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MOMMA'S MAN (Azazel Jacobs, 2008)
For some, leaving home is easy. For Mikey, returning is the problem. ... After visiting his parents, 30-something Mikey decides to stay on, at first using the excuse of a cancelled flight. However it… Read more

MON ONCLE ANTOINE (Claude Jutra, 1970)
For Jacques, the general store was the cross-roads of life—a place where a boy could learn all that was needed for the way ahead—especially when his uncle was the storekeeper and also the… Read more

MOON (Duncan Jones, 2008)
The directorial debut of Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie), this claustrophobic sci-fi feature stars Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. ... Heralding a fresh renaissance in indie sci-fi flic… Read more

Moon Man (Luke Jurevicius, 2007)
Moon Man is a Dhuwa story that is told in Rittharngu language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Before the moon was in the sky, it was a man.---D Luke Jurevicius & Toby Quarmby S Vera Ca… Read more

MOTHER (MA15+) (Bong Joon-ho, 2009)
“Vertigo-style flashback and shocking revelations elevate the film beyond mere thriller into high-octane Almodovar territory.” - Screen International ... One of South Korea's most exciting filmma… Read more

Although Wim Wenders produced what are arguably amongst the most original and important films of the past two decades there has been no detailed study of his work on film until now. ... Paul Joyce an… Read more

MR CATRa - the faithful (Andreas Johnsen, 2004)
Backed by a massive sound system pulsing with peak-volume bass beats, Mr Catra's sex and crime obsessed music speaks about life in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro and ongoing wars with criminal… Read more

My Garden Japan (Richard N. Jamieson, 1966)
The film expresses the special bond with nature felt by the Japanese; shows how this influenced their traditional art and culture, and their philosophy of landscape design. ... Read more

MY WAY HOME (Miklós Jancsó, 1964)
This film was made by Miklds Jancso in 1964. before his early masterpiece, The Round-up; and he has said that My Way Home is autobiographical in feeling, if not in fact. It is set in the spring of 19… Read more

Negative Man (Cathy Joritz, 1985)
A scratch film which foregrounds the superficial self-importance of male authority figures. As the anonymous Negative Man indulges in the endless sermon, he undergoes a series of mutations directly s… Read more

Never Say Die! (Sandy Johnson, 1980)
A black comedy set against the grim backdrop of Glasgow in the 1940s. Alex discovers he has a terminal blood clot in his brain, and has only a month to live. He falls for Jean, who has already helped… Read more

NIGHT (Lawrence Johnston, 2007)
WORLD PREMIERE ... A stunning and cinematic big screen event documentary celebrating Australia at night. ... Showing society in all its forms, people and places, urban and rural, Night explores the u… Read more

NIGHT ON EARTH (Jim Jarmusch, 1991)
... ... The films of Jim Jarmusch invariably locate themselves in what one might call the 'poetry of the everyday'. His characters are constantly on the move, geographically and domestically uprooted… Read more

Night Out (Lawrence Johnston, 1989)
In this hard-edged film, a homosexual is savagely bashed in a public toilet block and taken for a nightmarish car ride by four hoons "out for a good time" while his lover is interstate. ... Lawrence … Read more

No Problem (Ian Johnson, 1981)
Featuring the 'legendary' Ken Campbell during rehearsals of The Rainbow's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the world's longest play, the 24-hour The Warp, and extracts from the plays. Members of … Read more

Norman Jewison Filmmaker (Doug Jackson, 1971)
Norman Jewison Film Maker is an intriguing, full-screen study of a man and a personality in action, moulding the performances in Fiddler on the Roof. ... Read more

Notes on a Triangle (Rene Jodoin, 1967)
The triangle is the basis of this diverting ballet of changing geometrical patterns. ... Prize, Teheran Festival. ... Read more

Off the Chain (Emma Jackson, 2001)
In this innovative animation, a sheep dog looks back with regret at the moment he strayed from the well-worn path, and lost control of his desires. ... Read more

One is One (Malcolm Johnson, 1970)
"One is One and all alone and evermore shall be so'' from the song "Green grow the rushes O", is the theme of this film. A young man returns to the scene of his former life following a gaol sentence.… Read more

One Man Band (Andrew Jimenez, )
MIFF is proud to present the Australian premiere of Pixar's [One Man Band], the latest short film from the world-renowned computer-animation giant. Pixar is responsible for groundbreaking animations … Read more

ONE MAN'S WAR (Risto Jarva, 1973)
Risto Jarva, one of Finland's leading directors, has been awarded Finland's top prize for this, his sixth picture. The film has similarities to Jarva's earlier and influential A Worker's Diary in bot… Read more

ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING (Tony Jaa, 2008)
“Tony Jaa and his team have once again raised the bar for fight choreography… Outstanding.” - Martial Development ... As the audience at MIFF's Closing Night screening of Ong Bak: Muay Tha… Read more

Ophelia Had a Bigger Bath (Vivienne Jones, 1992)
Combining photographs, drawn animation and pre-Raphaelite painting the film explores the boundaries of sanity using hair as its metaphor. Hair is seen to represent comfort and protection from the out… Read more

Orange (Klaus Jaritz, 1980)
Man's interference with nature — nature's reaction. ... Read more

OUI NON (Jon Jost, 2002)
Celebrated experimental director Jon Jost has created an arresting and challenging film that plays with the form of the burgeoning digital medium and its content, for Oui Non is not easily categorise… Read more

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