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The Occasion (Susan Loughlin, 1994)
In a moment of fantasy, a young girl imagines she is the centre of attraction at an adult party. There is a dark side to this beautifully drawn and paced fantasy when the girl is confronted with the … Read more

Abel, who lives in Quebec, goes to France in search of ancestors, friends and lovers. He travels from Paris to Marseilles, seeking to establish the roots of his own French-Canadian culture. He wander… Read more

The Old Fools (Ruth Lingford, 2002)
A film of a poem by Philip Larkin, a meditation on growing old and facing our mortality. A suitably nasal Bob Geldof evokes a mixture of fear, disgust and compassion as the 'lighted rooms' begin to d… Read more

The Owl Who Married the Goose (Caroline Leaf, 1974)
This animated film illustrates the Eskimo fable about the tragicomical love story of an owl and a goose. ... Read more

The Paper Age and Ancient Flight (Neal Livingston, 1992)
William Deiches, an amateur Egyptologist, is convinced beyond doubt that the ancients had an elaborate system of aircraft and hand-glid­ers. The technology was originally developed in ancient Egy… Read more

The Pedicure (Max Linder, 1910)
One of Max Lander's most charming comedies; it contains no captions and relies on Lander's artistry which lifts it so highly above its contemporaries. ... Read more

The Perfect Human (Jørgen Leth, 1967)
That pinnacle of evolutionary achieve­ment, embodiment of the dreams and desires of urban existence, twentieth-century Nordic man, is on floodlit display. He is subjected to a thorough zoological… Read more

The Phans of Jersey City (Abbie H. Fink, Stephen L. Forman, John N. Fraker, Dennis Lanson, 1981)
The Phans of Jersey City is a ... documentary that estranges the U.S. by presenting it through the immigrant eyes of an upper-class South Vietnamese clan, who use menial jobs and family solidarity to… Read more

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog (Johann Lurf, 2009)
Three minutes and 3664 subliminal frames of other films cut out and stuck together by the filmmaker during his days as a projectionist. ... --- ... D/P/S Johann Lurf WS SixPackFilm L no dialogue TD 3… Read more

The Rational Life Film 1-5 (Debbie Lee, 1989)
The filmmaker describes this as "five cryptic vignettes influenced by community service announcements and educational shorts. Neo-moral interludes for the impatiently nostalgic generation". ... Great… Read more

The Red Balloon (Albert Lamorisse, 1956)
One of the classic children's films, The Red Balloon is a tale of a lonely boy whose constant companion around town is a 'lame' balloon. Filmed entirely in Paris, it is an atmospheric and wonderfully… Read more

The Reprieve (John Lind, 1973)
In southern Russia in 1922. a White Russian officer is about to be hanged by the Bolsheviks in the closing phase of the Civil War. However, a man on a white horse is spotted on the horizon . . . ... Read more

THE REVELATION (Vibeke Loekkeberg, 1978)
A woman takes stock and decides to change her life. With her son grown up and away from home, she feels lonely and useless, and begins to took for part-time work. Lacking confidence, she inevitably f… Read more

The Rhinoceros (Jan Lenica, 1963)
Based on Eugene Ionesco's play, this is an animated film waning that by conforming to patterns and living en masse, people will become rhinoceroses. ... Read more

The Search for the Golden Boomerang (Peter Luby, 1985)
Dramatisations of episodes from the long-running children s radio serial of the 40s performed with kitschy aplomb are juxtaposed with scene* of everyday life In early post-war urban Australia in such… Read more

THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE (Raymond Longford, 1919)
It will come as a surprise to most filmgoers to realise that this Australian feature was made in 1919 just three years after Intolerance in America. Scenes from The Sentimental Bloke, a straight inte… Read more

THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE (Raymond Longford, 1919)
The Sentimental Bloke was the high point of Australian cinema for more than half a century, and is still one of the most appealing films made anywhere in the world before 1920. Although it is the usu… Read more

The Short and Curlies (Mike Leigh, 1987)
In between serving cough pastels and contraceptives at the chemist's, Joy dreams of the perfect man. Over at the hairdresser's, Betty has the same pre occupation for herself and her daughter Charlene ... Read more

The Silence and the Night (Henri Lievre, 1978)
A mime on the street is performing his usual show Some people stand watching him. some go by giving him a vacant look. A girl walks through the crowd and passes by without stopping not looking at him… Read more

The Singing Trophy (Grant Lahood, 1992)
In a small old house in the wilderness of New Zealand - a hunter waits for the final prey which will make his collection complete. But the animal world conspires against him. " of the funniest … Read more

" Picture a woman looking at a picture" Movie great of another time once brilliant star in a firmament no longer a part of the sky eclipsed by the movement of earth and time. Barbara Jean Trenton who… Read more

The Sixth Continent (Gilbert Lauzun, 1969)
The title of the film refers to the world of the ocean bed, Earth's last unexplored and undeveloped continent. The United Nations is concerned to keep the seabed peaceful, its resources free from pol… Read more

THE SMILING LIEUTENANT (Ernst Lubitsch, 1931)
A guards officer (Chevalier at his leering inimitable peak) is torn between a ravishing violinist, Franzi (the exquisite Colbert) and plainish Princess Anna (spirited Hopkins) whom our hero's been fo… Read more

The Snails (René Laloux, 1965)
An alarming story of a town taken over by huge snails. ... Grand Prix du Animation, Tours Festival; Grand Prix, Mamaia Festival; Special Jury Prize, Cracow Festival; Jury Prize, Trieste Festival. ... Read more

THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP (Richard Loncraine, 2010)
Never underestimate the politics of friendship. ... Michael Sheen reprises his role as ex-British PM Tony Blair in the third film in writer Peter Morgan's trilogy (after The Deal and The Queen). The … Read more

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