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The Snowline is their Boundary (Oxley Hughan, 1954)
In the lee of New Zealand's Southern Alps the High Country sheep stations have the snowline as their boundary. This film shows something of the difficulty and hard work in the lives of the sheep farm… Read more

The Squeeze (Hilary Harris, 1964)
A dynamic examination of what the population explosion could lead to if it were to continue un-checked. ... First Prize, San Francisco Festival; Special Citation, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

The Storekeeper (Gavin Hood, 1998)
An elderly man owns an isolated general store in rural South Africa. After suffering a series of burglaries which culminate in the murder of a night-watchman the storekeeper finally takes the law int… Read more

The Story of a Concerto (H. J. Hossfeld, 1966)
Within the framework of a rehearsal of the Brahms piano concerto in D minor, with Julius Katchen and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, unfolds the life of Brahms and the history of this concerto. ..… Read more

The Subway (Pierre Hebert, 1985)
This is the ultimate subway experience Drawings etch The ragged outlines of bodies the sound track wails and throbs with elemental force. Hebert took photographs of people. superimposed drawings on t… Read more

THE TALGAI SKULL (Tom Haydon, 1968)
In 1886, in a paddock in Southern Queensland, a fossilised skull was discovered. In 1914, it caused a sensation in scientific circles. But only recently have serious attempts been made to establish i… Read more

The Tall American: Gary Cooper (Donald B. Hyatt, 1963)
N.B.C's memorial to Gary Cooper emerges a com­prehensible and authentic portrait, hewn to a simple theme, that the man who portrayed folk heroes in motion pictures had, himself, become a folk her… Read more

The Theme of an Abstract (Adrian Heinze, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Theory of Achievement (Hal Hartley, 1991)
Everybody on the block wants to be famous, don't they? ... A new short from the director of The Unbelievable Truth and Trust. ... Read more

The Tortoise and the Hare (Hugh Hudson, 1966)
A huge Pirelli lorry and a sports car driven by a dishy blonde are road rivals between Naples and Milan. ... First Prize, Industrial Section, Venice Festival; British Industrial Award. ... Read more

THE TRACKER (Rolf de Heer, 2002)
The Australian outback, 1922... four men relentlessly track a Fugitive, an Aboriginal man accused of murder. Nominally in charge of the expedition is the Fanatic (Gary Sweet), calculating and complex… Read more

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (Alfred Hitchcock, 1956)
The trouble with Harry is that he is dead ... Near a small, picturesque New England town some residents discover a corpse In the course of events it becomes apparent that a few people actually knew t… Read more

Hal Hartley's feature debut takes us back to his native Long Island, where the lovely, 17-year-old Audry Hugo, a nuclearphobic high school senior falls madly in love with a perfectly chiselled auto m… Read more

THE UNKNOWN (Michael Hjorth, 2000)
Echoing films like Evil Dead, The Blair Witch Project and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this Swedish chiller promises to have you thinking twice about a camping holiday. Five researchers are dispat… Read more

THE VALIANT ONES (King Hu, 1974)
The Valiant Ones was made in Taiwan by Chinese film-maker King Hu, who has already directed A Touch of Zen, and The Fate ot Lee Khan. His latest film is set in the sixteenth century. Japanese pirates… Read more

The Viking Ships of Roskilde (Börge Höst, 1964)
A description of the extensive excavations started after the discovery of ships from the Viking age, which had been sunk in the Inlet of Roskilde. ... Read more

THE VOICE OF THE WATER (Bert Haanstra, 1966)
This is a film about the Dutch and their long turbulent marriage with the sea. She has brought pleasure and pain, sport and tragedy. The Dutchman accepts her on her own capricious terms, a friend alr… Read more

The Warhol Nation (Jakob Høgel, 1997)
Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and Andy's family's home town is no exception. Warhol was born in the States and never visited his parents' native soil but the remote Russian village has take… Read more

THE WINCHELL AFFAIR (Avram Heffner, 1979)
A journalist, whose marriage is in some disarray, listens to her father reminiscing about a clique that centred around Lord Winchell who was the victim of a political assassination. She sets out to i… Read more

The Wishbone (Jannik Hastrup, 1971)
A short, animated film, which makes fun of pornography. ... Read more

The Witches (Elizabeth Hobbs, 2002)
Set in the reign of King James VI of Scotland, The Witches tells the story of three unusual women who concoct a plan to save themselves from the threat of witch dunking. An amusing and quirky piece, … Read more

The Zebra Man (Peter Webber, Tom Hareduke, 1992)
Based on the true story of Major Horace Ridler — an English aristocrat who returned from the First World War to 1920s London where he began his transformation into "one of the world's great odd… Read more

This Is A Television Receiver (David Hall, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

THIS IS IT (John Heyer, 1964)
A live variety show designed for the opening of ATV Channel O in Melbourne: Drama and satire in Victorian history. (An excerpt of 20 mins. will be screened). ... Read more

Those Loved By God (Johannes Hammel, 1992)
Taken individually, Albert and Kathi seem tragic, losers, living hopelessly mundane lives on the fringe of society. They are an unlikely pair, Albert the ex-hobo and would-be-entertainer, and Kathi, … Read more

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