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WALKING AND TALKING (Nicole Holofcener, 1996)
Two small girls, Amelia and Laura, giggle over a copy of The Joy of Sex. Flash forward: best friends since the sixth grade, Laura is now a trainee therapist and Amelia is in dire need of one - both a… Read more

Wanna Get In On It? (Rene Haze, 1993)
Two men dance through the street, their vio­lently kinetic interaction becoming a world unto itself, mesmerising and impenetrable. An elusive and evocative performance piece. ... Read more

WAR ZONE (Maggie Hadleigh-West, 1997)
War Zone tackles head-on the everyday issue of the public harassment of women. Shot throughout the USA, filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West turns the camera on men in the same way that they turn their sex… Read more

Watching Out (Nan Hoover, 1986)
A colourful black-and-whlte tape without sound. A portrait in a landscape of expressions. The Images are recognisable, both emotionally and visually, whilst the conscious silence is audible. ... Read more

Watching TV (Christopher Hinton, 1994)
Giving the term 'overkill' a whole new meaning, this amusingly vicious parody of TV news, is a quickfire montage of cartoonish violence where everyone and everything imaginable gets it. Has its point… Read more

Waterwork (Tony Hill, 1987)
A sculptural film which explores the space at and just below the surface of a swimming pool. The film plays with orientation, weightlessness and particularly the surface itself, that peculiar boundar… Read more

WAVE TWISTERS (Michael ‘Syd’ Garon, Eric Henry, 2000)
Wave Twisters is a rump-shaking, groove-making highlight of the Festival. This visual and musical event is an eye-popping, hip-hop meets Hanna Barbera, animated adventure synched skratch-for-skratch … Read more

Wayang Kulit (Zain bin Hussein, 1956)
Wayang Kulit means shadow play in Malayan. The film shows a troupe of shadow-players travelling and performing in the villages and kampongs of Kelantan, on Malaya's East Coast. ... Read more

WE ARE THE GUINEA PIGS (Joan Harvey, 1980)
"We are the Guinea Pigs" is a feature-length anti-nuclear documentary on the effects of the Three Mile Island nuclear catastrophe. In interviews with farmers, working-class and middle-class parents o… Read more

We the Ragamuffin (Julian Henriques, 1992)
Buckey Ranks is a talented musician dubbed the "original ragamuffin" — Ragamuffin is a musical style which originated in London and has its roots in the reggae of Jamaica and the rap of Black A… Read more

Wet Paint (Michael Huisman, 1982)
Bruxelles' staid old brick buildings are decorated with vivid, gay designs. ... Read more

WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE (Eyal Halfon, 2005)
Reminiscent of Robert Altman's elaborate ensemble cast pieces, What a Wonderful Place deftly weaves multiple story threads into an intricate tapestry, depicting the lives of marginalised immigrants l… Read more

What Colour is the Wind (Henry Herbert, 1972)
A day in the life of a group of blind children living together in a 'Sunshine Home' at Norlhwood, Middlesex. The film is impression­istic with no interviews and no narration. It shows the relatio… Read more

WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE? (Lasse Hallström, 1994)
Displaying the off-centre whimsy that characterised his international arthouse hit My Life As A Dog, Swedish-born filmmaker Lasse Hallstrom casts his gaze upon the quiet contours of rural America in … Read more

When The Forest Dies, The Soul Dies Along With It (Heide Breitel, Eval Hammel, )
Authors: Heide Breitcl, Eval Haminel Lollo Stankowski, a 39-year-old teacher and mother, works m an environmental group to fight against the destruction of the trees because of acid rain. ... Read more

White Blood Cells (Satoshi Hanasaki, 1991)
Neutrophil is the key factor in how white blood cells protect us from Infection. Japanese researchers have recently succeeded in extracting and purifying a hormone called G-CSF, known for its efficie… Read more

WHITE RIBBON, THE (Michael Haneke, 2009)
Winner of the Palme d'Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. ... From the unerring hand of Michael Haneke (Funny Games, MIFF 08; Hidden, MIFF 05; The Time of the Wolf, MIFF 03) comes a tautly construct… Read more

WILD BLUE YONDER, THE (Werner Herzog, 2005)
“Astronauts lost in space, the secret Roswell object re-examined, an alien who tells us all about his home planet - the Wild Blue Yonder - where the atmosphere is composed of liquid helium and the … Read more

Wildcat Country (Keith Hounslow, 1970)
An impression of offshore oil operations in a desolate area. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970: Second Prize, Captain Cook Bi-Centenary Film Awards, 1970 ... Read more

Window Box (Roger Hammond, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

Windowframe (Roger Hewins, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

Windy Day (John Hubley, 1968)
The two adorable Hubley children, who made their debut in Moonbird ten years ago, continue their exploration of the world of reality and fantasy in this animated film which, once again, records their… Read more

With Inertia (Margie Medlin, Jasmine Hirst, 1987)
A film without inertia. A meditation on the impasse within feminist approaches to representation and the straitjacket of generic conventions. Interrogating ideologies of iconography and interior deco… Read more

WITHOUT MEMORY (Kore-ada Hirokazu, 1996)
Without Memory is a melancholy document of three years in the life of Sekine Hiroshi, diagnosed with Wernicke's Kosakoff Syndrome, a minute but profound damage to the brain which prevents him from ac… Read more

WOMEN’S PRISON (Manijeh Hekmat, 2002)
Manijeh Hekmat's debut feature is an impassioned drama, set over 17 years, following the intricate relationship between a warden and inmate in a Tehran women's prison. ... After a riot breaks out, a … Read more

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