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THE MATCH FACTORY GIRL (Aki Kaurismäki, 1989)
Humiliation and torment constitute the basic conditions of Iris's life. She is exploited at the factory, where she endures the drudgery of the production line, at home, where her parents hog her sala… Read more

The Mitten (R. Kachanov, 1967)
When you're only a little girl, and you haven't got a dog to call your own . . . well, what you lack in authority and stature, you can make up for in imagination. ... Read more

The Moment of Truth (Jenő Koltay, 1978)
An animated film about bull-fighting, in which the animated hand — representing the torero — is seen 'controlling' the paper, cut-out bull. ... Read more

THE OTHER FINAL (Johan Kramer, 2002)
Despite what Nike keeps telling everyone, it's perfectly OK to lose a ball game. The Other Final—an exceptionally funny, good natured, cheer-along documentary—celebrates the greater part … Read more

The Party (Paul Brühwiler, Yosh Kashiwabara, 1974)
A toilet-eye view of a party. ... Read more

THE PATRIOT (Alexander Kluge, 1980)
Alexander Kluge is the leading polemicist of the German cinema and his searching examinations of modern German society which also seek to find new forms and methods of expression have placed his work… Read more

The Pavement (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1972)
Using the pavement as a symbol, this animated film sounds a warning against creeping industrialisation destroying the natural world around us. ... Diploma of Merit, Montreal Film Festival. Grand Prix… Read more

THE PERSONALS (Chen Kuo-Fu, 1998)
The Personals is a cleverly constructed, ironic comedy of manners that's exceptionally accessible to western audiences without compromising its identity. A sleeper hit at Cannes 1999, the film involv… Read more

THE POLICEMAN (Ephraim Kishon, 1971)
Azulai is a warm-hearted elderly Israeli cop, proud of his uniform, but too naive to discover an obvious culprit and too weak-hearted to arrest him. ... With qualities like these, it is no wonder he … Read more

The Present (Viktor Kubal, 1976)
To obtain service, a little bribe can come in handy. ... Read more

The Privilege (Ian Knox, 1982)
In 19th century Orkney, the landowner had the right to take tenant farm girls on their wedding night. The film tells the story of Mary and Tom's wedding day. ... Read more

THE QUIET DUEL (Akira Kurosawa, 1949)
A young doctor contracts syphilis while operating on a soldier during the war. ... On returning to Tokyo, he enters private practice in the family clinic, but has to face the problems of his love for… Read more

The Red Fish (Cedric Klapisch, 1994)
From the "3000 Scenarios Against a Virus" series—further proof that a little rubber goes a long way. ... Read more

The Return (Jerzy Kucia, 1972)
A lonely passenger Snivels by train. ... Through the window of the dark ... compartment, he sees the landscape ... rushing by. He recollects the limes ... of his childhood: a little provincial ... to… Read more

THE SALTMEN OF TIBET (Ulrike Koch, 1997)
Under the most inhospitable of conditions in one of the most remote regions in the world, director Ulrike Koch has documented the journey and rituals of a nomadic Tibetan community. The fact that she… Read more

THE SEA (Baltasar Kormákur, 2002)
"The Sea, like director Baltasar Kormakur's predecessor (101 Reykjavik, MIFF 2001), tells the story of a fire-and-ice showdown by spinning what we know of the family drama into a whirl of erotic rede… Read more

The Secret (Clare Kilner, 1994)
The mind dominated by relentless repetition and the almost ritualist imperative to continually bring order to the world by counting out your insecurities in a series of mathematical equations. ... Ar… Read more

The Secret Heaven (Sun Koh, 2002)
A humorous tale about cheeky five-year-old Qian, who will try anything to avoid her dreaded piano lessons. When her strict mother will not listen to her pleas, Qian devises a plan to escape to her ow… Read more

The Sheep Thief (Asif Kapadia, 1997)
Tashan, a young street kid, is caught stealing a sheep. He is branded, cast out and left for dead in the desert. He covers up his mark and is taken in by a family who give him food and a roof over hi… Read more

The Sluice (Harry Kramer, 1963)
An abstract art film showing large scale mobile sculp­tures, moving to the beat of jazz, and photographed against ihe background of clouds and Cologne's industrial skyline. The sculptures are by … Read more

The Sorceress of Dirah (Sardono W. Kusuma, 1992)
... ... The Sorceress of Dirah is a performance event by the Javanese performance artist and choreographer Sardono W. Kusuma, of Bali­nese dances and legends, developed and restaged over many yea… Read more

THE SPANISH APARTMENT (Cédric Klapisch, 2002)
Parisian native Xavier (Romam Duris, star of Gadjo Dilo) amves in Barcelona on a student exchange program, unable to speak the local lingo. Unhappy about leaving his girlfriend behind (Amelie's Audre… Read more

the speaker (Tearepa Kahi, 2006)
A political tagger's midnight marauding gets his younger brother caught by the police. But saying "I'm sorry" are words best said with action. Screened at Berlin Film Festival.---D Tearepa Kahi S Tea… Read more

The Speed of Light (Ken Karn, 1992)
Spend a day with Max Konig, a high school astronomy teacher. Max wishes that his life and personal relationships could follow the same precise laws of nature as the planets and the stars he knows so … Read more

The Spirit of Genseng (Wan Ku-chan, 1963)
A children's film using paper cut-outs. The story is aboul the trials and tribulations of an orphan boy who is finally saved from his tormentor by the Spirit of Genseng. ... Read more

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