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Under Night Streets (Ralph Keene, 1958)
After the last train at night and before the first train in the morning, 800 people are hard at work-making London's Underground fit for travellers. and taking in their stride a broken rail discovere… Read more

Unexplained Phenomena (Mike Kelly, 1997)
Lorna is only 8 years old when her mother abruptly disappears without trace. The mystery of the disappearance leaves her with a fascination with the unexplained: spoon bending, spontaneous combustion… Read more

Unit #52 (Tony Krawitz, )
[Unit #52] and [Into the Night] will screen with with [Jewboy]. ... Read more

Unit #52 (Tony Krawitz, 2002)
A dark tale of delusion and fantasy. Beginning wrth an image of a postcard, a man is drawn into an unhealthy obsession with his neighbour. He becomes unable to discern between reality and illusion an… Read more

UNSER NAZI (Robert Kramer, 1984)
Ostensibly a documentary about the making of Thomas Harlan's. Wundkanal: Execution for Four Voices - a film about the kidnapping of Alfred Filbert, Deputy Head of the Nazi Secret Service - Unser Nazi… Read more

Valtos (Patrick Keiller, 1987)
A long term patient in a psychiatric hospital contemplates the inevitability of chance and mars the small but relentless dislocations that threaten this fragile existence ... Read more

VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST (Yoshiaki Kawajiri, 2001)
Classy, intelligent and visually complex animation by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, a veteran with at least two of the most internationally successful animes ever to his credit, Wicked City (1989) and Ninja Scr… Read more

VICTORIA (Anna Karina, 2008)
The vérité spirit of the nouvelle vague lives on in this musical road movie, the latest feature from writer-director-star Anna Karina. ... Karina's second directorial effort is strongly influenced … Read more

Video Album 3 (George Kuchar, 1986)
George Kuchar, renowned avant-garde filmmaker based in California creates a day-in-the-hfe style of video documentary (the third in the series). ... Read more

VILLALOBOS (Romuald Karmakar, 2004)
“The goal is to use all frequencies, the whole range… It's the only thing we can do. It's our expression.” - Ricardo Villalobos ... A legend on dance floors from Berlin to Tokyo, DJ Ricard… Read more

VIOLENT COP (Takeshi Kitano, 1989)
... ... Takeshi makes his directorial debut in what on the surface at least is a standard 'rene­gade cop' genre film. Takeshi plays Detective Azuma, the department's 'wild-card' whose unorthodox … Read more

Visit Prague (Pavel Koutský, 1983)
A group of tourists "do" Prague in record time. A witty cartoon taking in all the ancient buddings of the city, as the visitors rush from sight to sight. ... Read more

VOICES FROM PURGATORY (Roeland Kerbosch, 1979)
In 1978, with the help of the opponents of apartheid inside the country, Roeland Kerbosch made two secret visits to South Africa — with his camera The result is a film seen through the eyes of … Read more

WANDERLUST (James Keitel, 2000)
Struggling to hold together her train-wreck family, Kelley tracks down her drifter brother to a seedy, remote island off Chile and discovers him living with a ragged group of expatriates. He reacts t… Read more

WARRENDALE (Alan King, 1966)
A study of life at Warrendale, a home for emotionally disturbed children in Toronto. The story begins as the patients' day starts, showing them in bed, resisting the morning rays of light. Soon, the … Read more

WASTED (Nurit Kedar, 2007)
In Southern Lebanon, beneath a crumbling crusader fortress, Beaufort Castle marks a spot that has seen hundreds of years of conflict. Beaufort was held by Israel from the early 80s with the last Is… Read more

Wayleggo (Robert Kingsbury, 1965)
A sheep herd, so large that it appears to have a life and movement of its own, is mustered amid the attractive scenery of New Zealand's Southern Alps. ... Read more

WEDNESDAY (Victor Kossakovsky, 1996)
Leningrad, 19 July 1961. A summer's day and the newspapers are full of the usual articles. The world is (un)comfortably entangled in the Cold War. An average day in Leningrad: 101 babies are born in … Read more

Went With The Wind (Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan, 1983)
"Went With the Wind" tells the story of Margaret Mitchell, the well-known author of the unforgettable romance "Gone ... with the Wind", from her childhood until her days of glory, satirising Hollywoo… Read more

WEST 32ND (Michael Kang, 2007)
A gangland thriller set against the violence and corruption of New York's Korea Town.John is a young American-born Korean attorney fresh from college and trying to prove himself. Taking on a pro bono… Read more

WHEN JOSEPH RETURNS (Zsolt Kézdi Kovács, 1975)
Maria is a country girl who comes to Budapest to work in a factory. She marries a merchant seaman. Joseph, and for a short time, they are happy. When he goes away to sea, she is left in Budapest with… Read more

WHEN TOMORROW DIES (Laurence Kent, 1966)
The film concerns a young housewife and mother whose existence has become dull and empty as both her husband and children are too taken up with their own affairs to bother much about her. Feeling dej… Read more

Whirr (Timo Katz, 2005)
With mechanical precision this ‘landscape animation' captures the tension between differences and repetitions of form sampled in a suburban housing estate.---D/P/S Timo Katz L no dialogue TD video/… Read more

White Light (Jeff Keen, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

WHITE NIGHT WEDDING (Baltasar Kormákur, 2008)
“Kormákur's most assured and ambitious film to date.” - Toronto Film Festival ... Actor-director Baltasar Kormákur (Jar City, MIFF 08) calls his modernised version of Anton Chekhov's play Ivano… Read more

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