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The Demon (K. Kawamoto, 1972)
Inspired by a Japanese medieval legend: a mother, bowed with age, changes into a witch, and tries to devour her own children. This paradoxical situation, this world of anti-logic and the absurd, cont… Read more

THE DEVIL'S GENERAL (Helmut Keutner, 1955)
The Devil's General, made in 1955, has won several Festival awards; it unites many of West Germany's leading talents of today &ndash: the director, Helmut Kautner; the stars, Curd Jiirgens and Marian… Read more

The Door (Josie Keys, 1993)
Families can be difficult. What do you do about a daughter who continually slams her door? One father comes up with a creative solution. ... Read more

THE EAR (Karel Kachyna, 1969)
Twenty years after it was made and promptly banned, this deviously plotted Czech thriller remains fresh, incisive and mordantly funny about ambition, paranoia and conjugal bliss in the world of polit… Read more

THE EYE ABOVE THE WELL (Johan van der Keuken, 1988)
A couple of years ago, distinguished filmmaker Johan van der Keuken and his wife and collaborator Noshka van der Lely visited Kerala, a coastal province in southwestern India. There he conceived and … Read more

The Face (Herbert kosower, 1968)
The face of womankind is seen through engravings of a woman`s face by Piero Fornasetti. A rapid and multifarious assemblage of photographs demonstrates how' the female face can he simultaneously ... … Read more

The Flower (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1973)
A black animated allegory about gratitude. ... Read more

THE FOREST (Jo Kennedy, 2003)
It's Ashley and Mike's tenth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Mike buys his wife a bunch of roses and takes her to her favourrte restaurant. Everything seems fine, but is it? Ashley has had a dream… Read more

THE FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE (Harry Kerwin, 1964)
Among the screen comedians of the silent era three names are pre-eminent: Chaplin. Keaton and Lloyd. Each is remembered for a particular style, each tackles the classic comic situation (defined by Ch… Read more

THE GIRL FROM MAXIM'S (Alexander Korda, 1933)
Beautifully designed (by Vincent Korda), The Girl From Maxim's is a boisterous musical romp based on a Feydeau farce. lt relates how the staid Doctor Petypon (here played by Leslie Henson) becomes in… Read more

The House of Flame (Kihachiro Kawamoto, 1979)
Long ago. in the village of Ikuta, there was a maiden loved by two suitors. She did not know which to choose and so chose death instead Though her intentions were good, after her death her soul was s… Read more

THE HOUSEMAID (1960) (Kim Ki-young, 1960)
“[Director Kim Ki-young is] capable of probing deep into the human mind, its desires and impulses, while paying sarcastic attention to the details.” - Cahiers du Cinéma ... Long considered a… Read more

THE HUNT (Niek Koppen, 1997)
A scathing but subtle attack upon the time-honoured British bloodsport institution of the fox hunt. Opting to do without a judgmental narration, director Niek Koppen allows the subjects of his powerf… Read more

THE IDIOT (Akira Kurosawa, 1951)
Dostoevsky is Kurosawa's favourite author, and in Prince Myushikin, he admires the character's compassion and near godlike quality. ... In The Idiot, Prince Myushikin becomes a Japanese returning fro… Read more

The Island of Mongooses (Ágoston Kollányi, 1959)
An interesting nature study film showing how the importation of mongooses to an island in the Adriatic cleared it of a plague of poisonous snakes. ... Read more

THE ISLE (Kim Ki-Duk, 2000)
"Hyunshik, an ex-cop in deep pain and on the lam, arrives at the end of his road, an isolated lake, dotted with floating huts, serving as a retreat for fishing and a host of sordid activities. Its be… Read more

THE ISLE (Kim Ki-Duk, )
"Hyunshik, an ex-cop in deep pain and on the lam, arrives at the end of his road, an isolated lake dotted with floating huts, serving as a retreat for fishing and a host of sordid activities. Its bea… Read more

The Jogger (Steve Karp, 1977)
A man travels a lifetime as he runs a three-mile jogging course around a reservoir. ... Silver Medal, Virgin Islands ... Read more

The Kingdom of Poet O (Dennis Karsten, 1998)
Poet O talks about his conspiracy theories on today's modern society, the future and his Utopian kingdom. His ravings flux from sense to nonsense leaving you with a niggling feeling that his theories… Read more

The Language of Faces (John Korty, 1961)
A film about peace and survival - a candid and sobering portrayal of the "balance of terror" in American life. "An original and haunting little film". ... Read more

The Light (Ferenc Kósa, 1962)
This study of smiths attending steeam hammers revolves around a parallel between their work and recreation. ... Read more

The Line (Yannis Koutsouris, 1973)
The history of man and his creations, and the stresses from which he suffers. ... First prize, short films - Thessaloniki, 1973. ... Read more

THE LOGIC OF EMOTION (Ingo Kratisch, 1981)
Georg, a self-assured man of 40, is shattered when his wife, Anna, leaves him. For so long he was the superior one until she, with the speechless and growing contempt of the weaker one, rebels for a … Read more

the luminary (Nicholas Kallincos, 2005)
What happens when your inner glow is gone? How is it rekindled and at what price? The Luminary tells the story of a grieving insect collector. In his search for understanding and love he is pitted ag… Read more

The Man Next Door (Yoji Kuri, 1965)
Yoji Kuri's mad tale about a man annoyed by a little squeaking in the stillness of the night. ... Read more

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