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The Staircase (Edmond Keosayan, 1962)
A young girl is anxiously awaiting a letter. the seasons go by, but it fails to come. Losing all hope, she agrees to go out with a fellow student - an then the letter arrives... ... Read more

The Steel Helmet (Josef Kábrt, 1961)
The war has ended, but a strange phantom returns to earth to recover a helmet. A brilliantly pointed allegory of the menace of militarism. ... Read more

The Step (Piotr Kamler, 1975)
An abstract, animated film. ... First Prize, Annecy ... Read more

The Story of a Port (J. Kalina, 1955)
A history of the Port of Gdansk (Danzig), Poland's Gateway to the Baltic Sea. ... Read more

The Subtle Concept (Gerard Krawczyk, 1981)
1940, New York: a private detective ... is looking for God. A non-sense film based upon a short story written by Woody Allen. ... Read more

Korea's master director Im Kwon-Taek has over 100 features to his name including the highlight of last years AFI Korean season, Sopyonje. The wisdom of experience shows in his steady handling of the … Read more

The Take (Avi Lewis, Naomi Klein, 2003)
"Occupy. Resist. Produce." The catchcry of Movement of Recovered Companies fuels Argentina's out-of-work employees in their efforts to re-start the factories following the country's spectacular econo… Read more

The Trap (Amy Kravitz, 1988)
The Trap is an experiment in Chiaroscuro — the interplay between light and shade. Constructed from what appears to be charcoal (or pastel) on paper, it gains momentum through subtle editing and… Read more

The Travelling Tune (Max Keuris, 1961)
Realised through paper sculpture the film shows how a tune composed by a man in poor circumstances travels round the world through mass media, and returns to the composer who now lives in better cond… Read more

The Turbulent Peace (Ferdinand Khittl, 1965)
This film attempts to reconcile the two contradictory elements combined in research: the emotion of the artist and the reason of the scientist. It analyses these motivating forces and relates how res… Read more

The Waiting Room (Bob Kellett, 1976)
A room: empty except for a chair and a clock on the wall. There is one other object in the room: a small wooden box on the floor beside the chair. A succession of people enter the room, each seeing a… Read more

THE WELL (Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni, 2009)
“It's about understanding death and loss and achieving oneness with nature.” - filmmaker Umesh Kulkarni ... After years apart, cousins Sameer and Nachiket meet at a family wedding. Spending their… Read more

THE WICKED CITY (Mak Tai Kit, 1992)
Political allegory runs riot in this breathless Hong Kong action pic derived from the Japanese manga animated feature of the same name. A prime example of how 1997 paranoia runs deep through every as… Read more

THE WIND WILL CARRY US (Abbas Kiarostami, 1999)
The cinema of Abbas Kiarostami has a warm, humanist heart. His latest work serves to further his enviable reputation as one of world cinema's masters. ... The Wind Will Carry Us revolves around the l… Read more

THINK OF A NUMBER (Palle Kjaerulff-Schmidt, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Thirteen Cantos of Hell (Peter King, 1955)
An animated film based on episodes from Dante's poem, by a young artist who formerly worked with Lotte Reiniger, employing an interesting silhouette technique, with the animated figures having a scul… Read more

This is a Photograph (Albert Kish, 1971)
Personal impressions of an immigrant's first five years in Canada, recorded in snapshots. ... Read more

Thousandyearsofcinema (Kurt Kren, 1996)
Thousandyearsofcinema, a trailer commissioned to celebrate one hundred years of cinema is a concise and critical film poem. We observe observers observing with one eye clenched the other pressed agai… Read more

Three American Ballads (Alfred Kouzel, 1953)
Humorous sketches and semi &ndash: abstract drawings are used to interpret the three ballads "Acres of Clams," "Old Dan Tucker," and "John Henry" as sung by Cisco Houston. ... The Variations and Fugu… Read more

First there was Sam and Steven, who met in the early 1980s, and then there was Sam, Steven and Samantha. Seven years after Sam and Steven fell in love - and a few years after the charismatic Sam sugg… Read more

THREE TIMES ANNA (David Jose Kohon, 1962)
Maria Vaner plays three different types of girl, all called Anna, whose point in common is their failure and disillusionment in love. In the first study, called The Earth, an innocent young girl's fi… Read more

THRONE OF BLOOD (Akiro Kurosawa, 1957)
Japan's most esteemed director, Akira Kurosawa. had long considered making a Japanese version of "Macbeth". The result is Throne of Blood, a film in which Kurosawa's thought and skill have perfectly … Read more

THROUGH THE OLIVE TREES (Abbas Kiarostami, 1994)
... ... Abbas Kirostami returns to the harshly beau­tiful landscape of his last two features, con­structing not so much a third part of a trilogy but rather an alternative view of Life and No… Read more

Tightrope Water (Annie Duncan, Anna Kannava, 1984)
An interior conflict compounded of memory and fantasy, and tightrope of sanity between them. A young woman keeps thinking of a past lover and becomes confused between what their relationship was/is a… Read more

TIGRERO (Mika Kaurismäki, 1994)
In 1954, Sam Fuller went to Brazil, into the Amazonian rain forest with a 16mm camera scouting locations for his adventure film, Tigrero, to star John Wayne, Ava Gardner and Tyrone Power. Fuller's in… Read more

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