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The Two Castles (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1962)
With original stylisation, this humorous anecdote tells of the price paid for his curiosity by a little man who tries to enter another castle which is being built in front of his own. ... Read more

THE TWO OF THEM (Márta Mészáros, 1977)
Marta Meszaros, in her latest work, takes up themes from her earlier films, Adoption and Nine Months. The story involves a relationship between two women, Mari and Juli. For twenty years Mari has bee… Read more

THE UNLOVED (Samantha Morton, 2009)
“Poignant, perceptive and unrelenting, this may be bleak, [but] like all great drama, it is ultimately uplifting.” - Empire ... Like Alice down the rabbit hole, Lucy - the victim of an abusive fa… Read more

THE UPRISING (Mircea Muresan, 1966)
This film is about the tragic lives of the Rumanian peasants, and their revolt against the landowners at the beginning of this century. Two themes of the film are blended: the story of Petre whose sw… Read more

The Wales of Dylan Thomas (Kevin Marsland, 1977)
A documentary which sets the writings and poems of Dylan Thomas against the background of South Wales where he was born and spent much of his working life. ... Read more

The Way Back (Samuel Macgeorge, 2002)
Elderly couple Shirl and Norm take fate into their own hands as they grapple with Norm's deteriorating memory and the onset of dementia. This tragic love story is beautifully told, impeccably photogr… Read more

THE WHITE SUN OF THE DESERT (Vladimir Motyl, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Wind of Changes (Phil Mulloy, 1996)
This animation is based on the reminiscences of the violinist and composer Alex Balanescu. Yearning for personal freedom of expression, he moves from Bucharest, Rumania to New York - only to find the… Read more

The Wind of Changes (Phil Mulloy, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ray Müller's 180-minute documentary is an engrossing, thorough and rigorous examination of the life of Leni Riefenstahl. At 90 years of age and still in full flight, Riefenstahl discusses her contro… Read more

The Work of Master Stwosz (S. Mozdzenski, 1953)
One of the world's masterpieces is the famous mediaeval altar of Krakow's Church of St. Mary, completed by the sculptor Stwosz in 1489. During World War 2, the Nazis shipped the altar to Nuremberg. I… Read more

Them (Bill Mather, 1982)
A condensed account of evolution that owes more to Groucho Marx than to Darwin. ... Read more

Theorem - A Dream of Change (David Morgan, 1984)
A documentary record of controversial Aldo Gennaro and his unique concept of integration for people who are ... disabled— physically, intellectually or socially. ”Theorem"culminated in a magn… Read more

There we are, John (Ken McMullen, 1993)
This interview with Derek Jarman, shot on the day of his release from hospital following a bout of pneumonia, portrays a director whose visionary power has remained unbroken. Jarman looks back on his… Read more

... ... Bizarre, often riotously funny and consistently fascinating—that's Theremin What, at first glance. seems to be an incredibly esoteric subject is instead an absorbing tribute to a emarka… Read more

THIS IS ENGLAND (Shane Meadows, 2006)
Synopsis not available Read more

This is Super 8! (Nick Meyers, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Czechoslovak film industry celebrated its 80th birthday in 1978. Material preserved in film archives provides ample evidence that Czech filmmakers were in the vanguard of European cinematography … Read more

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (Phil Mulloy, 1994)
A previous MFF Winner of Best Animation (Pos­session, 1992) the prolific Phil Mulloy (of Cowboys and Ten Commandments fame) has created yet another bieak, disturbing parable to unsettle our heart… Read more

Thread (Tracie Mitchell, 1996)
"The objective was to explore the possibilities of combining dance and video, by keeping the integrity of the two forms and exploring what can happen when they are combined Dance that is made for the… Read more

THREE HORSEMEN (David MacDougall, Judith MacDougall, 1982)
A portrait of three generations of Aborigines - an old man, his nephew, and a 13-year-old boy - as they work to get an Aboriginal cattle station going on Cape York peninsula, northern Queensland. ... Read more

Through An Open Window (Eric Mendelsohn, 1992)
In the quiet of a sunny afternoon in middle America a small bird fhes in through an open wmdow of a house. That afternoon a woman walks around her suburb, unable to return home. Fear and paranoia lin… Read more

Through The Rip (Terry McMahon, 1979)
A saga of the Port Phillip sea pilots from their beginnings in 1938 to the present day. The film highlights the hazards of one of the most dangerous harbour entrances in the world, and the vital role… Read more

TIME INDEFINITE (Ross McElwee, 1993)
Ross McElwee's earlier film, Sherman's March, delighted MIFF audiences with its witty, charming and wonderfully eclectic insights into the heartland of America and his dreams of finding the perfect s… Read more

Time of the Vampires (Nikola Majdak, 1970)
Ghosts and vampires on a lark in the neighbourhood cemetery. ... Read more

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