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1+1 (Grigoris Leontiades, 2004)
A solitary mole man's routine existence is rocked by the arrival of a potential companion. With his desire for contact at war with his suspicion of others, the mole man makes a series of attempts to … Read more

12 Explosionen (Johann Lurf, 2008)
This perceptual training film disciplines the eye to catch a single frame, an explosion of light, a moment of gesture and timing. ... --- D/P/S Johann Lurf WS SixPackFilm L No dialogue TD digibeta/20… Read more

17 Years to Earth (Perry Lin, 1997)
17 Years to Earth takes us on a journey through a young girl's diary. She writes about a perfect life full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, none of it is true. Director Perry Lin handles this st… Read more

21-87 (Arthur Lipsett, 1963)
21-87 is another astringent view of life, disturbed and disturbing, by Arthur Lipsctt. His concern with alienation of the individual in this age was first shown in Very Nice, Very Nice, screened at a… Read more

60 Cycles (Jean-Claude Labrecque, 1965)
The film powerfully captures the tense atmosphere, and gritty determination of the riders in an international cycle race. The flamboyant colour, the editing and the musical score all add to the tempo. Read more

A (Jan Lenica, 1964)
A bitter, pessimistic cartoon, showing man's utter helplessness in the face of forces stronger than himself. A man's home is invaded by the letter A'. Guile, flattery, magic, brute strenglh fail to r… Read more

A Christmas Box (Chris Lydall, 1994)
The spirit of commercialism pervades this Christmas Eve. In a busy bottle-shop, the tireless sales assistant quietly serves alcoholic solace to the cheerless customers. The menial work and her unfrie… Read more

A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (Sergio Leone, 1964)
The Man With No Name and seemingly no past, a laconic gringo and quintessential anti-hero who kills for profit, rides into an impover­ished town that is being torn apart by a power struggle for l… Read more

A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE (Sergio Leone, 1971)
Variously known also as A Fistful Of Dynamite and Once Upon a Time in The Revolution Leone's epic political comedy was Leone's least success­ful film at the box office and one of his most under-r… Read more

A Lesson in Geometry (Italian Lux, )
Synopsis not available Read more

A LETTER WITHOUT WORDS (Lisa Lewenz, 1998)
"A remarkable example of finding home movies in the attic that open a window on an entire world, A Letter Without Words provides a glimpse of Germany between the wars that is privileged in more than … Read more

A Lucia (Julia Anna Lazarus, 2001)
Fusing the sublime and the anarchic, through images of mountain ranges and an inexplicable road accident, this film's slow motion and grainy images concentrate the senses. A crackling soundtrack supp… Read more

A MAN AND A WOMAN (Claude Lelouch, 1966)
Jean-Louis Duroc, a racing driver, and Anne Gauthier, a script girl, first meet one Sunday while visiting their respective children at a school at Deauville. Both are widowed and feel drawn to each o… Read more

A Ship is Born (Jan Lomnicki, 1961)
The viewpoint of the workmen is taken in this ... short, lyrical study of the sights and sounds associated with the building and launching of a great ship. Grand Prix at Leipzig, 1961. ... Read more

A TALE OF THE WIND (Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan, 1988)
... ... From opening shots of a plane soaring through blue skies, to the last shots of a plane appearing to roll down railroad tracks while Chinese commuters wait for it to pass, A History Of Wind is… Read more

Ab Irato (Herve Lievre, 1991)
Here is a classroom full of quiet, attentive and brilliant children every teacher's dream. But Madame finds herself m the midst of a night­mare when she tries to outwit them m a series of Eco-esq… Read more

Ab Irato (Herve Lievre, 1991)
A classroom full of attentive children, every teacher's dream. But Madame finds herself in the midst of a nightmare when she tries to out­wit them is a series of Eco-esque verbal puz­zles. Th… Read more

ABIGAIL'S PARTY (Mike Leigh, 1977)
The appalling Beverley (played by Alison Steadman, a Leigh regular) has arranged a small party amongst a few neighbours, which provides the perfect opportunity to display her vast array of cultural p… Read more

Aboriginal Cultural Legends (K. Gow, J. Levy, 1951)
An animated film which presents the aboriginal legends, Wayamba the Turtle and Bohra the Kangaroo. ... Read more

Adam (Peter Lord, 1991)
The world is a ball and the first human being is called Adam He's standing there now and looks as if he might fall down, so the creator plants him a little more firmly m the ground He has to learn al… Read more

Adam (Peter Lord, 1991)
The world is a ball and the first human being is called Adam. His first experiences are mostly rather painful and he has to learn all the rules. For instance, 1: if you throw clay around you'll get c… Read more

ADOLF AND MARLENE (Ulli Lommel, 1976)
Adolf (Hitler) sees a film starring Marlene (Dietrich), and falls in love with her. Josef (Gobbels) invites the star to visit Adolf, but the meeting ends in frustration, as Marlene refuses his advanc… Read more

AE FOND KISS (Ken Loach, 2004)
Ae Fond Kiss UK/Spain/Germany/ItalyMaster of contemporary social-realism cinema Ken Loach makes a return to MIFF with the final film in his acclaimed Glasgow trilogy, which includes My Name is Joe (M… Read more

After the Flood (Bettina Lerner, 1994)
The Mississippi is one of the most rigorously controlled and engineered rivers in the world, yet in the summer of 1993 it suffered the worst flooding in its history. Fundamental questions are now bei… Read more

Age of Invention (David Lochner, 1975)
During Britain's Industrial Revolution, British inventors were unsurpassed in the fertility of their ideas and significance of their discoveries. ... Age of Invention shows examples of industrial rem… Read more

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