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Times are Changing (Mitch Mathews, 1982)
With 38 years of experience behind him, ... George Parker is the No. 1 machinist at ... the factory where he has been employed ... most of his working life. His wife, ... Joyce, mothers her family wi… Read more

Tiny Bubbles (Bo Myers, 1996)
When the props, plots, sets and scripts of our lines are stripped away we might be left with something akin to Tiny Bubbles. How often do we listen carefully for the experience of those closest to us… Read more

Tip Top Slide Lecture (Pat Matthews, 1959)
An animated commercial for Tip-Top Bread. ... Read more

Tips for Living (Mike Majozos, 1992)
Everyone has personalised rules to live their life by. Small do's and don'ts that make each day easier to cope with, tips that evolve into almost routine. Hear folks just like you impart their invalu… Read more

To clear off tears, Paulo Leminski (Cristiana Miranda, 2008)
Translates the experimental prose of Brazilian poet and cultural agitator Paulo Leminski into a tactile dance of light and texture. ... --- D/P/S Cristiana Miranda L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD… Read more

Tokyo magic hour (Amir Muhammad, 2005)
[Tokyo Magic Hour] is a poetic and experimental tale of a love affair between two men. It unfolds through 60 traditional Malay poems, known as puntun, which are organised into six sections - Meeting,… Read more

TOO YOUNG (Huang Min-Chen, 2000)
Languid pace, gorgeous photography and a simple but emotive plot make this superb featurette one of the treasures worth unearthing at this year's Festival. Mo is a withdrawn and introspective high-sc… Read more

Toulouse Lautrec (Alain Magrou, )
A brief glimpse of the tragic life of Toulouse Lautrec told through his lithographs and drawings. The commentary, based on Lautrec's own words, adds a haunting poignancy to the portrait of this artis… Read more

TOUR EN L'AIR (Grant Munro, 1973)
'Tour en I'air' is a ballet term meaning a complete single, double or trlpie turn in the air. The film presents Anna Marie and David Holmes, Canadian ballet team (earlier seen in Norman McLaren's Bal… Read more

TOUR, THE (Goran Markovic, 2008)
A perilous black comedy. ... Serbia, 1993. A troupe of Belgrade actors takes a French farce on tour for a quick buck. The quaint Serbian towns the actors expect to find have become the scene of a civ… Read more

Touring Holland by Bicycle (Paul de Nooÿer, Jerry Musser, 1981)
Four people biking through a room- ... landscape at high speed. ... Read more

Towards the Sky (Titus Mesaros, 1960)
The camera exploits the opportunities presented during the building of a dam for creating striking visual effects. ... First Prize, Mamaia Festival; Film Society Award, Cork Festival. ... Read more

Town Without a Name (John Morris, 1958)
Neatly caught in a web of statistics, a small town is used to illustrate the impact of road toll on our nation. ... Read more

Traction Engines (Ian McMillan, 1975)
An impressionistic view of traction ... engines. ... Read more

Trailer (Guido Manuli, 1994)
A new generation of animators is born. Due to lack of money, they can only afford to make trailers of their films. This shrewd spoof of Hollywood's short-sharp-'schlock' visual b(u)ylines even manage… Read more

Trance and Dance in Bali (Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, 1951)
An authentic unstaged record of a Balinese ceremonial dance drama in which the never-ending struggle between the witch and the dragon, the death dealing and the life protecting, is played out to the … Read more

TRANSITION (Andy MacKinnon, 2000)
Recalling the splendour of Koyaanisqatsi, Andy MacKinnon's majestic Transition is an account of lost lives and deserted places, outpaced by the encroachment of modernity. In the past decade, the Scot… Read more

TRASH (Paul Morrissey, 1970)
Trash deals with humans close to despair, but its tone is a comic one. Joe's problem is impotence, the result of his addiction to heroin. This film traces the various attempts made to revivify his dr… Read more

TRAVELLING LIGHT (Kathryn Millard, 2003)
Adelaide, 1971. Leanne (Pia Miranda), 21, has left adolescence behind and is teetering on the edge of adulthood, yet yearns for a life that she can only see through the lens of her camera. Her sister… Read more

TRAVOLTA AND ME (Patricia Mazuy, 1993)
... ... Travolta and Me captures that rare sense of being a teenager, frustrated by the adult world and slave to new emotions. Patricia Muzays striking second feature, full of incisive observation an… Read more

Three different stories [The Trip, Estrellita Goes To New York and Two Don Giovannis) are blended into one original concept signed by Mario Martone. director of the theatrical group Falso Movimento. … Read more

TRIO (Gian Franco Mingozzi, 1966)
The lives of three young people are intertwined in this initial feature by Gian Mingozzi. A young girl who wins a pop singing contest is seen to triumph in her work as a singer. An introverted youth … Read more

Tumanu's People (John Morris, 1960)
The problems of assimilating the aborigines in the Northern Territory are shown, with something of what the Commonwealth Government is doing to help these people, through the N.T. Administration's We… Read more

Tumut Pond (Harry Malcolm, 1962)
A change is taking place across the face of southeast Australia as men and machines are clearing the bush, taming the rivers and creating lakes in the building of one of the greatest hydroelectric an… Read more

Tung An - A Ship Without A Port (Ib Makwarth, 1979)
A film made by a Danish film crew which documents, without comment, the living conditions of 1,800 refugees who have been living on a sinking ship for four months. ... Read more

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