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TWO-LANE BACKTOP (Monte Hellman, 1971)
Four lost souls in two archetypal automobiles take to the back roads and endless highways of redneck country. James Taylor (The Driver) and Dennis Wilson (The Mechanic) play a pair of speed motorhead… Read more

U.S.S.R. ART (Barbara Herbich, 1990)
Sothebys July 1988 sale of contemporary Soviet art made US $3million and was a watershed in the opening of Soviet art to the West. Artists who were once hanassed by the KGB now have to face the unfam… Read more

Uno (Aksel Hennie, )
Enter the violent world of petty crims in urban Oslo. Aksel Hennie and Jon Andreas Andersen's remarkable [Uno] is an absorbing tale of courage and conviction, right and wrong, friendship and responsi… Read more

UNRELATED (Joanna Hogg, 2007)
“A brilliantly uncomfortable character study of a woman in her forties still struggling to find her identity.” - The TimesTurning up in the dead of night to her friend's Italian holiday villa wit… Read more

Unusual Ground Floor Conversion (Mark Herman, 1988)
An author rents a flat on the ground floor of an apartment building. Why are the previous tenants so upset? ... Days later - a glance out the window... ... Read more

Up (Mike Hoover, 1984)
Photographed on spectacular locations, UP aims to present a film poem about a hang-glider and his adventures in Alaska, the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas. ... The film follows the hang-glide… Read more

Up and Down (Jan Hrebejk, 2004)
Europe of the new century is a world with strong undertows. In his [Up and Down], Jan Hrebejk takes a darkly comic look at globalisation, xenophobia and changing society through the colliding worlds … Read more

Urbanissimo (John Hubley, Faith Hubley, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Us- TELL ME ANOTHER STORY (Olivier Hems, 2008)
As a policeman searches an apartment, he records his impressions on a dictaphone… ... --- D/S Olivier Hems P Gilles Padovani WS Mille et Une Films L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more

VALENTINE’S DAY (Mike Hoolboom, 1994)
In the near future, Canada is at war with Quebec, battles are determined by TV ratings, and weapons are sponsored by McDonalds and IBM, A skull-masked newscaster reports on the antics of Prime Minist… Read more

VAN DIEMEN'S LAND (Jonathan Auf Der Heide, 2009)
“No man can tell what he will do when driven by hunger.” - Alexander Pearce ... In 1822, eight convicts escape the brutal penal settlement of Macquarie Harbour, only to find the wilds of Tasmania… Read more

... ... In Bernar Hebert's latest, dream-like production, the members of acclaimed Montreal dance troupe Lalala Human Steps-including the astonishingly kinetic Louise Lecavalier—inhabit a fanta… Read more

Vertical (David Hall, 1970)
Made by the sculptor David Hall, this film explores landscape and perception, creating an art object that lies between the surface of the film and the objects placed in the landscape. ... Read more

VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)
The film's source was a novel by the French virtuoso team, Boileau and Narcejac.Although the psychological murder mystery had been written with the director in mind, he never intended to retain more … Read more

Vibrato (Gerald Hagner, 1975)
A nature film, using complex technical devices. ... Read more

Viejo Pascuero (Jean-Baptiste Huber, 1994)
One small and extremely disillusioned boy from Santiago gives Santa Claus a scathing 'what-for' in this post-christmas 'letter'. A humorous account on the failure of Father Christmas. ... Read more

Vincent Van Gogh (Jan Hulsker, 1953)
The film tells Van Gogh's life story and his tragic struggle against poverty and madness by means of excerpts from his letters to his beloved brother, Theo, using as its visual material the artist's … Read more

Violet Lives Upstairs (Ben Hackworth, 2003)
At night, Violet (Rebecca Frith) listens to the words of romance. In the day, she witnesses the love of a father and son. From a gesture of innocent intention, she becomes the centre of their hidden … Read more

A biographical documentary on the 85-year-old American composer with numerous samples from Thomson's work. ... Read more

Visit to Picasso (Paul Haesaerts, 1950)
A film essay on Picasso's development as a painter and a potter combined with an interview with the artist at his studio in Vallauris. Awarded the International Documentary prize at the Venice Festiv… Read more

Von Die Lustigen Dingen (Bertold Hering, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

W.O.W. (Women of the World) (Faith Hubley, 1975)
A creative, playfully earnest history of the world from the feminist viewpoint. ... Read more

Waiting (Nan Hoover, 1985)
Waiting is about those endless moments we experience while waiting. As we wait, our perceptions are altered; what at first appeared as curious activity becomes more and more abstract and almost hallu… Read more

Waiting (Paul Harather, 1990)
Everybody is always waiting for something or other. Everywhere people are waiting. Everything involves waiting. But did you ever think it would be so amusing? ... Read more

“One of the best comeback stories in show business history.” - LA Times ... From 1984 to 1994, a group of ambitious young animators - including the likes of Tim Burton and John Lasseter - came to… Read more

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