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THE QUIET FAMILY (Kim Ji-Woon, 1998)
Think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Fawlty Towers; think The Partridge Family meets The Addams Family but don't ever think you're prepared for the Kangs! This totally macabre and crazed Korean co… Read more

The Raven (Lewis Jacobs, 1951)
Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" is illustrated by engravings by the French artist. Gustave Dore. ... Read more

The Rebellious Alphabet (Oivind S Jorfald, 1994)
Warning: This film may enchant you. It is about an evil little general who can neither read nor write; it s also about an old man who discovers a new form of table-top publishing and about the conver… Read more

The Roar from Within (Flip Johnson, 1982)
Graceful floating figures begin to fall. They fall to a horrifying, frenzied landscape peopled by writhing monsters. ... Read more

THE ROUND-UP (Miklós Jancsó, 1966)
The action of the film takes place in the years after the collapse of the 1848 Revolution against the Hapsburgs. Its anti-heroes are a group of impoverished Hungarian peasants who, after defeat, cont… Read more

The Safebreaker (Jaromil Jires, 1973)
A documentary about a safe-cracker who became quite famous after the war, meeting the police inspector who arrested him 25 years ago. After serving his sentence, the safe-cracker became a guard and n… Read more

The Sarajevo Hagada (Slobodan Jovicic, 1961)
The film shows miniatures from the famous Jewish book of the 14th century which was brought to Yugoslavia from Spain. It is now stored in the Sarajevo Museum. ... Read more

The Sea (Bane Jovanovic, 1971)
The secrets of the sea are slowly being unravelled by the physicists, chemists, marine biologists, and all other scientists engaged in oceanography research. This science documentary film, centred on… Read more

The Silent Village (Humphrey Jennings, 1943)
... ... The grimmest in tone of all Jennings' work and essentially a fiction film, The Silent Village is both a memorial and message. ... ... ... The Nazis destruction of the Czechoslovakian mining v… Read more

THE SLEEP OF REASON (Peter Jordan, 1992)
"Ever stood on top of a lookout and really leaned over to see how steep the cliff is? To look into the abyss is to see beyond it." Not only are human beings obsessed with staring down the barrel of t… Read more

The Snipe and the Clam (Hu Jinqing, )
Beautifully animated story of the struggles between a snipe and its endeavours to make a meal out of a river clam, The clam has other ideas. ... Read more

The Spider (Aleksander Marks, Vladimir Jutriša, 1969)
The spider closes the trilogy begun by the Fly and continued in Sisiphus. Containing the strongest moral message of the three, its tone is black. ... Read more

The Sting (Zoran Jovanović, 1982)
A long day in the life of a young mother. ... Read more

THE STRUMA (Simcha Jacobovici, 2001)
In 1998 renowned Canadian documentary maker Simcha Jacobovici's ground-breaking film, Hollywoodism: ]ews, Movies & the American Dream enthralled MIFF audiences. With The Struma Jacobovici promises to… Read more

The Summer Camp (Birgitta Jansson, 1981)
The everyday life of old and handicapped people in a summer camp in the north of Sweden. The soundtrack is documentary recordings from an existing institution and the persons are portrayed in clay fi… Read more

The Triumph of Love (Lars Rassmussen, Knut Jorfald, 1985)
A poetic documentary to music (no commentary) on Norwegian tapestry artist Torvald Moseid's embroidered frieze "Orpheus", which was exhibited at the Spoleto Music Festival in Italy. ... Read more

THE TYRANT'S HEART (Miklós Jancsó, 1981)
The elliptical/emblematic/symbolic films of Miklos Jancso have always exerted a fascination for festival-goers. His latest film again employs the techniques he has developed — elaborately styli… Read more

The Void (Jean Jetté, 1971)
A young man examining his relationship with his surroundings discovers a gapping void deep inside himself. ... Read more

The Water of Life (Marcell Jankovics, 1972)
The gravest decisions of life and death may be affected by the smallest, everyday occurrences. ... Read more

THE WEDDING PARTY (Amanda Jane, 2010)
Family, Vodka and Tears. ... First time feature director Amanda Jane takes her camera into the heart of Melbourne and creates a fun-filled farce about family, love and the choices we make. From the s… Read more

The Wire (David Glynn Jones, 1983)
A young boy places microphones around his adopted parents' house so that he can listen to them after he has gone to bed. A ... junior Watergate. ... Read more

THE WOMAN WITH THE 5 ELEPHANTS (Vadim Jendreyko, 2009)
“Compelling, moving and thought-provoking… an intellectually-stimulating crowd-pleaser.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Swetlana Geier has spent sixty years of her life translating great Russian … Read more

THE WOODEN MAN'S BRIDE (Huang Jianxin, 1993)
Nineteen twenties China, a time of transtion and hope, as the feudal society reluctantly bows to the promise of a new republic. In the remote North West, barely touched by change for thousands of yea… Read more

The World That Nature Forgot (Lewis Jacobs, 1954)
This is the story of a new world, a world that begins in the mysterious universe of atoms and molecules, which combine in countless numbers to form everything we see and touch. It is the story of how… Read more

This Is England (Humphrey Jennings, 1941)
This often underrated work is the prototypical Jennings' war film yet its powerful overlay of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on shots of Coventry Cathedral's wreckage and its climactic defiant battle cry… Read more

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