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Thousandth Birth (Nida Kanchanawetchakun, Chaiwat Lochotinant, Mana Suealek, Wilailuck Suvachittanont, Surachai Jiracharoenvongsa, 1992)
Confusion in thought and experience is a con­stant of every big city in the world, caused by conflicts, struggles, beliefs, death, money and environmental degradation. Many people are able to end… Read more

THREE THE HARD WAY (Gordon Parks Jr., 1973)
Three cities: LA, Washington and Detroit. Cesspools of the 70s urban black. A pseudo-Nazi plan will cleanse these American citadels of the Negroid gene. Their water supplies will be injected with a s… Read more

Time Ball (Marcia Jane, 2007)
Images from a significant place from my childhood; a beach where I grew up, are ordered and structured in repetitive clusters, each moment in time sliced and woven to form a chaotic, rhythmic mix. --… Read more

TOO MUCH PUSSY (Emilie Jouvet, 2010)
A documentary, a road movie and an explicit feature. ... Activists, artists, writers, musicians, sex workers and porn stars of various sexual (dis)orientations and gender expressions - they are the i… Read more

TOO YOUNG TO DIE (Park Jin-pyo, 2002)
A woman and man meet, fall in love and spend the rest of their lives together. Sounds fairly conventional? The catch—the couple met in their 70s. This short feature is a sensitive, deeply felt … Read more

Top Girl (Rebecca Johnson, 2008)
For Donna and Felicia, fearless teenage girls rolling with the punches in a man's world, things don't always go according to plan. ... --- D/S Rebecca Johnson P Dee Meaden, Sian Buckley, Rebecca John… Read more

TRICKS (Andrzej Jakimowski, 2007)
“A pitch-perfect portrait of working class life in a provincial town and of growing up as the much younger brother of an adored older sister.” - Variety ... Stefek and his much older sister Elka … Read more

The cinema of the People's Republic of China remains almost unknown in the west and it is only in the last year or two that efforts have begun to explore what may turn out to be the last great treasu… Read more

U.S. Art - The Gift of Ourselves (Stephen Judson, 1975)
A brief survey of two hundred years of the arts in the U.S.A. ... Read more

Uhloz (Guy Jacques, 1989)
What would you wish for if you were a twelve year old locked in your room on Christmas Eve? What about a remote controlled toy space craft that could fly, hover and fire missiles right through your b… Read more

UNFORGIVEN, THE (Yoon Jong-bin, 2005)
“The best independent feature film of the year.”- Pusan International Film Festival The Unforgiven scooped a multitude of awards at Pusan and screened as part of Un Certain Regard at Cannes this … Read more

UNKNOWN PLEASURES (Zhang Ke Jia, 2002)
Jia Zhang-ke's Unknown Pleasures depicts a trough of aimlessness. This third feature by Jia - in Official Competition at Cannes 2002 - again proves his ability to hold a light to China's alienated ru… Read more

UNTOUCHABLE, THE (Benoit Jacquot, 2006)
The chaotic life force of India sits starkly next to the measured pace of France in Benoit Jacquot's new film, characteristically drawing a line between the inner and outer world of his characters. … Read more

URBAN GHOST STORY (Genevieve Jolliffe, 1998)
Horror film buffs will delight at Genevieve Jolliffe's debut. Chilling moments from classics including The Exorcist, Carrie, The Evil Dead, Poltergeist and as far back as Robert Wise's The Haunting (… Read more

Very Good News (Christophe Jankovic, )
A witty, imaginative fable about a gutter journalists Tatar-like manhandling of the scoop to end 'em all. And it's very good news! ... Read more

Victorian Tapestry Centre (Paul Jansen, 1979)
Tapestry is one of the richest and oldest of the mural arts. The Victorian Tapestry Workshop was established in 1976 to encourage the art, and to establish a training ground for weavers and artists. … Read more

VILLA AMALIA (Benoît Jacquot, 2009)
“Enigmatic, fascinating, alternately bitter and defiant, [Isabelle Huppert] commands the screen at every moment.” - New York Times ... After finding her boyfriend in the arms of another woman, re… Read more

Viva Leone! (Nick Freand Jones, 1989)
This BBC tribute to Sergio Leone aired shortly after his death in 1989. Apart from some mouth watering clips from his widescreen epics, it also offers a comprehensive overview of Leone's career. Viva… Read more

Walled Away from the Future (Henri Jouf, 1974)
Under the cover of night, a man overcomes numerous obstacles in order to escape from a prison. ... Read more

Water (Corrie Jones, 2009)
Toby wants to be like other eight-year-olds, but his mentally disabled father is a constant reminder that life will never be normal. ... --- D Corrie Jones P Sarah Shaw S Ian Meadows, Sarah Shaw, Cor… Read more

Water? (Madeline Duba, Nadine James, 2001)
Go with the flow and take a voyage with the element of life. ... Read more

What Did We Do to the Hens (Josef Hekrdla, Vladimír Jiránek, 1977)
An animated burlesque about man's increasing demands on Nature. ... Read more

WHATCHA GOt' (Dave Jones,Nathan Jurevicius, 2004)
Whatcha Got' Interactive Game Australia Take the Whatcha Got' challenge, a street showdown to determine break-dancing supremacy. Simply point your browser at melbournefi… Read more

When the Wind Changes (Alethea Jones, 2010)
When Lake Denial dries up and bogan mates Jack, Kevin and Blandy are caught up in a supernatural incident, just getting by becomes a struggle. ... --- D Alethea Jones P Richard Davies, Veeran Naran S… Read more

Where Mountains Float (Bjarne Henning Jensen, 1954)
Where Mountains Float is the first big Danish colour film and tells of the enterprise of Green-landers and Danes from kayak to cutter &ndash: from a hunting culture to fishing. This story is told in … Read more

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