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THUG LIFE IN D.C. (Mark Levin, 1998)
On the streets of Washington there is a war going on. Teenage thugs armed with automatic weapons run many of the inner city blocks. Fully half of the black men aged between 18 and 35 are stuck somewh… Read more

THX 1138 (George Lucas, 1971)
In a drab, futuristic underground world, a cowered and dehumanised populace is governed by a central computer; a robotic police force controls all aspects of daily life in true totalitarian fashion, … Read more

THX 1138 (PG) (George Lucas, 1971)
“A classic of stylistic, abstract cinema.” - VarietyLong before Star Wars, George Lucas debuted on the big screen with this modest science fiction film, starring Robert Duvall in the titular role… Read more

Time Expired (Danny Leiner, 1991)
Bobby's return to society from prison is jolted by he calling and threats of Ruby, his mysterious and jilted lover After delicately dumping Ruby, Bobby must decide between the safety and security of … Read more

Time Is (Don Levy, 1963)
The film uses moving forms and colour, integrated with music and words, to illuminate the concept of Time. ... Read more

To Shura (Henita Lintrop, Hannes Lintrop, 1990)
Moving documentary about an elderly Russian woman who has been working in isolation on an industrial mountain site in Estonia for more than 40 years. In spite of a hard life of manual labour she stil… Read more

TOBY MCTEAGUE (Jean-Claude Lord, 1986)
Shot on location in northern Quebec, the film deals with the relationship between a widower and his teenage son. Their lives in the tiny community of Silver Creek are dominated by "mushing" or dog sl… Read more

Japan has always had fantasy women hidden away in the secret zones of its cities. Tokyo Bound gains unique access to the dungeons, homes and lives of a select coterie who lead Japan's S&M scene. Sexy… Read more

TOKYO MELODY (Elizabeth Lennard, 1985)
Nicknamed the "professor" in Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto's stardom with the group Yellow Magic Orchestra has been compared to that of David Bowie, with whom he co-starred in Oshima's film Merry Christmas… Read more

Tom Schuler - Cobbler, Statesman (Dick Lundy, 1953)
Animated film on the establishment of the U.S. Federal Government and the formulation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ... Read more

Tommy's World (Margot Lethlean, 1982)
The inner lives of a selection of moderately handicapped persons is shown through their paintings. ... Read more

Tomorrow's Today (John Morley, Henry Lewis, 1959)
The effect of the environment of East London on a young boy"s development is examined through his painting. ... Read more

TONY MANERO (Pablo Larraín, 2008)
“A magnificently deranged study of overboard pop-culture fandom.” - Slant Magazine ... Set during Chile's darkest days under the Pinochet regime, Tony Manero follows a Saturday Night Fever-crazed… Read more

Towards Tomorrow (John Meredyth Lucas, 1956)
A dramatisation of the life of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, distinguished American statesman and Nobel prizewinner. Reenacted, the film depicts the problems the statesman faced and overcame in his youth with… Read more

Trade (Lear Levin, 1971)
A brief documentary on the training of black boxers. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Sports Film Festival ... Read more

Traders in Leather (Sydney Latter, 1957)
Set against the background of the burning plains of Northern Nigeria and the historic walled city of Kano, this is the story of Nigeria's growing exports of raw hides and skins to the western world. ... Read more

TRIANGLE (Johnnie To, Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, 2007)
“The beginning, middle and end of Triangle are directed by three different directors… it is like tasting an exquisite dish with three different flavors.” - Pusan Film Festival ... Combini… Read more

Trois portraits d'un oiseau qui n'existait pas (R. Lapoujade, 1964)
The title is that of a poem by Claude Aveline. The painter Robert Lapoujade illustrates it with animated paintings. His technique, the fluid use of powders and other materials, reinforces semi-real a… Read more

TUPAC: RESURRECTION (Lauren Lazin, 2004)
Tupac: Resurrection USA'This is my story, a story about ambition, violence, redemption and love.' -Tupac ShakurCelebrating the life of Tupac Shakur, one of the top-selling hip-hop artists of all time… Read more

TWIN PEAKS (David Lynch, 1989)
Allegedly, David Lynch and Mark Frost approached television with the proposal of making a series for television when it became difficult to raise money for a theatrical feature following Lynch's accl… Read more

Only David Lynch would/could make a movie prequel after the series — Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me brings the Laura Palmer saga full circle. Dishing up the final week in life of the quasi-legen… Read more

Under construction (Zhenchen LIU, 2007)
Progress comes at a price: a two and three-dimensional flight across now destroyed neighbourhoods in Shanghai. --- D/P Zhenchen Liu L Chinese w/English Subtitles WS Heure Exquise TD BetaSP/2007/10mi… Read more

Undercurrents (Robin Lehman, 1973)
A glimpse into the fantastic world beneath the sea. ... Silver Medal, Moscow, 1973. Gold Medal, Atlanta, 1973. ... Read more

Une Bombe Par Hasard (JF Laguionie, 1969)
A bomb has been dropped on the main square of a town, but has failed to explode. The citizens have taken refuge on a nearby hill, awaiting the devastating explosion. ... A stranger enters the deserte… Read more

Universe (Colin Low, 1960)
A journey through Space and time — the story of man's mastering of the patterns and dimensions of that cosmos in which the earth is a minute speck. With superb photography, imaginative commenta… Read more

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