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Romance (Jaromil Jires, 1965)
A provocative episode about a gypsy girl who picks up an 18-year-old youth. Her chameleon-like changes leave him baffled and confused. ... Read more

S.O.S. (Marcell Jankovics, 1971)
A drowning man calls for help in vain because no one pays any attention to his shouts. ... Read more

SALT OF THIS SEA (Annemarie Jacir, 2008)
"All we have is the truth - I'm not giving up."Soraya, like thousands of Palestinian s around the world, has never seen her homeland. Travelling from New York to Israel after her grandfather's death,… Read more

Never an easy or comfortable 'talent' to accept, legendary director Sam Peckinpah's working life was continually damaged by front office interference, in tandem with his tendency towards self-destruc… Read more

SAVE THE GREEN PLANET! (Jang Jun-hwan, 2003)
Playfully crossing almost all genres, including thriller comedy, horror and action, this dynamic debut film from Korean hot-shot, Jang Jun-hwan, recalls the deliriously creative work of Jeunet and Ca… Read more

Scarecrow (Hu Jinquing, 1985)
When waterfowl steal from his pond of fish, an old man devises a means to scare them away. In doing so he learns a lesson about nature and work. ... Read more

Scenes form the Netherlands (Otto Jongerius, )
Fictional scenes from everyday life, based on newspaper articles by Dutch writer Simon Carmiggelt, pinpoint forms of human communication, creating a sometimes strange mixture of tragedy and comedy. ... Read more

Secrets (Phillip Jones, 1973)
An animated film constructed from seven hundred portraits, reflects the infinite variety of personal awareness. ... Gold Medal, Atlanta ... Read more

Selling Out (Tadeusz Jaworski, 1972)
Centred on the public auctioning of the farm and personal belongings of a farmer on Canada's Prince Edward Island, the film makes provocative and highly political statements on such matters as the lo… Read more

Seven Days Under Mavis (Anna Johnson, 1993)
Immobilized by a shattered back, Frank lies pinned under the decomposing body of his wife Mavis, and is forced to re-evaluate his relationship with her as his love turns to revulsion and hatred. Such… Read more

SHAFT (Gordon Parks Jr., 1971)
Times Square. The Sony logo. Marquees: He and She, The Animal, School for Sex, The Wild Females. 1971. Welcome to New York City in 35mm winter. Turf of John Shaft - or that smooth-skinned Essence-sub… Read more

Siam. Hard Romance (Kim Jeong-gu, 2001)
A man and woman are joined together at the back as brother and sister, they must share the one body and accept their fate. They care for each other but love drives them apart. ... Read more

SILENCE AND CRY (Miklós Jancsó, )
After the first Communist revolution in Hungary in 1919, soldiers of the Red Army are in hiding from government patrols. One of them is sheltered by a farmer who is suspicious of him. His wife and si… Read more

SILENCE AND CRY (Miklós Jancsó, )
This film completes a trilogy from Miklds Jancso that began with The Round-up and The Red and the White, it is set in 1919, a disturbing period after the fall of the Hungarian Republic of Councils, a… Read more

SITTING DUCKS (Henry Jaglom, 1980)
A pair of crooks figure out a way to steal three quarters of a million dollars They shift the loot into the tyres of a Cadillac and set off for Florida and a plane for Costa Rica. However, they fall … Read more

Skyscraper (Christophe Jacrot, 1984)
An allegory on the hell of the Protestant work ethic. ... Read more

Sledgehammer (Stephen Johnson, 1990)
With a little help from The Brothers Quay and Peter Gabriel's record company, Stephen Johnson and the Aardman team put together this ground-breaking pop clip that still stands as a high point in the … Read more

SLEEPING ROUGH (Eugenie Jansen, 2002)
Jakob is a crabby 80-year old Dutch East India veteran. Disapointed with life, he passes his days in loneliness, angry at the world. A young Sudanese refugee, Majok, is seeking a safe haven in Hollan… Read more

Snow (Geoffrey Jones, 1963)
Trains, railwaymen, passengers rushing through snow country form a kind of choreography in unity with an electronically edited and arranged jazz composition. ... Read more

SO MUCH SO FAST (Steven Ascher, Jeanne Jordan, 2006)
What do you do when you find out you may have only a few years left to live? This is the question implicitly posed by So Much So Fast, which follows the events set in motion when 29-year-old Stephen … Read more

SON OF RAMBOW (PG) (Garth Jennings, 2007)
“If you only see one Rambo movie this year, make sure it's this one.” - EmpireTrapped in 80s English suburbia, 11-year-old Will lives with his widowed mother, a devoted member of the Plymouth Bre… Read more

SORUM (Yoon Jong-chan, 2001)
Taking the supernatural genre in an unexpected direction, this intellectual thriller is a chilling tale about a group of people confined by bad karma, revenge and transference of sin and guilt. Movin… Read more

Soul of a Fortress (Ferde Grofe Junior, 1964)
Designed as a mood study, the film is a poetic presentation of Corregldor as a battle monument. utilizing music and sound, without narration. ... First Prize, Manilla Festival; Second Prize, Bilabo F… Read more

South of the Clouds (William James, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Spare Time (Humphrey Jennings, 1939)
... ... With little natural sound-the soundtrack consists largely of music from onscreen sources-and sparse commentary, the film shows how people spent their non-working hours. Overflowing with songs… Read more

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