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Stadium (St. Jedryka, 1959)
A curious essay about the romantic musings of a young girl sitting alone in a vast empty arena waiting for her beloved. A new experimental film from Poland. ... Read more

STAGEFRIGHT (Jon Jost, 1981)
Stagefright is an essay-film which examines the nature of theatre, of language, of magic and of 'acting'. Through purely cinematic means it moves, step-by-step, through the layers of human expression… Read more

Statue of Liberty: ‘Body of Iron . . . Soul of Fire' (Bill Jersey, 1974)
The film traces the history of the Statue of Liberty, from the artist's conception to its completion, and investigates America's changing attitudes towards the meaning of the statue. ... Read more

STEVIE (Steve James, 2002)
Steve James (director of the international hit basketball doc, Hoop Dreams) first met Stevie Fielding in 1982. James joined the 'Big Brother' programme to mentor a hyperactive and difficult 11-year-o… Read more

Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch, 1982)
A simple story about exile (both from one's country as well as one's self), and about a connection just barely missed. ... Read more

Stroke (Christine Jeffs, 1994)
Breast? Back? Of genius? Stroke is a splash of colour and confrontation. It's sink or swim when a lazy day at the pool turns to free-style fantasy. ... Read more

Substitute, The (Andrea Jublin, 2006)
The Substitute (Il supplente) Italy A surprising and unexpected comedy about growing up and the lessons learnt in the classroom and office. Winner of the Best Comedy Award at Aspen Shortsfest 2007. … Read more

Suckerfish (Phil John, 1999)
This Welsh short from director Phil Johns presents the story of Caitlin and Rhys, a 21st century couple whose relationship is on the verge of either destruction or reconstruction. With a penchant for… Read more

Summer is for Kids (Stanley Jackson, 1948)
Synopsis not available Read more

Sun (Klaus Jaritz, 1977)
Reflections on the sun rising and setting over Sydney. ... Read more

SUPERFLY (Gordon Parks Jr., 1972)
Gordon Parks Jr removes the smoothness from Shaft and reshapes it into diamond strength hardness in Superfly. Shot with pimp-funding, a largely black crew and with the illegal use of street pole elec… Read more

SURE FIRE (Jon Jost, 1990)
The quintessential American independent filmmaker, Jon Jost is a one-man-hand, directing, writing, shooting, editing and usually marketing his films - all on an absolute shoestring. He's been doing i… Read more

T.G. Psychic Rally in Heaven (Derek Jarman, 1981)
T. G. Psychic Rally in Heaven marries abstract images of a performance by Throbbing Gristle with the ferocity and intensity of their music to brilliant effect on both eyes and ears. ... Read more

TAKE CARE OF MY CAT (Jeong Jae-Eun, 2001)
A charming and heartfelt look at the secret lives of young women in a rapidly changing South Korea. Good looking Hae-joo dreams of becoming a successful career woman; talented outsider Ji-young yearn… Read more

TALE OF TWO SISTERS, A (Kim Jee-woon, 2004)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryon) South KoreaBased on a Korean folk tale about an evil stepmother and her two daughters, this South Korean box-office smash is from acclaimed director Kim Jee-… Read more

THAT CAT . . . (Vojtěch Jasny, 1963)
The Czechs have always had a fondness and talent for fantasy and in That Cat they have found a particularly intriguing central theme. A small town suddenly finds itself transformed by the magical pow… Read more

THAT SWEET WORD LIBERTY (V. Jalakyavichus, 1973)
This film won the Grand Prize at the Moscow Festival last year. It is a modern political thriller based on actual recent events in Venezuela. Three communist senators are arrested and held in prison … Read more

The Amateurist (Miranda July, 1998)
The Amateurist slides along the edges of horror and satire to create an unsettling portrait of a woman on the brink of technologically-driven madness. Miranda July's performance is split between a ta… Read more

Derek Jarman is best known in Australia for his more "mainstream" features (Sebastiane, Jubilee, and The Tempest) and as production designer on Ken Russell's Savage Messiah and The Devils. He has als… Read more

The Art of Eating (Doug Jackson, 1976)
A mouth-watering account of a meeting of gourmets. ... Read more

The Attendant (Isaac Julien, 1992)
A museum warder's observations and fan­tasies of a 19th century painting 'Scene On the Coast of Africa'. The painting comes to life pre­senting a lurid re-interpretation. A new film from Issa… Read more

The Birthday (Piers Jackson, 1991)
Madame Bnssonskaya's only daughter Tatyana and grand-daughter, Sophie, have for­gotten to come to her birthday party The old lady (a former Lithuanian Ballerina) decides to celebrate her birthday… Read more

Black Cannon is the first satirical comedy worthy of the name made in China in 30 years. Engineer Zhao Shuxin (played by Liu Zifeng, who must be China s answer to Woody Allen) is suspected of industr… Read more

The Black Cat (W. C. Jersey Jnr, 1956)
Based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe, The Black Cat is the tragic story of a man's moral disintegration in the face of the unknown forces that seeth inside him. At the outset he is ostensibly a normal… Read more

The Black Forest (Beatrice Jalbert, 1986)
A reared woman from East Berlin, visiting the West, is fascinated by the windows of a large department store. The vision of a man she had loved long ago appears in her memory, transforming the store … Read more

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