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Fishing the Moon from the Pool (Zhou Keqin, )
An animated tale about monkeys chasing after the moon. ... Read more

FIVE (Abbas Kiarostami, 2004)
Five Iran/FranceOne of the two Abbas Kiarostami films to be screened at this year's Festival'both of which premiered at Cannes this year'Five is an utterly contemplative and meditative abstract work.… Read more

FIVE AGAINST THE HOUSE (Phil Karlson, 1955)
Five college students - Madison, Novak, Keith, Moore and Mathews - team up and joke about a robbery of Harold's Club in Reno. It starts off as an intellectual prank, but soon ends up the real thing. … Read more

FIVE SIDES OF A COIN (Paul Kell, 2004)
Five Sides of a Coin USA/Canada'If God had to choose one religion that best articulated his intentions, he would choose hip-hop.' Aesop Rock is amongst the horde of hip-hop identities that don't minc… Read more

Flames of Passion (Richard Kwientniowski, 1989)
A commuter steals an intriguing photo-strip on a station platform, then comes face to face with the young doctor it depicts. ... This pocket-sized re-working restores the melodramatic tradition of ye… Read more

Flaubert Dreams of Travel but the Illness of His Mother Prevents It (Ken Kobland, 1986)
"The material used in this tape was shot on film during the rehearsal period of the Wooster Group's new theatre piece which is based on Gustav Flaubert's The Temptation of St Anthony, as well as the … Read more

Floating (Chansoo Kim, 2001)
A floating man attracts a crowd of onlookers. After a comical series of failed rescue attempts, the man resumes his ascent. A warm and lyrical film that is sure to delight audiences. ... Read more

Flying Insects (Taeko Kitajima, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Fog Eyes (Hamish Koci, 2003)
A young girl arrives at a hospital to have her fogged-up eyes fixed. But a simple operation becomes complicated when Sister Enid introduces her to the healing powers of God and the wicked coma patien… Read more

FOOD, INC. (Robert Kenner, 2008)
"Does for the supermarket what Jaws did for the beach." - Variety ... Robert Kenner unravels the spinning of a pastoral lie, where agrarian fantasies presented on product packaging, like docile cows … Read more

FORBIDDEN RELATIONS (Zsolt Kézdi Kovács, 1983)
Juli, whose husband has committed suicide, falls in love with Fodor, a newcomer to the village. When she learns that he is her half-brother (from her mother's first marriage), she tries to keep away … Read more

Fortunate Son (Harry Killas, 1985)
A draft dodger living in Montreal during the Vietnam War secretly returns to Brooklyn New York, to visit his dying mother in hospital Briefly visiting his home, he spends an uncomfortable evening wit… Read more

FRANKFURT-MILLENNIUM (Romuald Karmakar, 1998)
Walter's 'Frankfurt Junction' is a greasy-spoon takeaway food stand with microwave cuisine and an alcohol license. For Walter and his 'guests', December 31st, 1999 is a day like any other: too caught… Read more

Frédéric Chopin - Valse Minute (Marian Marzynski, Andrzej Kaminski, 1966)
A film of 50 seconds showing a pianist playing Chopin's Valse Minute in the middle of a sports stadium. ... Read more

FREEZE, DIE, COME TO LIFE (Vitali Kanevski, 1990)
The resilience and resourcefulness of childhood defy enormous odds in this remarkable first film by 55-year-old Vitali Kanevski. With funding to shoot a ten minute film, Kanevski returned to the Sovi… Read more

FRIEND OR FOE (John Krish, 1981)
Two London boys are evacuated to a farm during the 1940 blitz. Unaccustomed to the countryside, one is rescued from ... the river by a stranded German pilot. ... The boys in turn help the pilot and h… Read more

Narrated by Gregory Peck, this documentary is full of passionate testimony and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Hollywood screen legends—including Anthony Quinn, Leslie Caron, Robert Stack&mdas… Read more

FULL MOON IN NEW YORK (Stanley Kwan, 1990)
WHERE WOULD a Hunan restaurant run by a Cantonese serve Peking Duck7 Only in New York, so that is where young Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan went to shoot Full Moon In New York, a tale of friendship… Read more

Functional Photography (Eastman Kodak, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Galaxie (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
The life and power of a distant, red galaxy, which is invaded by an external force, bringing in its wake shadows and destruction. ... Read more

Galia's Wedding (Rami Kimchi, 1986)
Nati, a sensitive 24 year old, decides to attend the wedding of his girlfriend Galia. His journey to her kibbutz is plagued with the psychological trauma of lost love and separation. ... Read more

Gap-Toothed Women (Les Blank, Maureen Gosling, Chris Simon, Susan Kell, 1987)
What do model Lauren Hutton, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, truck driver Rena Morena, Chaucer's 'Wife of Bath', cartoonist Doris Seda, Cleopatra, and belly dancer Sharlyn Sawyer have in c… Read more

GATE OF HELL (Teinosuke Kinugasa, 1953)
Japanese films like Rashomon and Jigokumon have been the surprises at recent International Festivals, and the high standard of these and the few other Japanese films presented abroad in late years le… Read more

GET UP (Izutsu Kazuyuki, 2004)
Get Up (Gerropa!) JapanA Japanese yakuza comedy with soul! The soul of James Brown, that is. Ageing mob boss Habara has two days of freedom left before being sent off for a five-year stretch in priso… Read more

Getting Warmer (Henk Kabos, 1961)
With animated puppets and a witty rhyming commentary the film shows how man has coped through the ages with the problem of keeping himself warm. ... Read more

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