV qui… Read more

Vincent Van Gogh: A Self Portrait (Ray Garner, 1961)
This feature length film, in colour, traces the life of the artist from his birthplace in Zundert, Holland, to Auvers in France, where he died. The "self portrait" title is derived from the fact that… Read more

WACO: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (William Gazecki, 1997)
Not since Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (MIFF 1996), has a documentary delved so deeply, thoroughly and compellingly into an incident thought closed by most. Director William G… Read more

WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (Christopher Guest, 1996)
Christopher Guest - central to This Is Spinal Tap as the bard in blonde bangs, Nigel Tuffnal - directed, starred in and scripted Waiting For Guffman. It boasts the same hysterical improv/mockumentary… Read more

WAITING FOR THE MOON (Jill Godmilow, 1987)
Of the legendary relationship between Gertrude Stein and Alice Boyd Toklas, Thornton Wilder, wrote that "Alice was merely the dragon protecting the treasure." Waiting for the Moon develops from the e… Read more

WALKIN' ON A CLOUD (Greg Gold, 1979)
The story of a troubled teenager, his brother, a young, striving stand-up comedian, and his brother's friend and mentor - an aging and forgotten vaudevillian. The story is about alcoholism, but also … Read more

Walnut (Amy Gebhardt, 2007)
A lifelong bond between a teenage boy and his dog is coming to an end. Bottled up, his grief becomes a wall that sits between him and the people that he loves. Staying strong can be hard, especially … Read more

Warlord (David Garrett, 2007)
WAn enraged ten-year-old boy flees into the wilderness to start a tribe of his own.--- ... D/S David Garrett P Kaer Vanice TD video/col/2007/10mins ... Read more

Watch the Birdie (Grasshopper Group, 1956)
Cartoon revealing the secret life of the fabulous Ungle-Wunglc Bird. ... Read more

Water Wrackets (Peter Greenaway, 1979)
A commentary on a Tolkienesque civilisation evoked by stunning and mystical lakeland imagery. ... Read more

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