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21:12 PIANO BAR (Mary Jiminez, 1981)
21:12 Piano Bar is one of the most dazzling debut features to be seen in a long time. Dark, moody and menacing it is as innovative for the film noir genre as The Passenger was for Road Movies, and is… Read more

40 x 15: THE 40 FORTY YEARS OF THE DIRECTORS' FORTNIGHT (Olivier Jahan, 2008)
The legendary May 1968 strike of Paris left its indelible mark on the Cannes Film Festival, just as assuredly as it left its mark on all of French society. ... 1968 saw the Cannes Film Festival halt … Read more

9 Years Behind The Wheel (Edward Jones, 1986)
A cabby who wants to make movies! The result is an astonishing collage of miniature portraits of his customers, fellow cabbies and family. A quirky, often hilarious portrait of Califomian life remini… Read more

A Psalm for Moshe (Robert Jacobson, 1984)
M ... oshe shy and sheltered Hasidic jew living in New York City suffers contusion and conflict when he is attracted to a non-orthodox young woman Delicate amusing and telling. ... Read more

A RESPECTABLE LIFE (Stefan Jarl, 1979)
"More than ten years ago I did a semi-documentary feature which was a big success in the cinemas and later on television, named They Call Us Misfits (Dom Kallar Oss Mods). The film followed two guys … Read more

A SAFE PLACE (Henry Jaglom, 1971)
A Safe Place is a highly experimental feature, directed by a new director, Henry Jaglom. In his film, Jaglom, who also wrote the script, attempts to give "an involved and non-linear study of time and… Read more

A SONG OF CEYLON (Laleen Jayamanne, 1985)
This film's-title refers not only to Basil lights classic British documentary THE SONG OF CEYLON but also to a name erased from the map of the world, for there is no country officially named Ceylon I… Read more

A Vacation (Lee Jung-pyo, 2002)
A young soldier finds a place to forget what he does and remember who he is. This film captures the love and isolation within a land divided. ... Read more

A Year Later (Winfried Junge, 1962)
A hidden camera is used to observe the first-form children of a primary school. Award: Silver Dove, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

A Zenana (Roger Sandall, Jayasinhji Jhala, 1982)
This film is an account of women s life in the zenana (women's quarters])of Dhrangadra, in northern India, the seal of power of the Jhala Rajputs until 1947. The film unfolds through songs, dances an… Read more

A Zoo in the Trees (Louise Jonas, 1982)
Made for the Zoo Education Service to mark the Year of the Tree, the film shows groups of monkeys, apes and primitive lemurs with a diversity of Australian tree-dwelling animals. ... Read more

AACHI & SSIPAK (Bum Jin Joe, 2006)
The world's second film about a futuristic society powered by human faeces. Consider a place where the currency is excrement. The government is anxious to control their sole source of energy that sp… Read more

About Face (Chris James, 1978)
Facial transformations, human and animal, including Henry VIII, Mick Jagger, Groucho Marx, Oscar Wilde, Prince Phillip, Pablo Picasso Salvador Dali, Idi Amin, etc. ... Read more

Accidents Will Happen (Clive Morton, Annabel Jankel, 1979)
Animated interpretation of Elvis Costello's song "Accidents Will Happen" in which a series of accidents are analysed and portrayed in a series of symbols in a clinical, remote, High Tech framework. ... Read more

ACTION BOYS (Byunggil JUNG, 2008)
An endearing, tongue-in-cheek look at the action behind the action. ... A former stuntman himself, Jeong Byeong-gil picks up a camera to document the unheralded heroes/lunatics of Korean cinema who -… Read more

ADELA (Adolfo Alix, Jr, 2008)
“A warm homage to cinema itself… Watch it and understand why Filipino cinema is now hot.” - Rotterdam Film Festival ... In the neo-realistic tradition of De Sica's The Bicycle Thief, Adela… Read more

After Beardsley (Christopher James, 1981)
How would Aubrey Beardsley have viewed our world? In this film, contemporary or near contemporary figures like Lenny Bruce and John Lennon help demonstrate a hypothetical Beardsley picture of the 198… Read more

Ajada (Dick Jewell, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Prolific, political and peripatetic Jon Jost is a genuine cinema maverick. He works not so much against the system as out of it, with an independence that is both exhilarating and harsh. This is his … Read more

ANGEL (Neil Jordan, 1982)
A metaphysical thriller with a protagonist who plays the saxophone like at angel and takes vengeance like an archangel - Danny is a member of a visiting show band in an Irish country dance hall calle… Read more

Animato (Mike Jittlov, 1978)
An experimental film combining animation with pixillated live action. ... Read more

Anti-Rust (Michel Jaffrennon, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ark (Grzegorz Jonkajtys, 2007)
An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease; the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. In great ships; they set off in search … Read more

At Dawning (Martin Jones, 2002)
She thinks if she can steal away in the darkness, before the man in the bed wakes, it never happened. The man in the tree strongly disagrees. Golden Bear winner at Berlin. ... Read more

At Last (Daniel Jouanisson, 1976)
Relations of a pregnant woman with her body, her husband, her environment and her child, and the final solution she finds. ... Read more

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